Recovery Tips: Help Someone With Addiction

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Watching someone you love suffer from addiction is heartbreaking. When someone is struggling with substance abuse, all factors in their life are affected. They stay isolated from people, have problems with their finances, have mental and emotional issues, and especially are struggling to stay away from addiction.

And as someone who cares, you want to help them get out of this horrible situation. But here’s the thing, helping an addict is not that easy, especially if it’s a drug addict who doesn’t want help. But, there are things you can do to slowly get them sober, and in this article, we will discuss them all.

Help Someone With Addiction

Part 1: Facts to Know and Prepare Before You Help Someone with Addiction

Helping someone with an addiction is like going to a battlefield. You have to be prepared for the things that may happen. If you know what you’re supposed to do before you initiate to help, the situation can be less difficult to handle.

We listed a few things that you must know before you try to help someone who is addicted to drugs.

Educate Yourself about Addiction

First of all, you have to know what addiction really is. People have a common thought that it’s about not being able to resist using substances, but it’s actually more than that.

  • Addiction is a chronic brain disease also known as Substance Use Disorder. So it’s not something that you should take lightly.
  • It is not a choice. Addiction affects a person’s brain chemistry. It makes a person crave something that gives them satisfaction. These cravings cannot be stopped by mere self-control as the substance has already altered their brain.
  • The judgmental stigma of society against addicts hurts the person and his/her family. A lot of people think that addicts are useless and hopeless. But because they are also human, they get hurt by the comments they receive. So be careful about the things you say.
  • Treatment is widely available and it can be cured. Just like other illnesses, addiction can be treated and there are a lot of options available. If the person is willing to commit themselves to these treatments, there’s a huge chance that they can show progress in no time.

Knowing the truth about addiction will help you create a better approach to helping your loved one.

Try to Know Why the Addiction Started

Most of the people that struggle with addiction have an underlying reason why they started drugs. If you want to help someone get sober, one of the things you can do is know why they started drugs in the first place.

These reasons might have triggered them to use drugs in order to somewhat hide their pain, feel happiness, etc. People have different reasons behind their addiction, we did a bit of research and these are the most common reasons.

Peer Pressure and Social Glorification

There’s a saying that goes “Tell me who your friends are and I’ll tell you who you are”, it basically means that you and the people you hang out with are the same. So if they like music, you will also eventually like the same music they listen to. And that’s the same if they take drugs.

We listen to our closest friends, and sadly some people become blind when it comes to friendship. Some can’t differentiate between a friend that is a good or bad influence.

Peer Pressure and Social Glorification

So if they receive drugs/ illegal substances and say it helps with whatever they are going through. A person will not think twice and listen to them because they trust them.

Also, some people, especially younger generations, like to feel that they belong. So tend to do what most people in their circle do. If you don’t join the trend you’re out and you don’t belong. So a person doesn’t have a choice but to do it.


There are certain medical drugs that can cause addiction if abused. These types of medical drugs have psychostimulant-like and euphoric effects just like other illegal substances.

When a person is prescribed these drugs, they only have a specific amount that they should take. And if it’s abused, it causes addiction.

  • Opioids – Prescribed for pain relief
  • CNS depressants – Prescribed for anxiety or sleep problems. They are also referred to as sedatives or tranquilizers.
  • Stimulants – For attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

You may check your loved one’s medical history and see if they are taking one of these drugs.


Curiosity is a dangerous thing. It can lead to life-threatening situations and even life-long torment like addiction.


Some people started taking drugs as an experiment and wanted to know what it feels like. But as time goes by, they don’t notice that they are slowly getting dependent on drugs.

Escape from Personal Issues

Drugs give a feeling of satisfaction and relaxation (depending on the drugs a person takes), some even say that it is their way to escape reality because of the way it makes them feel.

Your loved one or spouse might be going through something, and drugs are their way to heal temporarily.

Escape from Personal Issues

They might be dealing with family issues or grieving a loss of something/someone important. There is also a chance that your loved one is depressed and the only thing that keeps their mind clear is drugs.

Emotional and mental issues are supposed to be taken seriously as they can be the start of someone’s life being wasted.

You Can’t Help Them on Your Own

When you give help to drug addicts, you will need people by your side.

Your loved one needs people to support him/her and encourage that he/she will soon recover. You also need people by your side. This will not be an easy fight, so you better have a strong support system to encourage you.

Also, talking and encouraging someone who struggles with addiction won’t work. You need to consider treatment options like rehab or consulting a professional.

Be Prepared for a Lifelong Recovery Process

Sobriety is a gradual and long process, it doesn’t happen in an instant. For some, it takes years, and for others, it will take a lifetime.

Be Prepared for a Lifelong Recovery Process

A person may stop taking drugs and be sober for a while, but it doesn’t guarantee that he/she will not take them again if something triggers them. That’s why addiction recovery is not easy to achieve. Be prepared and be patient.

