As a movie fan, we may always download some MKV movie files from some video downloading sites. And to some extent, the MKV format does win people’s favorite for its splendid frame and sound quality as well as its inclusiveness.

However, the size of an MKV movie file is such an embarrassment that we cannot save a file that weighs several GBs on our computer hard drive all the time. A deletion will waste your time since you have to redownload one when you want to watch it.

In this case, burning the MKV video to a DVD seems to be a perfect solution.

  • First of all, you free your computer hard drive from the MKV burden.
  • Second, the MKV movie is so accessible that you can watch it by inserting a disc into a DVD player.
  • Third, after burning it to a disc, you’re available to enjoy it on a big screen.
  • Last but not least, as long as the disc is still functional, you’ll never lose the movie.

I guess burning your MKV video to a DVD is such a perfect way of backup and storage. Now, let’s see how to burn your MKV video to a DVD.

About MKV

Short for Matroska Multimedia Container, the MKV format is a free, open standard container format that is way much different from those video-compress formats like MP4.

The MKV format will never compress your video, but to hold it in one file along with all the subtitle tracks, audio channels, and pictures. And that is why an MKV movie is always high-quality and large.


An MKV movie is always large that it can easily reach almost 10GB. Regular DVDs like DVD-5 can hold 4.7GB and its successor DVD-9  maxes out at 8.5GB. So if you hate the quality loss of the MKV movie, you’d better get yourself a DVD that is capable of holding it.

To find out more, you may read this: The difference between DVD-5 and DVD-9.

Also, the MKV format is universal in multimedia content production and storage, like movies and TV shows. So you don’t have to worry if your big-screen or computer cannot play it.

Download an MKV-to-DVD converter

For quality assurance, you will need to download an MKV-to-DVD converter to carry on the burning process, and Tipard DVD Creator is the exact tool that can make your burning look like a pro.

This is the DVD burning software that helps you convert your MKV movie to a DVD without any quality loss.

  • This program is compatible with dozens of formats like MKV, MP4, AVI, WMV, ISO, DVD Folder, MP3, etc. You may use this program to burn other files to a DVD.
  • Meanwhile, the program is highly customized that you’re available to edit the footage with its in-app video editor and design a Menu for your movie DVD to make it look like a published one.

To sum up, no matter you want to create a personal movie DVD with the MKV movie or simply want to store the MKV movie on a DVD, Tipard DVD Creator got you both covered.

Steps to convert and burn MKV video to DVD

After you download Tipard DVD Creator on your computer, let’s start to burn your Matroska video to a DVD.

Step 1 Load up the MKV video to Tipard DVD Creator

On your computer, launch the program and then choose to burn DVD Disc as it prompts you to choose the disc type of burning.

On the interface, hit Add Media Files(s) to input the MKV movie to Tipard. Within seconds, Tipard will finish analyzing the MKV movie and display it on the interface.

Add Video files to DVD Creator

Tip: The program supports to burn 50 files at a time, you may input multiple MKV videos as long as the disc can hold.

Step 2 Prepare for the burning

Next, you need to choose a preferred audio channel and subtitle track of the movie, then look down and find Video Quality, use the default Fit to Disc or set it to High to burn the file losslessly.

Also, as mentioned above, the program offers an in-app video editor tool. Click the PowerTools button to have access to all the editing features.

For instance:

  1. Video Edit: Adjust the effect, add filters, or rotate the movie;
  2. Subtitle Edit: Edit or create a subtitle for the movie;
  3. Audio Edit: Adjust the volume of the audio or add new audios;
  4. Clip: Trim the video clip;
  5. Merge/Split Chapter: You may combine several MKV videos into a long one or split one into several short ones.;
  6. ETC.

When you finish optimizing the movie, click Next to proceed.

Burn Video File to DVD Setup

Step 3 Design the menu

Next, let’s design a menu for the DVD. You may choose a template. Then, reposition the buttons on the menu, change the background scene, or maybe add a piece of background music to make it soft. An opening film is also available.

Step 4 Finish the MKV-to-DVD conversion

Lastly, hit Burn to initiate the MKV-to-DVD burning.

Wait for a while and Tipard will finish the process real soon. When it’s complete, you may eject the disc and start to play it on a big-screen or keep it well-preserved.


It’s such an easy job to burn your MKV movie to a DVD as you follow the steps above. Now, download the Tipard DVD Creator on your computer and start your burning.