If you love visiting some torrent sharing sites, you may constantly see and download some Video_TS folders from those sites. And if you’re one of those who are good at ripping a DVD as a DVD folder, you may have seen this kind of DVD movie format quite a lot.

However, no matter how a Video_TS folder pleases us with the movie inside, the file size of the folder is always a big trouble to the computer hard drive since a regular Video_TS folder weighs at least 4 or 5 GB and sometimes, maxes out at 8GB.

To save our hard drive, we may try to burn the Video_TS folder to a DVD.

Why should we burn the Video_TS to DVD:

  • Free your hard drive from a large Video_TS folder;
  • Watch the movie on a big-screen;
  • Keep a backup on the DVD to avoid data loss;
  • Share the movie with friends by giving them the disc without spending hours to transfer the folder;
  • Make a personal movie library or collection by burning folders to discs.

Now, knowing all those benefits that we can have after burning the Video_TS to a DVD, let’s see how exactly we can do that. And for those who have no idea what Video_TS is and how to play it on your computer, this tutorial will tell you everything you need and want.

How to Burn Video_TS to DVD

1. What is Video_TS

Originally, there’re two folders on a DVD, the Video_TS and Audio_TS.

For a movie disc, the Audio_TS is always empty and the Video_TS is the one that carries all the information, like videos, audios, subtitles, and menu of this movie disc.

Inside the Video_TS folder, we may find 3 types of files:

  • .VOB: All the videos and audios of this disc;
  • .IFO: The information like disc menu, subtitles, contents of this movie disc;
  • .BUP: The backup of the information on the DVD – IFO.

What Is Video TS

With a Video_TS folder, you can enjoy the movie that used to load on a DVD without using the disc.

FAQ: How to create a Video_TS folder?

Curious about how to create a Video_TS folder? Easy, check this out.

  1. Insert a commercial movie DVD into the disc tray of your computer;
  2. Load up the DVD to DVD Ripper;

Create A Video_TS

  1. Set the Burn DVD to Video/Audio as Burn the DVD to Folder;
  2. Start to rip the DVD as a Video_TS folder.

Create a DVD Video_TS Folder

Read here to check out all details: How to Rip/Digitalize A DVD to Media Files, Folders, ISOs?

2. How to play a Video_TS with a suitable media player

As mentioned, a Video_TS folder root in a commercial movie DVD, so we can stick to the media player software that we’ve been using to play a DVD to run the Video_TS folder.

For example, media players like VLC, PotPlayer, Windows Media Player, QuickTime Player, and many others can play the Video_TS folder without trouble.

All you need is to launch the media player software on your computer and drag the folder to the media player. Or right-click on the Video_TS and choose to open with the media player on your computer.

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Like all of its competitors, Aiseesoft is compatible with almost every format to play movies and music. Meanwhile, the program supports up to 4K playback, Dolby 7.1 surround sound, and Lossless Audio, which will definitely deliver you true-to-nature frames and crystal clear sound.

Aiseesoft Blu Ray Player

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3. How to burn a Video_TS folder to DVD with the professional DVD burner software

A professional DVD burner program is a must when it comes to burning Video_TS to DVD.


Do Not use the DVD as a USB drive and copy the Video_TS folder to the disc just like what you do when transferring files to a USB drive. Because this will make the disc only playable on this computer and other devices CANNOT play the disc successfully.

Have no idea which DVD burner you should pick up? Try the recommended Tipard DVD Cloner.

Introduction of Tipard DVD Cloner: 

  • This is a helpful DVD burner program that can help you burn the Video_TS folder, Audio_TS, and ISO file to a DVD with ease.
  • Offering 3 different modes, Tipard can detect the main movie and other videos of the Video_TS folder and gives you the chance to burn the main title, the whole folder, and selected videos to a DVD.
  • Never worry about the video quality after burning since Tipard can burn the Video_TS losslessly to a DVD.

Now, let’s see how to use the program to burn a Video_TS to a DVD.

Step 1 Load up the Video_TS folder and DVD to Tipard DVD Cloner

To begin with, insert a blank DVD to the disc tray on your computer and then launch Tipard DVD Cloner.

On the interface of Tipard:

  1. Locate Source and select Open DVD Folder, then browse and import the target Video_TS folder.
  2. Navigate to Target and choose the currently functional DVD drive from the drop-down list.

Burn ISO DVD Folder with Tipard

Tip1: You must choose DVD-R or DVD-RW disc to burn the folder. By the way, based on the file size of the Video_TS folder, choose a suitable disc from DVD-5(4.7GB) and DVD-9(8.5GB).

Tip2: Don’t have the Tipard DVD Cloner on your computer? Click the button below and get it for free.

Step 2 Choose from Full Copy, Main Movie, and Customize

Next, you may choose one from the provided 3 modes:

  • Full Copy: Burn the entire folder to the DVD;
  • Main Movie: Only burn the main movie of this folder in preferred audio and subtitle to the DVD;
  • Customize: Decide the disc content to burn to the disc.

After deciding the content for the burning, click Next to proceed.

Decide DVD Titles

Step 3 Start to burn the Video_TS

You can ignore all the listed choices from Options when you try to burn a folder to the disc since there’s no menu or copy-protection on a Video_TS folder.

For the final step, click the Start button to initiate the Video_TS burning right away.

Start to Burn Video TS Folder to DVD

In a minute or two, Tipard DVD Cloner will complete the burning. You may eject the disc and try to play it on your computer or big-screen to see if it works fine. Remember to put the disc into a DVD case and keep it intact.


Above is everything you should know about the Video_TS folder, including what it is, how to play it with a media player, and how to burn it to a DVD. Now, do not hesitate and start to burn the Video_TS folder to a blank DVD for backup, big-screen, or storage.