Most of us rely on our iPhone to stay connected with the world that has never been more true than in the 2020s. That means that video-sharing apps — TikTok, Triller, Reels, Byte, you name it — make us easier to know and be known, thanks to iPhone’s camera set.

Every year, Apple unveils a new iPhone model with camera sets that are more advanced than the one on a previous model, which gives us the possibility to film high-quality videos without professional camera kits.

Even though things like TikTok please you not, it’s always a good idea to shot some videos to record your day with an iPhone. Moreover, with its screen capture feature, we can record the activities that run on the screen, especially some videos that we cannot download but only to capture.

How to Burn iPhone Video to DVD

Despite contribution in video filming and recording, saving the video files bothers a lot since the capacity of an iPhone maxes out at 256GB theoretically. In this case, burning those iPhone videos to a DVD seems to be a way of backup. By doing so, we’re available to create a personalized home-made DVD with the videos on our iPhone.

In this post, we’ll be discussing the solution to burn iPhone videos to a DVD. Hope that you can find the best way out here.

How to transfer iPhone Videos to DVD

There’re generally two steps to burn iPhone videos to a DVD.

Step 1 Upload the iPhone videos to a DVD

There’re several ways to upload the videos to a DVD, and we’ll focus on 3 that most people will use.

1. Visit

If you’ve signed in to iCloud on your iPhone, then, by default, iCloud will sync the pictures and videos from Photos to its cloud storage. So:

  • You can log in to on your computer and hit Photos on the page.
  • Then, locate the target video(s), hit Download Selected Item on the top right corner.
  • Next, will download the video(s) as an MP4 file.
Tip: If you’ve selected multiple videos, iCloud will combine all the files and compress them into one package with which you can later extract videos.

Upload iPhone Video to PC with iCloud

2. Connect your iPhone to a PC

Also, you may use a USB cable to connect your iPhone to your computer. Most of the time, your computer will automatically detect your iPhone after getting approval.

For Windows, you may find the Apple iPhone icon on This PC, hit it, and locate the target video. Copy it and paste it on your computer.

Upload iPhone Video to PC with USB

3. Apply to third-party iPhone manager software

On the market, there is some iOS manager software that you can use to delete, transfer, upload, and backup the data on your iPhone.

With an iPhone manager installed on your computer, you’re available to check out all details of your handset, including photos, videos, audios, notes, contacts, chatting history on social apps, and so much more.

If you’re looking for a better way to manage your iPhone data, you may try one of the leading iPhone managers, the iCareFone.

About iCareFone:

This is the leading icon of the iPhone data manager. With this program installed, you can backup or transfer data from your iPhone to a computer with one click. Covering dozens of data types, nothing that iCareFone cannot help you with.

Download here:

Step 2 Burn the iPhone video to a DVD

Now, as you successfully transfer the video to your computer, we can start to burn it to a DVD.

Tip: To burn files to a DVD, you’d better buy yourself one or some blank DVD-RW discs that you can rewrite so many times.

Relax, the DVD-RW disc is pretty cheap on Amazon, eBay, or local stores. You can find a whole case of discs with a few bucks.

First, insert a blank DVD-RW disc into the disc tray and launch a DVD burner on your computer.

Pick up the best DVD burner software

If you have no idea which DVD burner software you should pick up, you may use the recommended Tipard DVD Creator.

Known to be one of the most popular and powerful DVD burner software, Tipard DVD Creator allows regular users to create a home-made movie disc. Supporting all mainstream file formats, you can easily upload your iPhone videos and burn them to a DVD with the program.

Superior to most DVD burners, Tipard ensures users to customize the burning process. For instance,

  • You’re available to decide the audio and subtitle of the video;
  • You may add a Menu to the DVD and decide the buttons, background music, scene, template of the Menu;
  • When the file size is too large that your disc cannot hold, Tipard can compress the video automatically.
  • With an in-app video editor feature, Tipard is a perfect way out when you want to edit, clip, and modify the footage.

Find it great? Download it on your computer and let’s have a go.

Next, hit Add Media File(s) and locate the iPhone video to load it up to the program.

Add Video Music Files to DVD Creator

Soon, Tipard DVD Creator will analyze the video and display it on the interface.

Here, you may:

  • Decide the audio and subtitle of the video. If the video is not having any subtitles, you may add one manually.
  • Concerning the video quality? Set it High to burn it losslessly. Or use the default Fit to Disc when the file is large.
  • Click Power Tools and find Video Edit that you can use to clip and modify the footage.
  • Still, on Power Tools, locate Merge Chapter. With this feature, you can combine several iPhone videos into one longer video.

Transfer iPhone Videos to DVD

Just do whatever you want to do on the video, make it more satisfying. Hit Next to proceed.

Then, you can design a Menu for your film DVD. You’re available to use a template, re-position the buttons, add background music, change the scene, etc.

Set Your DVD Style

Click the Preview button to see the result. To start burning, click the Burn button. Tipard DVD Creator will start to burn the iPhone video to the DVD.

To warp up

When the process is complete, eject it from your computer disc tray and save it nicely.

As long as you follow the steps above, your iPhone videos will always be living in a better shelter that you won’t need to worry about the shortage of capacity on your iPhone.