Signing in an Apple account is slightly different from other accounts’ logins. It asks for approval because of the Two-factor Authentification.

This is a security system that will be triggered when anyone would like to sign into an Apple ID that has already in use on another Apple device. After typing in the password, you will see a notification of the “Apple ID Verification Code” on the iPhone screen. At the same time, on your other Apple device, you will see the Apple Sign In Requested panel.

For those who have no idea what to do – which button to press and where to get the verification code, we will discuss the whole process of approving an iPhone. You can follow the instructions below and complete the sign-in of your Apple ID. Enjoy the Apple services later!

How to Approve This iPhone from Another Apple Device

Part 1: How to Approve This iPhone from Another Apple Device

If you have another Apple device like an iPhone, iPad, or Mac, you can finish the Approve This iPhone process there.

On the new iPhone, type in the target Apple ID and password, and hit OK. The screen will prompt you to enter the verification code.

Go to the other device and hit Allow. Then, a 6-digit verification code appears and you can go back to the iPhone. Enter the 6 digits.

Pass iPhone Verification

There’re cases when Apple users can’t get a code on the iPhone/iPad/Mac. In this case, on the other device:

  • Go to Settings (or Preferences on Mac).
  • Hit the Apple ID tab and then Password & Security.
  • There, you will find the Get Verification Code option. Tap it and you can have this real-time 6 digits.

Get Verificaition Code to Log in

Enter it on the new iPhone.

Login complete! Wait for a little while and the Apple ID will start to function soon. It will start to sync data and settings on this iPhone. Also, the Find My iPhone will be automatically turned on for this iPhone.

Part 2: How to Approve This iPhone without Another Apple Device

To a lot of iPhone users’ surprise, it asks for a verification code when there’s no second Apple device. This is the only Apple device you have.

When this happens, you can either cancel this login and restart the iPhone. Try the login again.

If it still asks you to approve this iPhone no matter how many times you’ve tried, follow this:

Tap on the Didn’t get a code option. You’re available to receive the verification code via a phone number or email.

Complete iCloud Login

The phone number and email of the options are set when you created this Apple ID. So, you need to think about the exact details of the number or email address you filled in while creating.

Enter the digits on the new iPhone to complete the verification then.

However, if the phone number is now invalid, you need to tap on Did not get a verification code again. There, you can choose to get a phone call or receive the code from email or answer security questions to update a new number.

Complete Login

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Part 3: How to Turn Off Approve This iPhone

For some iPhone users, this Approve This iPhone verification is such a disturbance, especially for those who have multiple Apple accounts and switch accounts occasionally. To turn off the Approve this iPhone seems to be a great convenience. But is it possible?

Well, unfortunately, for the latest iPhones and the iOS versions, Apple has disabled the option for people to decide the Two-factor Authentification. We can’t turn off the Approve This iPhone.

In fact, you can go to your iPhone Settings, and find Apple IDPassword -SecurityTwo-factor Authentification. There, you will see the option is greyed out and refuse any changes.

Two Factor Authentication

So, if you have multiple Apple devices and Apple accounts, don’t think about turning off this verification then. Take the fact.

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