DVD is not only a convenient way of watching movies but also serves an important role in data storage. If you have some precious video and music files, try burning them to a blank DVD for backup.

Besides, it’s never tough work to burn files to a DVD, you can do it easily with your Windows 10 computer and a blank DVD. No matter you plan to create a personalized movie DVD for big occasions – wedding, birthday, anniversary, or want to keep your data safe and sound, continue your reading and find out the steps of burning a DVD on Windows 10.

1. Choose a suitable blank DVD before burning video/music files

There are several DVD categories that you can use to burn files, DVD-RAM, DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD-RW, and DVD+RW. However, most of them are not a good choice for regular file backup and personal DVD creation.

Case in point:


Both the disk types can be written for only once, which means as soon as you successfully burn some files to a DVD-/+R disk, you cannot burn any other files to it anymore.


Supports multiple times of rewriting, however, it takes 90 minutes to format the previous data. Worse yet, a DVD-RW is incompatible with some file formats and DVD players, in short, you may fail to burn your files to the disk and cannot play it on some DVD players.


Allows users to re-write 100,000 times, but a DVD-RAM disk cannot play on a DVD player and computer disk drive. Only a compatible DVD-RAM player can read and play the disk.

To warp up:

Based on the duality of reuse and compatibility, the best choice for regular file storage and personal DVD creation will be the DVD+RW. This category is superior to the DVD-RW since they share the same rewriting ability. but DVD+RW will not take that long to format data and it’s the most compatible DVD category.

Method 1 How to burn a DVD with Windows Media Player on Windows 10

On Windows 10 computer, there’s a built-in DVD burner tool – Windows Media Player. Apart from the media and DVD/CD playback features, the Windows Media Player can also help Windows users to take a simple DVD burning.

This is how:

  1. First, pop a blank DVD into the disk drive on your computer. Launch Windows Media Player and locate Organize.
  2. Then, choose Manage libraries from the drop-down list and then select the specific library depending on the files for burning.

Burn Files to DVD with Windows Media Player

  1. Next, click Add on a pop-out window to choose the file/folder you plan to burn. Hit OK to confirm.

Add Files to Windows Media Player Library

  1. On the library interface, you’ll see all the selected files. Right-click on each and choose to Add to Burn List. After all, files are added, hit Start Burn to proceed.
  2. Windows Media Player will start to burn files to the inserted DVD. Wait for the completion.

Start to Burn DVD with Windows Media Player

When the process is done, try to play the DVD to see if it works for you.

Method 2 How to burn a DVD with Windows’ built-in feature – Send to

If you simply want to back up some files onto a blank DVD, use the Windows built-in Send to feature.

Locate the target files first and right-click on the files. Then, navigate to the Send to option from the drop-down list, choose the DVD drive on your computer to finish the burning.

Send Files to DVD

FAQs: How to get rid of ‘Files ready to be written to the disc’?

Some people may say that when using Windows Media Player or the Send to feature to burn a DVD, the notification of ‘Files ready to be written to the disc’ pops out and they can find a Desktop.ini file on the disk, sometimes the source file.

If this happens to you, follow the methods below to fix the error:

  1. Eject the DVD first and make sure the disk is not badly damaged, insert it back to the disk drive, and redo the burning.
  2. Right-click on the blank space of the folder and choose Burn to disc.

Burn to Disc on Windows 10

  1. Some temporary files will also interrupt the burning process. Go to  C:> Users> Adminstrator> AppData> Local> Microsoft >Windows> Burn> Temporary Burn Folder. Delete everything on that folder. Then, burn the files again.

Files Ready to Be Written to Disc

  1. Try DVD Creator to burn DVD on your Windows computer instead of getting stuck on the issue.

Method 4 How to burn files to a DVD with DVD Creator on Windows 10

Countless DVD burners in cyberspace can help you burn all kinds of files to a DVD on your Windows 10 machine. Here, the DVD Creator will be a perfect choice.

DVD Creator:

  • As a professional DVD burner, DVD Creator helps users to input all kinds of media files to DVDs without quality loss.
  • Besides, you’re available to create a personalized DVD by editing the Menu, Title, audio channel, and subtitle tracks of the DVD movies.
  • Supporting all digital file formats and DVD-5/DVD-9, incompatibility of files and discs will no longer be an issue for you.
  • Never mention that the program has a very fast burning speed, which saves you a lot of time.

Free download here:

Let’s see some detailed steps then.

Step 1 Pop a blank DVD into the disk drive and launch DVD Creator

On the interface, hit DVD Disc to proceed.

Choose to Burn DVD

Step 2 Import the video/music file(s)

Then, click the Add Media File(s) button to import the target file. You can choose to add an entire folder or a single file.

Add Video Music Files to DVD Creator

Step 3 Set up for the contents

Next, the DVD Creator will display the selected files. You’re available to decide the audio along with the subtitle for each video.

Then, locate Disc Type and choose DVD-5 or DVD-9 based on the DVD you’ve inserted. Navigate Video Quality and set as High.

Hit Next to proceed.

Decide DVD Content Properties

Step 4 Decide the style for the DVD

Here, you’ll be given the chance to modify the DVD.

For instance:

  • You may set up a Template for different occasions as well as the Menu.
  • Also, you can decide the background music and background sight of the Menu page.
  • If you’d like to, you’re available to add an Opening film for the DVD as well.

Finishing all, hit Preview or just hit Burn to start the DVD burning process. When the burning is complete, you’ll have a perfect DVD storing the videos that you treasure.

Set your DVD Style

To warp up:

To burn video and music files to a DVD on Windows 10 is very easy. Note that both the Send to feature and Windows Media Player can only execute a very simple burning for you. If you look forward to something more elegant and flexible, try DVD Creator.