To copy a DVD generally refers to:

Copy A DVD on Windows 10

1. How to make a copy of a DVD on Windows 7/8/10

Though there are various movie streaming sites and apps to watch a motion picture, the traditional way of using a DVD is never out-of-date. However, a disk is so fragile that scratches and slight bending will make it unreadable and unplayable to DVD players.

In this case, making a backup of the DVD content to the computer will be the best way to preserve the movie so that you’re still available to enjoy the film even though the disk is damaged.

However, you CANNOT simply drag the DVD folders to your computer because most commercial DVDs are encrypted by DRM(digital rights management) methods to fight against piracy.

DVD Copy Protected

You need a professional DVD ripper program to help you copy the DVD content and export the duplication to your Windows computer in a preferred format, audio channel, and subtitle track as well as resolution. A powerful DVD ripper can decrypt all the DVD copy protections and make the DVD content accessible to copy.


If you’re new to the issue and have no idea which DVD ripper you should choose, try the recommended Tipard DVD Ripper.

  • It boasts to be capable of bypassing all the exiting DVD protected methods, which is proved true after a full suite of stressed tests.
  • It’s so easy to use that you can finish the backup in no more than 10 minutes.
  • And the program supports multiple digital formats for you to choose a favorite one.

Tipard Blu-ray DVD Ripper Interface

To find more details, you may read this post: .

2.How to copy files to a DVD on Windows 7/8/10

To create a personalized DVD with the video files that you’ve taken for a wedding, anniversary, party, or other big occasions, you may try to burn the video files to a blank DVD.

Also, you may copy a self-made or published movie to a blank DVD to enjoy the motion picture with the disk.

Notably, you need to identify the files you’ll burn to the disk first. Different file types require different tools and methods to burn and copy.

  • For regular digital video files(MP4, AVI, WMV, MKV, etc), you should try DVD Creator.
  • If you plan to import some ISO files or DVD folders (Video_TS or Audio_TS) to a DVD, DVD Cloner can help you with that.

Copy digital files to a DVD on Windows 7/8/10 with DVD Creator

To burn the digital files to a DVD, download the DVD Creator on your Windows computer and check out the steps below to proceed.

Download DVD Creator to burn files to a DVD:

Step 1

Pop in the blank DVD to your computer disk drive. Launch the DVD Creator and choose DVD on the pop-out window.

Decide to Copy DVD

Step 2

Hit the big orange button ‘Add Media File(s)’ in the middle of the interface to start loading the file(s) you’re about to copy.

Choose Media File to Burn DVD

Step 3

Choose the audio and subtitles of the files you just loaded up.


If you have an extra subtitle attachment file to insert to the video, click the Subtitle option, and choose Add & Edit Subtitle. Next, from the pop-out window, you may hit Add Subtitle to choose the target file.

Also, you’re available to create real-time subtitles for the clip.

When complete, click Apply to confirm.

Add Subtitles

Step 4

Locate Disc Type and choose DVD-5 or DVD-9 depending on the inserted disk. Then, choose a suitable Aspect Ratio value and set the Video Quality as High. Hit Next to proceed.

Decide Profile Parameter for DVD Copy

Step 5

Next, you’re available to decide the Template for the DVD. For instance, you may choose an opening of the disk content based on the target occasion as well as background music and a background view.

Decide Template Background for DVD Copy

Step 6

After finishing the style setup for the disk, click Preview to see if it favors you. And click Burn to initiate the DVD copy.

When the process is complete, open a media player program and start the DVD playback to check if the DVD works perfectly.

Copy ISO files or DVD folders to a blank DVD on Windows with DVD Cloner

As for ISO files and DVD folders, you will need the DVD Cloner to copy them to a blank DVD.

Download DVD Cloner to copy ISO or DVD folder to a DVD:

Step 1

Insert a blank DVD into the disk tray on your computer, launch the DVD Cloner.

Step 2

On DVD Cloner, decide the Source for the DVD copy first. Choose Open ISO or Open DVD Folder to narrow down the source ISO image or DVD folder. Locate Target and choose the DVD drive that you’re currently using to read the blank DVD.

Choose ISO DVD Folder to DVD

Step 3

Next, you need to decide the clip(s) that you plan to upload to the DVD.

You may choose Full Copy to upload all clips or choose Main Movie to copy the film. Of course, you can click Customize to decide the specific clips.

Hit Next to proceed.

Decide DVD Titles

Step 4

You have a few more options to decide. For instance:

  • Check the Remove Menu or Skip Menu so that later in the DVD playback, no more boring opening will appear.
  • If the ISO or DVD folder is rooted from an encrypted DVD, check Remove region code protection to set the output DVD as region free.

Start to Create A New DVD

Step 5

After you check those preferred options, click Start to begin the DVD clone.

The cloning process will complete in a few minutes. Once done, try opening the Windows Media Player to play the newly created DVD. See if it pleases you or not.

FAQ: Can I use Windows Media Player to copy a DVD on my Windows 10 computer?

Windows Media Player, as the built-in media player software on Windows OS, can surely help you copy a DVD to a computer and burn files to a new DVD.

However, using Windows Media Player is not a recommended solution to copy and burn DVDs, which is related to the complex steps and very few adjustable configurations.

  • Unlike the DVD Cloner and DVD Creator mentioned above, you will need practice and skills to master the process of copying and burning DVDs with Windows Media Player.
  • Also, you’re unavailable to decide the subtitles, audios, formats, as well as the titles and style for the DVD.
But still, if Windows Media Player wins your heart, apply it to your DVD backup or creation.


To copy a DVD on a Windows computer is not a complicated task. But first, you must identify your action, whether or not you want to create a new DVD or want to make a backup of the DVD content on your Windows 10 computer.

If you want to copy some files to a blank DVD and create your personalized movie DVD, make sure you have 100% sure about the format of the source file and choose the correct DVD tools.