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Being a movie enthusiast, you may have some ISO movie files on your computer that you ripped or downloaded and want to play them on your PS4, Xbox one, or any similar device.

Whatever the case may be, you are now asking yourself “Why can’t I play ISO files on any of my devices?”

The answer is simple; ISO is a great format for making exact copies of any physical Blu-ray or DVD disc, but it is only playable on computers and even then, they need an ISO player.

How do I watch ISO files?

On a computer

The most obvious answer to our question is that you can watch your DVD/Blu-ray ISO movies on any computer, so long as the latter has some very specific software, namely, an ISO reader, installed.

On any other device

If you would rather watch ISO files on a device other than your computer, there is no alternative but to convert them to MKV.

Why convert to MKV?

MKV is a very powerful container video format. This means that it contains uncompressed, full-quality video along with multiple audio and subtitle tracks and even chapter, menu, and metadata. All in high-quality video and audio. The most important part is that MKV files are compatible with most playback devices and do not need special software to play.

With all this knowledge, let us move on to how to convert your ISO files into MKV.

How to convert ISO files to MKV

First and foremost, we will need an ISO converter, a piece of software that can decode the DVD/Blu-ray ISO movie files and convert them into a different format. The best option for that job is Tipard Blu-ray Converter.

Choose Tipard Blu-ray Converter if you:

  • Want to have more than 500 formats to choose from
  • Enjoy high-quality video and audio
  • Want to keep the full quality of your ISOs
  • Like the idea of having a large number of creative tools like a video editor, 3D Maker, GIF Maker, Video Enhancer and Compressor at your disposal
  • Appreciate fast results
  • Do not want to learn how to use complicated software

With this, let’s convert your ISO to MKV.

4 steps to convert ISO to MKV

Step 1: Download and install Tipard Blu-ray converter.

Launch it after installation.

Step 2: Import the ISO movie to Tipard Blu-ray Converter.

  • Select the Ripper tab and click on the “Load DVD” or “Load Blu-ray” option in the upper left corner, depending on the type of ISO you have.
  • Then select “Load DVD or Blu-ray ISO” and select your ISO file.

If you have mounted your ISO file into an ISO player you just click on the big blue cross in the middle of the interface and Tipard will detect and load it automatically.

  • Also, you may even drag and drop your ISO file directly into the interface.

Load your ISO to Tipard

Step 3: Set up the parameters.

  • Choose the parts of the movie you want in your MKV file by clicking on the orange “Full Title List” button. There you can preview each different clip and choose the ones you want.
  • Then, select, remove or add audio and subtitle tracks to your MKV file
  • Edit or trim the video by clicking on the edit (star) and cut (scissors) buttons. Tipard lets you change the contrast, saturation, brightness, hue of your video, apply filters, and even watermarks.
  • On the far right of the loaded file, set the output format from the Rip All to option.
  • You may also set the output format for all files if you have loaded more than one via the “Rip All to” button.
  • Go to the MKV tab and choose the “Same as source” option. This way, Tipard will convert your ISO movie into an MKV file with no loss of video or audio quality whatsoever.

Customise Your Video

Step 4: Complete the conversion.

To complete the conversion, just click on the “Rip All” button on the bottom right and Tipard will do the rest.

Rip Your Movie

Once finished, Tipard will take you to the location where the MKV video file is stored. If you cannot find the storage location, press the little “folder” button at the bottom of the interface next to the storage location directory.


If you want to watch your DVD/Blu-ray ISO movies on any device, you will have to convert them to MKV, which has a higher compatibility rate with the same quality and features as the original.
To do that, you will need a professional ISO converter. The best converter for this job is Tipard Blu-ray converter. It is user-friendly, powerful, with a host of features but will not put too much strain on your computer.


What is ISO?

A DVD/Blu-ray ISO file is an exact digital copy of a disc, be it Blu-ray, CD, or DVD. This means that it contains all the features of an optical disc, like menus and multiple audio/subtitle tracks as well as the audio and video in their original quality.

Are ISO readers free?

There are several free ISO readers/Players; Microsoft Virtual CD-ROM, DAEMON Tools Lite, Power ISO, WinCDEmu, Virtual CloneDrive are some of them.

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