“Why the key combo ‘command shift + t’ no longer work to crop pages in acrobat? Does the new Acrobat cripple the ability to crop pages? How to crop in Acrobat DC?”

If you want to set the visible area of a PDF page with your newly updated acrobat, you will find the UI change remarkably and not intuitive enough.

To achieve it, do the following.

Cropping PDF Pages in Adobe Acrobat

1. Crop single page in Acrobat

  • Select Edit PDF from the Tool panel > select Crop Pages from the secondary toolbar.
  • Click and Drag your mouse to draw a rectangle that contains the content you want to show on the page.
  • Since those information outside the rectangle will be hidden, you can adjust the size of the crop mark by dragging the handle corner.

2. Crop all pages in Adobe for visual consistency

To keep the different size pages of the PDF consistent:

  • Double-click the crop box you just made on a page to launch the Set Page Boxes dialog box.
  • You can adjust the size of the crop box more accurate and “Remove White Margins” with the Margin Controls here.
  • Find the Page Range section, tick All and OK button to apply these settings to other pages.

The Alternative of Adobe Acrobat

FYI: Released in 2015, the support for Acrobat XI will ends on  April 07, 2020. 

IF you have found that the Adobe Acrobat software is clunky and in general hard to use by itself, OR IF you’re tired of searching around the internet looking for the solutions to what appears to be the never-ending stream of problems with Adobe Acrobat then you have come to the correct place, OR IF you just want a lightweight program to take care of your PDF file.

I highly recommend PDFelement, which is a better and more user-friendly PDF reader, editor and much more, can solve all your problems with no sweat for you, the user.

What is PDFelement?

In the simplest way to describe it, it is an Adobe Acrobat replacement which is designed to offer a more user-friendly and feature-filled experience for its users. It is designed for business and students and ultimately is easy to understand and get the hand of.

Why should I use it over Adobe Acrobat?

You should PDFelement over Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Acrobat Pro because it is crammed with features that we will get on to looking in the nitty-gritty detail later on in the Article.

PDFelement will provide you with the tools you need to edit a PDF document which will empower yourself into being able to edit PDF Documents in a brief and allow you to outperform competitors in the market, PDFelement is usually compared to being the “Word of PDF Editing”, which is comparing it to the easy-to-use Microsoft Word program and this comparison isn’t an overstatement.

Best PDF Editor

Features of PDFelement

So far we have been able to establish that PDF Element is like the Microsoft Word of PDF Editing… that surely means it had to cut the corners on features, right? No, you’re wrong, in fact, PDFelement possesses even more features than Adobe Acrobat and all of which are useable for anyone without any hassle. Let’s get into them, shall we?

  • Converting PDF: With PDFelement it is easier than ever to convert your PDF into a wide range of file formats that anyone on near any device will be able to view, all with minimal effort and maximum comfort.
  • Transform: With PDFelement you can transfer any PDF between Microsoft Word, Adobe Acrobat, and Microsoft PowerPoint without losing font or formatting. Talk about ease of use, anywhere.
  • Commenting Tools: PDFelement gives you easy to use and easy to view commenting tools which allows colleagues and mates to view your PDF and give you valuable feedback on it, all displayed within a single unified plane which allows for easy viewing and commenting.
  • Signing Tools: With PDFelement you can define signature workflows and send your PDF to other people within your organization so it can have signature approval and be used for contract execution.
  • Easy One-Click form creation: PDFelement comes with a variety of tools, including One-Click form creation which allows you to turn any flat or non-fillable form made in Word or Powerpoint into a fully viewable and editable PDF document with just a single click of the mouse!
  • Collect Data: PDFelements allows you to collect form data from the client by creating fillable forms from paper or already existing paper files.
  • Password Protection: Keep your PDF away from prying eyes by giving it a password using PDFelement which will allow you to keep your business PDF out of the hands of wrong-doers and business competitors.
  • Ability to redact information: With PDFelement you can redact all sensitive information from a PDF instantly and permanently meaning that accidental inclusions of confidential information within PDFs can be reversed permanently and instantly before anyone can view it!

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The Big Question

Now, the question you came here for will finally be answered. How do I crop a PDF in PDFelement, well, unlike Adobe Acrobat you will not need a tutorial for that as on PDFelement with its professionally-created user-friendly design you can do it within the click of a button, yes it is as simple as that, and that’s why you should buy PDFelement.

With all of its features and friendly UI it far outshines Adobe Acrobat in every field and provides a software everyone can use and if you just want to test it out there is a free trial and if you are happy with that you will be glad to know you can get the Standard edition of PDFelement for just $59/Year for the Standard Edition or $79 for the PRO edition, both discounted as of right now so now is your chance to ascend to a higher level and more easy to use PDF editing program.

Thanks for reading this article and we hope you will be using our PDF Editor soon, see you then!

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