As an open-source video and DVD converter freeware, Handbrake wins the heart of a massive amount of video and DVD lovers since its inclusiveness for packages and plugins. Some may enjoy the optimized power of Handbrake while many are wondering why Handbrake is not working to decrypt and rip a protected DVD.

Handbrake is a video converter, which means it’s built to help users to transform content from one format to another, and more importantly, it’s not a decrypter so that it’s incapable of dealing with those copy-protected DVDs.

Nevertheless, such incompetence can be solved by installing a libdvdcss plugin into the Handbrake. To find more details of libdvdcss and how to install it, check the following content.

1. What is libdvdcss?

libdvdcss means a digital library for DVDs decryption designed with Content Scrambling System which is designed by VideoLan, the one that released the famous VLC. Some call it the VideoLan libdvdcss.

This VideoLan libdvdcss is designed and produced for normal users to install on open-source video converters so that the ineligible programs will be given the power to decrypt copy-protected DVDs. Here, that ineligible one will be Handbrake.

2. How to install VideoLan libdvdcss into Handbrake?

Since Handbrake is compatible with both Windows and macOS who shares the different ways of installing the libdvdcss, you need to find the correct way to install that project based on the content below.

How to install libdvdcss on Windows?

For Windows users, download the VideoLan libdvdcss onto your computer first. Click here to download the latest libdvdcss.

After the download is complete, locate the .bz2 file you have just done and copy it into the folder of Handbrake. By default, it goes to C: / Program Files / Handbrake.

Locate libdvdcss.bz2 File

After that, Handbrake can decrypt those protected DVDs and rip them for you.

Copy libdvdcss File into Handbrake

How to install libdvdcss on macOS?

To install the libdvdcss on a Mac computer will be more complicated, but it will be alright after you repeat the steps here.

Step 1 Download the libdvdcss from this link and install it to your Mac

Step 2 Locate the libdvdcss.2.dylib file and double click it.

Step 3 Make sure you see the line of [Process completed] and close the window.

Install libdvdcss.2.dylib on Mac

If the [Process completed] doesn’t appear, delete the file and re-install one, repeat the process when you see that.

3. How to rip encrypted DVDs with Handbrake?

Now, Handbrake is capable of decrypting protected DVDs, let’s see how to use it.

Step 1 Load up your DVD in Handbrake

Pop the protected disk into the drive and launch Handbrake, locate the disk on the Source Selection list.

Load DVD in Handbrake

Step 2 Set up the profile parameter for the output

Locate Title and choose the exact clip that you want to rip out of the DVD.

Then, on Preset, choose the resolution, frame rate, and ratio that Handbrake offers.

Or you may personalize these properties:

  • Summary: Decide format;
  • Dimension: Set up new resolution mode and ratio;
  • Filters: Choose extra video effect;
  • Video: Change codec, frame rate, and quality;
  • Audio: Choose an audio channel and encoder;
  • Subtitles: Decide the subtitle of the output.

Handbrake Rip Encrypted DVD

Then, look down and find Save AS: to choose the location for the output.

Step 3 Start to rip the DVD

Everything is on set, click Start Encode to initiate a DVD ripping.

When the process is complete, go to the preset folder and check the video.

The above three sections are all the skills and techniques about the installation of libdvdcss and how Handbrake can rip protected DVDs. You can start your ripping right away, or continue your reading to find yourself a much easier way to rip any DVDs.

4. More solutions to rip encrypted DVDs

Handbrake is not a professional DVD ripper and that’s why it cannot decrypt those copy-protected disks. And if you think downloading an extra plugin is not secure or troublesome, you may pick up some professional tools to do the ripping.

Here, you may try Tipard Blu-ray Converter or Leawo Prof. Media.

Rip protected DVD with Tipard Blu-ray Converter

As the leading icon in the DVD/BD ripping and converting industry, Tipard Blu-ray Converter enables you to rip and convert the content from all readable disks with or without copy protection.

Supporting dozens of digital formats, you can rip the DVD content into any format you like. Also, depending on the screen for later viewing, you may decide the resolution and ratio as well as file size. Besides, the program also offers you multiple choices of video editing features, like Contrast, Effects, Brightness, Watermarks, etc.

Most importantly, no need to download any plugins or package and it’s very easy to use.

Tip: Click the button below to download it for free and start to rip the DVD content.

Step 1 Import the DVD into Tipard Blu-ray Converter

Insert your DVD into the disk drive and launch the program on your computer. Click the Load DVD option to start inputting the DVD into this ripper.

Step 2 Decide all the profile parameters

Then, you need to decide which movie you want to rip.

Next, decide the audio channel, subtitle, format, resolution, and destination folder of the output. Click the Edit and Cut button to edit and clip the movie if needed.

Rip DVDs into Video Files

Step 3 Start the ripping

Click the Rip All button to start the ripping. And wait for the completion.

Hit the Open Output Folder button to locate the output video file after it’s complete.

Locate Ripping Videos

Rip/copy protected DVD with Leawo Prof. Media

Unlike Tipard Blu-ray Converter is only capable of ripping and converting disks and videos, Leawo Prof. Media is more like a DVD and BD manager that allows users to copy, burn, create, rip, and convert disk content and local videos.

Leawo Prof Media Rip Copy

You may find it similar to Handbrake, but it’s way more powerful than Handbrake.

First of all, Leawo Prof. Media won’t ask you to download any plugins. And next, it provides more than 180 digital video and audio formats. Besides, a whole set of video enhancement and editing features are available for users to maximize the quality of the output, 3D, 4K, Lossless, etc.

Leawo Prof Media Rip Convert DVD

Find it attractive? Click the button and have a go.


Handbrake is a great video converter freeware, but it may be least friendly for most regular DVD viewers. And sometimes, a professional DVD ripper or manager program is exactly what you need to solve DVD issues with fewer troubles and operation.