As incredible as it seems to be able to AirDrop on Samsung phones, it’s not possible. AirDrop is an exclusive feature that can only be used to share files between iPhones, iPads, and Macs. So, you can’t really use it on Samsung to transfer files. However, the former has a similar feature called Quick Share, but it’s also only limited to Samsung devices.

However, this doesn’t mean there’s no other way to transfer data from Samsung to iPhone. For this article, we are going to guide you on two effective methods to share files. The first method is wireless and works the same way as AirDrop, and the second is a wired transfer. Read on for more details!

How To AirDrop On Samsung

Method 1: AirDrop from Samsung to iPhone via Shareit

Shareit is a popular file-sharing app that’s available on both Samsung (Android) and iPhones. You can get it free from the Google Play Store and App Store. It can transfer photos, videos, music files, ebooks, documents, apps, and more. However, unlike AirDrop, it can’t be used to transfer contacts and messages.

This app uses Bluetooth to detect nearby devices and WIFI (without internet access) to transfer files. Moreover, Android phones running on Android 4.1 and up are supported, while the iPhone must be in iOS 11 or later.

Step 1

Download and install Shareit on both phones. Then, launch the app. On the iPhone, tap on RECEIVE to make the device discoverable. Choose the SEND button on your Samsung phone to scan for nearby devices.

ShareIt Android IPhone

Step 2

Then, tap on the iPhone when it appears on the scan. After that, both phones should be connected. On your Samsung, tick the files you wish to send and hit Next to start sharing them. After that, you just need to wait until the transfer process ends.

Shareit Android Select File

However, Shareit has a few caveats that could be deal breakers. We’ve observed pairing and scanning issues when transferring files between Android and iOS. When transferring multiple large files, the transfer slows down as both phones heat up. Also, some data like Music files can’t be played on the iPhone’s Music app. You can only access them via Shareit.

Method 2: Transfer Files from Samsung to iPhone without AirDrop/Shareit

Wireless methods like AirDrop/Shareit may be convenient since you don’t need to connect both phones physically. However, they come with certain limitations that may get on your nerves such as pairing issues, slow transfer due to heat throttle, and inability to transfer multiple large files quickly. Well, those things are of no concern if you are using iCareFone iTransGo.


iCareFone iTransGo

Imports Everything from Android to iOS Without Factory Reset

  • Transfer data successfully from Android 13 to iOS 17
  • Supports Contact, photo, video, music, message, and more
  • A lossless transfer without a quality drop and file corruption

*Compatible with 8000+ Android devices and All iPhone models

It’s a phone transfer app that’s specifically designed for Android to iPhone transfer. So, you can really use this app instead of looking for a way to AirDrop on Samsung. All you need is a PC and two compatible USB data cables for the Samsung phone and iPhone.

Since it’s wired, you don’t have to pair both phones as the app itself will act as the bridge between them, It’s much faster, too, because data and files are transferred directly. In our experience, we were able to transfer multiple large files in just 30 minutes. Not to mention, you can transfer items in bulk or selectively.

The phone data iCareFone iTransgo can transfer includes photos, videos, music files, calendars, contacts, and text messages. Yes! Not only can you use it to send files but also to move from Samsung to iPhone, since it can transfer essential phone data without quality loss.

Steps to Transfer Files from Samsung to iPhone with iTransGo

If you want to use iCareFone iTransGo, here are the steps you need to follow:

Step 1

Set up the installer on your computer. You can avail of the free trial by clicking on the banner above. Launch the app and click on the Start button on the main interface.

iCareFone iTransGo

Step 2

After that, connect your Samsung phone and the target iPhone to the computer using the USB cables. On the former, you need to turn on USB debugging and USB File Transfer, while tapping Trust on the latter device.

iTransGo Android IPhone

Just follow the instructions on the screen if you don’t know how to do it.

Step 3

Next, tick the phone data/files you want to transfer. Then, hit Start Scan. Just wait for a few seconds as the program scans through all the files. You should see the total number of flies and size right after.

iTransGo Select Data

Step 4

Once done, you can click on the Transfer Data button to start the transfer process. Just keep both devices connected to the PC while it’s ongoing to avoid transfer failure. You may disconnect them when the “Transfer Successful” message appears on the screen.

iTransGo Transfer Data


Unfortunately, you can’t AirDrop on Samsung because it’s a feature only available on Apple devices. However, it doesn’t mean you won’t be able to transfer files cross-platform between Samsung and iPhone. There are many ways to do it, actually. Fortunately, we have two of the easiest methods above. Try them and see which one works for your needs.

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