Spotify to MP3 Converter: How to Download Music from Spotify to Android

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iPhone users have Apple Music while Android users have Spotify.

Spotify does make enjoying music a breeze for individuals. Take out your Android phone and launch the Spotify app. Then, you’ll have the world’s most colorful music library in your hand.

However, such convenience and pleasure come with costs – you have to pay for a Premium plan. You may say it’s worth it since you can download songs on your phone for offline playback.

Unfortunately, Spotify never lets users truly download songs though you click Download.

  • The fact is that Spotify will only save the cache files on your Android phone. As a result, if you decide to stop paying for the Premium, you will find those “downloaded” songs unplayable. You can only enjoy the songs without problems either by re-subscribing or turning to a Spotify music downloader.

If you don’t want to pay for the Premium, I will tell you one easy way to download the music from Spotify as MP3 files on your Android phone. Relax, the method will work even if you don’t have Premium now. Simply follow the steps below and you can have the Spotify music as MP3 files on your Android.

How to Download Spotify Music to MP3 on Android

Download a Spotify to MP3 Converter for Android

To enjoy the Spotify songs on your Android phone without limitation, you can try a Spotify music converter program to extract songs from Spotify to your Android phone as MP3 files.

In cyberspace, you can easily find tons of programs that boast themselves as the best Spotify downloader.

We may not be able to find a best-of-the-best one, still, we can find one that is easy to use, time-saving, and powerful to help us enjoy Spotify offline. Musify is exactly the one I’m talking about.

Musify: Makes listening to Spotify music offline accessible

Musify, being a stunner for music lovers, is a professional Spotify music downloader application. With this program installed, you can easily get any song as an MP3 file from Spotify’s over-70-million library by copying and pasting the URL of the target song and playlist.

With two easy steps only, your favorite Spotify songs will lie still on your computer and Android phone. You’re available to enjoy them offline anytime and anywhere.

Worry about the audio quality of output files? Relax, Musify supports lossless download. You can have the exact copy of your favorite songs and playlists storing on your device.

Download Musify and let’s start to download music from Spotify to your Android phone.

Using Musify: How to download music from Spotify to Android phone

Just mentioned, you only need two steps to finish downloading songs from Spotify to your Android phone. Check the sections below and you will know easiness of getting Spotify music.

Step 1 Download Spotify music to your PC

For starters, on your computer, open a browser tab and sign in to Spotify Web. On the page, open the target song, playlist, or album. Copy the URL of this page.

Copy Spotify Song URL

Then, launch Musify and stay in the Download tab.

Click the Paste URL button and Musify will start processing the URL you copied. In a second, Musify will finish the analysis and display all the items under this URL.

Import Spotify Music to Musify to Download as MP3 for Android

Now, click the Download button and Musify will start extracting the song(s) from Spotify.

Import Playlist to Musify Decide Songs


By default, Musify will download songs from Spotify in MP3 format at 320kbs. Of course, you can change the format and quality of the program.

  • Go to Settings, focus on the Download tab.
  • Decide the format based on your need and set the Quality as Best to download the songs without quality loss.
  • Also, you can decide on the Destination folder for the output. Click on the Change button and select a new one.

Decide Output Format Quality of the Music

Don’t forget to click on the Apply button to confirm the changes.

Step 2 Transfer the Spotify songs to your Android phone

Musify will spend several seconds downloading one song. Depending on the amounts of target songs, Musify will finish the download as soon as possible.

Once it’s done, you can go to the Downloaded tab and find all the songs there. Click Show the File button to open the destination folder. Preview the Spotify songs there.

Open File Location Musify

Now, connect your Android to a computer and transfer the songs to your phone directly. Or you can’t find a cable around, try applying to a cloud service then.

Final Thoughts

With Musify, you can have all your loving Spotify music converted to MP3 files to your Android phone. No more Premium is needed and what’s more, the MP3 files will never go invalid like the cache files of Spotify.


Sure, you can. With a professional Spotify music downloader like Musify, you can easily download whatever songs from Spotify to MP3 on your Android or iPhone.