Back in the 2000s, we could use the Windows DVD Maker to burn a DVD with files and folders on Windows-based machines. Soon, Microsoft removed it from Windows 8. Though the DVD Maker is no longer available on Windows 8, 8.1, and 10, we can still use Windows Media Player to burn a DVD on a Windows computer.

As the default media player program on Windows computers, Windows Media Player (WMP) can not only play DVDs, CDs, video/audio files but also help you burn files to a DVD or CD. As it supports multiple digital formats, you can burn some music or movies to a DVD and create a personalized music album or movie collection.

Now, let’s see how exactly we can use Windows Media Player to burn a DVD.

Burn a DVD with Windows Media Player

First of all, you need to get yourself a blank DVD and insert the disc into the disk drive on your Windows computer.

Note: Windows Media Player can only burn DVD-5 and DVD-9 discs. DVD-10 and DVD-18 go beyond WMP’s ability.

Then, launch Windows Media Player on your computer.

Tip: Some Windows 10 users may fail to locate the WMP on their Windows 10 machines, that is because all Windows 10 computers are now shipped out without the pre-installation of this Microsoft kit. So, you need to download it manually from Microsoft.

On Windows Media Player’s interface, switch to Library. Locate the Organize option on the toolbar and go to Manage libraries from its drop-down list. Next, choose one from the four modes:

  • Music: Songs, music files, recordings, and sound effects;
  • Video: Filmed videos, movies, self-made animations;
  • Picture: Photographs, images;
  • Recorded TV: Recorded live TV files.

Burn Files to DVD with Windows Media Player

Next, WMP will activate a window where you can import the files or folders that later you’ll burn to a DVD. Hit Add and locate the file or folder, click OK to confirm.

Add Files to Windows Media Player Library

Now, on Library, right-click on the target file and select Add to Burn list. Go to the Burn list and start burning those selected files to the inserted DVD.

Start to Burn DVD with Windows Media Player

Windows Media Player will start to export those files to the DVD. When the process is complete, eject the disc and keep it safe.


Why Can’t I play my DVD on Windows Media Player?

Reasons that Windows Media Player cannot play DVD vary from settings to disc readability, to find out the exact source of the error and fix it, you may read the post below.

Can Windows Media Player Burn ISO files?

If you’ve ripped an ISO file from a DVD or downloaded one on some video sharing sites, you may wonder whether Windows Media Player can help you burn ISO files.

The answer is NO.

Though Windows Media Player supports multiple digital formats, ISO image or the disc image file is excluded. To burn ISO files to a DVD, you need to find one that is ISO-compatible.

What are the file types that Windows Media Player supports?

Apart from the ISO image and RealVideo formats(Developed by RealPlayer, RM, RMVB, RV, RAM are some output formats under this framework), Windows Media Player supports all main digital file types, including:

  • Windows Media formats: ASF, WMA, WMV, WM;
  • Audio Visual Interleave: AVI;
  • Moving Pictures Experts Group: MPG, MPEG, M1V, MP2, MP3, MPA, MPE;
  • CD Audio Track: CDA;
  • Audio for Windows: WAV;
  • QuickTime Movie file: MOV;
  • MP4 Audio/Video file: MP4, M4A, MP4V, M4V, 3G2, 3GP2, 3GP;
  • A few more dozens.

Burn a DVD with a more advanced DVD burner program on Windows 10

Windows Media Player is of great help for sure. To some extent, you may find it dull since there are piles of things that Windows Media Player cannot help you with.

For instance:

  • No ISO burning is available;
  • You cannot create a disc menu for a movie disc, music album, or photo gallery;
  • The quality of the burning files is not under your control;
  • If the movie files have multiple audio channels or subtitle tracks, you cannot decide any of these;
  • Etc.

When the Windows built-in tool is not helping, try another that is more powerful, such as the Leawo Prof. Media.

As a DVD and Blu-ray disc professional, Leawo Prof. Media can help you rip, burn, and copy all kinds of discs without data loss.

  • Supporting all mainstream digital file types, ISO, and DVD Folder, Leawo Prof. Media can burn all files to a DVD with the preferred audio channel, subtitle, and quality.
  • Meanwhile, for DVD creators, you’re available to add a custom menu to your Movie/Music/Photo DVD by deciding the template, positions of buttons, titles, chapters, and some other elements of the disc.
  • No need to mention its built-in video enhancement tools that help you skip a video editor.

Leawo Prof Media Copy Rip Burn DVD Blu-ray

Free Download Here:

Now, let’s see how to create a DVD with Leawo Prof. Media.

Step 1 Load up the file/folder to Leawo Prof. Media

Launch Leawo Prof. Media on your computer and choose Blu-ray/DVD Creator mode on the main dashboard.

Then, drag the target file/folder to the program, Leawo Prof. Media will analyze the input and get ready for the disc burning.

Input Files Folder ISO to Leawo

Step 2 Set up for the DVD burning

Insert a DVD into the disc tray on your computer. Next, decide the properties of this burning task.

Depending on the file type that you’ve added, there will be different steps:

ISO file:

  • After you upload an ISO file to Leawo Prof. Media, it will immediately open a dialog box where you need to decide the Label and the target disc. Once finish, hit the Burn button to start the process.

Brun ISO Files to DVD with Leawo

DVD folder, video/audio file:

  • You’re available to add multiple folders, videos, and audios to a DVD altogether or respectively. For video files, you can edit the footage with some editors like 3D, Remove Noise, Effect, Watermark, and Trim.

Edit Footage with Leawo


  • Add a piece of background music to one or each photo if you’d like to. Also, for the photo gallery, you may set up the transition effect and the duration time of each picture.

Edit Photo Gallery DVD with Leawo

Next, design the menu for your movie DVD, music album, or photo gallery. Add a template, re-position the buttons, adjust the title or chapters, and add some background music to the menu.

Step 3 Start to burn a DVD

When you’ve determined all elements for your DVD, hit Burn to initiate a DVD burning right away. The program will start working.

In no more than a few minutes, the process will be complete. You may open Windows Media Player to run the disc and see if it pleases you or not.

To warp up:

Windows Media Player works just fine to burn a DVD on a Windows computer. But since the Windows’¬†built-in tool is so lightweight that it may not help you with a lot of stuff. You may switch to another DVD burner software like Leawo Prof. Media

Note that no matter which tool you use to burn a DVD, you should always make sure that the disc is well-preserved.