The capacity of regular DVD-R/RW, the cheapest and most common DVD type for rewriting, is 4.7GB, which may not satisfy our expanding need to save enormous files and folders.

In the 21st century, files and folders that are larger than 4.7GB have become more accessible. Case in point:

  • We can easily film an hour-long video with a camera or mobile phone;
  • HD and UHD movies are available to download from movie sharing sites;
  • Many PC games packages are dozens of GB large now;
  • We may merge high-quality music files into one folder to create a personalized music album.

If you want to burn those large files or folders to an eligible 4.7GB DVD for backup, creation, or collection purposes, to be frank, it’s possible to do that with some special skills.

In the following parts of this post, we’ll be discussing the methods to burn files that are more than 4.7GB to a DVD.

Introductions about DVD types and capacity

Generally, to burn files to a DVD, we would need to purchase a DVD-/+R or DVD-/+RW disc that supports rewriting.

In most cases, the DVD we use is the 4.7GB single-sided(SS) and single-layer(SL) DVD-5 disc which means this disc only saves data on the single layer of its single surface.

Also, we may see some DVDs with a suffix of DL that stands for double-layer. A DVD DL, named DVD-9, saves data on its two layers of a single side with the capacity of 8.5GB. And there are 2 more superior successors, the DVD-10 (dual-sided and single-layer, 9.4GB) and DVD-18 (dual-sided and dual-layer, 17.0GB).

The real capacity of DVD 5

4.70GB is the theoretical maximum capacity of a DVD-5 disc while 4.37GB is the actual capacity.

Note that the time capacity of a DVD-5 disc is 2 hours.

  • So, you need to make sure the total length of your video file(s) is no longer than 120 minutes when you try to burn movies and videos to a DVD-5. Otherwise. a DVD-5 disc cannot hold the over-2-hour-long video even though the file size is smaller than 4.7GB.

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How to burn an over-4.7GB file/folder to a DVD

Method 1 Switch to an eligible disc

As we’ve discussed, some discs can hold files that are a lot larger than 4.7GB, like the DVD-9(DVD DL), DVD-10, and DVD-18.

Note that the built-in DVD-ROM drive on your computer can burn a DVD-5 and DVD-9, however, when it comes to DVD-10 and DVD-18, a professional DVD-drive that supports double-sided burning is required.


If the files are so precious to you that you never want to lose them and will keep them safe regardless of the cost, a Millennial Disc (M-Disc) will be perfect.

Boasting to save data for a thousand years, the M-Disc is made of some kind of glassy carbon, the material that is substantially inert to oxidation and can only be melt in at least 392 degrees Fahrenheit. Better yet, a disc made of this material will have unarguably high strength and toughness.

Try a Blu-ray disc for UHD and 4K movies

Say you want to burn UHD or 4K movies or recorded videos to a DVD, a quality loss will happen to you since a DVD can only save up-to-1080P frames, UHD and 4k are excluded.

In this case, I suggest you should get yourself a Blu-ray disc instead of sticking to a DVD.

Blu-ray disc is currently the most advanced optical disc data storage format that can save UHD, 4K, and HD movies without quality loss. Also, a lowermost single-layer Blu-ray disc can hold about 25GB that is far bigger than a DVD.


To burn files to a Blu-ray disc, you will need to purchase a professional Blu-ray player device since DVD-ROM drive on computers cannot read Blu-ray discs.

Method 2 Compress the file/folder

If you only have a DVD-5 disc and have no plan to purchase any other, try to compress your file or folder and make it smaller than 4.7GB.

Luckily, there is DVD burner software that can detect the incapacity of the DVD and automatically compress the target file to a suitable size. In this way, you don’t have to compress your file with extra steps, but to use a DVD burner to start the burning and compression at the same time.

Pick up a DVD burner that supports auto-compression:

Tipard DVD Creator is one of few DVD burners that can compress files to fit in a DVD-5 disc.

Besides the auto-compression, Tipard DVD Creator can help you burn nearly 500 digital formats to a DVD including MP4, MKV, MP3, JPG, GIF, ISO, DVD Folder, etc. With this DVD burner software, you will never have to worry about the incompatibility of file format and the incapacity of the DVD.

Free download here:

Let’s see how to burn file(s) more than 4.7GB to a DVD.

Step 1 Load up the file(s) to Tipard DVD Creator

Pop the DVD-5 disc into the disc drive and launch Tipard on your computer.

On its interface, hit the orange button – Add Media File and choose the target file. You’re available to import digital file formats like MP4, MP3, MKV, TXT, PDF, DOC as well as the ISO image and folder.

Add Video Music Files to DVD Creator

Step 2 Set up for the DVD burning

Let’ take some video files – MP4, MKV as an example. To complete the burning, you’ll need to determine the audio and subtitle. Most importantly, set the Video Quality as Fit to Disc. In this way, Tipard will automatically compress your file to fit in the disc.

Hit Next to proceed.

Decide DVD Content Properties

Now, you’re available to create a Menu for your movie DVD, template, background music, background scene, opening film are all available to add to your DVD Menu

Step 3 Complete the process

As everything is ready, hit Burn to initiate a DVD burning. Tipard will work to burn your file larger than 4,7GB to a DVD-5 disc with compression.

Set Your DVD Style

When the process is complete, you may eject the disc and preserve your DVD with patience and care.

Method 3 Split the video file

Since compression will affect the quality of the video, if you’re an avid movie lover who hates fuzzy pictures, compressing your video is a bad idea. In this case, you may split the video file into parts and burn each part to a DVD respectively.

You will need a video editor program to do the video splitting. Here you may try the Video Converter Ultimate.

This is a very easy-to-use program that helps you convert and edit your video and audio file without any quality loss. With the program, you can easily split your video file into any parts as you like without a drop of resolution or frame rate.

Download the Video Converter Ultimate:

Let’s see how to split your video file now.

Step 1 Load up the video file to Video Converter Ultimate

On your computer, launch Video Converter Ultimate and click the big plus icon on its interface to import the target file.

Step 2 Split the video

After the file is loaded, click the Cut button to proceed.

Split 4.7GB Video File

Next, type in the start time and end time of the first segment, hit Split. Then, repeat the method again to clip out the second segment, hit Split to finish.

Now, take a look at the list on the left where you will find 3 videos there. The first one will be the source video, the last 2 are the split ones. Finishing the splitting, hit Save to proceed.

Spliting 4.7GB Video File Fit in Disc

Step 3 Output the files

In this part, remove the source video from the Converter list and focus only on the split segments. Hit Convert All to output the videos.

Split Video Files Fit in 4.7GB DVD

When the conversion is complete, you may use Tipard DVD Creator to burn each video to 4.7GB DVDs separately.

To warp up:

If you want to burn over-4.7GB file(s) or folder(s) to a DVD-5 disc, either switch the disc or change the size of the file by compressing and splitting.