Take Care of Yourself

As I said, you will need a support system if you want to endure this situation. If you are feeling down, let it out. If you feel stressed, do something that makes you relax. Maybe go shopping or have a spa day.

You won’t be able to give help to drug addicts if you are not in good shape.

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Part 2: Things You Can Do to Help a Loved One with Addiction

We listed a few tips to help you get started on helping a drug-addicted loved one. Remember, the way to recovery is not easy and it will not happen in an instant, so just take things slow.

Consider Getting Help from Experts and Facilities

Rehab facilities help patients reduce and stop their consumption of drugs. Plus, they offer different therapy programs that help patients acquire skills to keep their minds off the substance that they are addicted to.

Consider Rehab

They also have a chance to talk to counselors to further assess their situation. And if ever your loved one gets into rehab, it’s the best time to show your support by visiting and checking on them.

Here are some well-rated rehabilitation centers you can check:

Gloria Detox & Rehab Centers

Mayflower Detox & Recovery Center

Asana Recovery

Clearbrook Treatment Centers

Boca Recovery Centers

Alta Mira Recovery

You may also check the American Addiction Centers site, to find state-funded drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers.

Be Careful Not to Enable Them

You might not notice it, but some of the things you do is actually enabling your loved one to continue taking drugs like:

  • Giving Money
  • Ignoring their Bad Behavior/Attitude
  • Letting Them Control You

If you have a drug-addicted daughter or son, I know it’s hard to resist the people you love, but you can’t just let them get their way all of the time. If the person you are trying to help is really hard-headed, you really have to put your foot down and refuse them.

Be Careful Not to Enable Them

This way, they will recognize your authority and might think twice before making a bad decision.

Keep an Eye on Them

To make sure that they don’t sneak behind your back to meet up with their drug contacts. You can use some monitoring programs on their phone like Google Find My Device and Apple Find My iPhone. These programs can give you your loved one’s location if you have access to the Google and iCloud account credentials used on their phones.

However, these programs only provide the location. Plus, it alerts the target phone when you use the programs. So if secrecy and full monitoring is your goal, these two are not suitable.

But there is one tool that can monitor all their activities and provide secrecy at the same time. And that tool is none other than mSpy.

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Location Monitoring

With this amazing tool, you will know your loved one’s exact location with just one click. If they mysteriously disappeared, mSpy can locate them! It uses a high–tech GPS technology and a live map to easily find their whereabouts.

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The thought of building a fence around your loved ones so you can watch them and make sure they go astray might have crossed your mind. Well, mSpy has a feature that lets you build a digital fence around the target person; the Geo-Fence.

mSpy Geofencing

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Texts and Chats Monitoring

You may also read their messages and see if they are still in contact with drug-related people. You can see all their received and sent text messages, and all chat conversations on famous Social Media apps like Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, WhatsApp, Viber, and more.

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With mSpy, you don’t need to worry about getting caught as this tool cannot easily be detected. It is lightweight and works secretly on your target’s device.

Aside from these, mSpy still has a lot of features to help you keep an eye on your loved one. We highly recommend it, so try it now!

Don’t Threaten them and Avoid Using Guilt

If you’re thinking of guilt-tripping to make them quit drugs, don’t do it. It will make the situation worse.

A person with SUD has an unstable way of thinking and they might take your guilt-tripping the wrong way. Plus, it’s not really healthy to trap a person and make them do something. So skip those “If you love me, you’ll quit” monologues, it’s not going to work.

Don’t Threaten them and Avoid Using Guilt

The more you control a person, the more they will resist.

Also, avoid threatening them. Your threats might anger them and start thinking of violent ideas to get back at you.

Show them Your Support and Encouragement

Instead of using a negative approach to make someone quit drugs, why not show them the opposite? Show them your support and encouragement. That way, they will see the positive side of the situation and have the urge to quit.

Show them Your Support and Encouragement

But, as I said, flowery and warm words are not enough, but words of encouragement mean a lot to a struggling person. The best thing you can do for them is not to stop supporting them.

Final Tip

Dealing with addiction is not an easy task. And it will be a long and hard process. If you see signs of willingness in your loved one, don’t leave them and continue to support them no matter what. They won’t be able to succeed without your help. But, if they refuse your help and disregard all your efforts, learn how to let go.

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When you’re addicted to alcohol or drugs, the reward system part of your brain is flooded by a chemical messenger called Dopamine. It is responsible for hooking you to a pleasurable experience, which then results in you using drugs or drinking alcohol over and over again, without realizing it’s dangerous for you.

Drug addiction is a brain disorder that makes a person compulsively seek and use legal and illegal drugs despite knowing the negative effects. The brain just craves more intoxication and it can only be treated by being sober and undergoing rehab.

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