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How to Convert BDMV to MKV/MP4 to Play & Save on Windows/Mac

By Published On: March 10th, 2021Categories: Rip Blu-ray

Don’t want to spend bucks in buying a Blu-ray disc?

  • Easy, go online and search for some Blu-ray movie download sites. Get a movie file by clicking the Download button.
  • Or, you’re a big Blu-ray fan who has the skill to rip a Blu-ray movie from a Blu-ray disc and succeed.

However, sometimes, instead of getting an MP4 or MKV movie file, we’re likely to download or rip a BDMV folder onto our computer hard drive.

Later, you will find the BDMV folder is so large that it maxes out at 50GB, the size of a Blu-ray disc’s capacity.

Worse still, the BDMV folder cannot run on Windows Media Player or some other media player software. It requires a BDMV player and some skills to run.

Under this circumstance, it seems to be a good idea to convert the BDMV folder to an MP4 or MKV file which is more common and compatible, freeing your computer hard drive and playing the Blu-ray movie easily.

And it’s not tough work to convert the BDMV to MKV/MP4 as long as you use a suitable tool and follow the correct steps. This tutorial will show you all the details. Keep on reading.

Download a BDMV-to-MKV/MP4 converter

To convert your BDMV folder to an MKV/MP4 file on PC, you’re going to need echoshare Blu-ray Converter.

About echoshare Blu-ray Converter

This is a very easy-to-use tool that can convert your BDMV folder to a playable MKV/MP4 video file onto your computer.

  • Even though the BDMV folder is still protected by remaining DRM methods like AACS, echoshare Blu-ray Converter can bypass those protections and convert the folder into a target format.
  • Covering all BDMV folder types, no matter which kind of BDMV folder you import, echoshare will help you create an MKV or MP4 file from the folder without quality loss.
  • Powerful as it is, it’s easy to use. You just need to import the folder and click some buttons. Then, the conversion will be complete in a few minutes.

Tipard Blu-ray Converter Interface

Find it attractive? Download the program on your computer for free and try it yourself.

Steps to convert BDMV to MKV/MP4

Now, let’s start to convert your BDMV folder to an MKV or MP4 file. In this part, we’ll be using echoshare Blu-ray Converter.

Step 1 Import the BDMV folder to echoshare

On your computer, launch echoshare Blu-ray Converter. On the program’s interface, locate the Load Blu-ray option from the top left corner. Choose to Load Blu-ray Folder.

Browse and choose the BDMV folder on your hard drive. Click Select Folder to load the folder to the software.

Load BDMV Folder to echoshare BD Converter

echoshare will start to analyze the folder. When the analysis is complete, it will display the main movie of this BDMV folder along with available audio and subtitle on its interface.

Step 2 Set the output format as MKV/MP4

Here comes the setup part.

First, a BDMV folder always contains the main movie and some blooper clips. To convert all the videos inside this folder, you may click Full Movie List to select the rest.

Decide Titles in BDMV Folder to Convert to MP4 MKV

By default, echoshare will set the output format as MP4 – Same as Source to convert the BDMV folder to MP4 losslessly.

For those who love MKV, locate Rip All to. On the new Format panel, find the MKV tab and select Same as Source to convert the BDMV folder to MKV losslessly.

Rip Blu Ray BDMV to MP4 MKV

Step 3 Finish the conversion

The last thing to do is to click the Rip All button to start the conversion.

Within minutes, echoshare Blu-ray Converter will finish converting your BDMV folder to an MKV or MP4 file without quality loss.

Converting Blu-ray BDMV Folder to MP4 MKV

By default, the program will open the output folder when the process is complete. You may check out your MKV or MP4 file there.

FAQs about BDMV, MP4 & MKV

Actually, you can play the BDMV folder directly without converting it to a digital file.

A BDMV folder is part of a Blu-ray disc originally. We can use a professional Blu-ray player program to play the BDMV folder. Here, you can use echoshare Blu-ray Player to play your BDMV folder on your computer.

For more details, read this: BDMV Player – How to Play BDMV File/Folder on Windows/Mac.


Originating from a Blu-ray disc, the BDMV folder is the one that carries all the videos, movies, soundtracks, subtitles, disc menu, and many other disc information.

Blu Ray Disc BDMV File

A BDMV folder has several sub-folders, like PLAYLIST, STREAM, META, etc. Among these sub-folders, you may find some files with the .bdmv extension.

The .bdmv format is used on Blu-ray discs and folders for data related to the disc content, category, and user interactivity.

BDMV Folder BDMV Files

It’s not a video or audio format, so you cannot play it. Instead, inside a .bdmv file, you can only find some codes and texts.

Have no idea which format you should pick up when you convert a BDMV folder? Check the comparison here:

Parameters MP4 MKV
Video Quality High Ultimate
File Size (Equal quality & length) Medium Large
Format Category Video Compression Method Video, Audio Container

(No compression, thus, no downgrade and larger file size)

Compatibility Works on almost every computer, phone, tablet, TV, and media player software Most phones cannot play MKV;

Some media player software like Windows Media Player cannot play MKV too

To warp up:

  • If your only desire is to play the video as easily as possible, pick MP4.
  • Try MKV if you’re pretty strict about the quality of the frames.

Short for MPEG Transport Stream, the MTS, or we say M2TS format, is mainly used for Blu-ray contents and AVCHD files (videos shot by camcorders).

You may open up your BDMV folder and go to the Stream sub-folder. Inside Stream, you’ll find several .m2ts video files that are the movie and bloopers of this disc/BDMV.

Locate Movies in BDMV