GoToMeeting is a very popular tool among businesses and personnel for video conferencing and screen sharing. You can organize or attend a meeting with your colleagues or friends through a GoToMeeting session.

Attending a vital meeting and don’t want to miss any decisions made during the meeting? You can record the whole meeting with the native recording feature of GoToMeeting.

In this tutorial, I will show you how to record your GoToMeeting sessions with its in-app recorder and a third-party meeting recorder. Also, you will learn how to open, download, share, and convert the file.

GoToMeeting Recording How to Record A GoToMeeting Session

How to record a GoToMeeting session?

GoToMeeting offers availability for Cloud recording and Local recording.

  • Cloud recording: The recording file will be saved on the cloud drive, you can later download the file from GoToMeeting’s official site.
  • Local recording: GoToMeeting will save the file on your PC directly.

Generally, Cloud Recording is the default recording mode. If you fancy local recording, you need to preset it.

Skip to the Start Recording section when Cloud Recording is what you aim for.

Set up for Local recording:

First thing first, on GoToMeeting Hub, click More on the lower-left corner and choose Admin Center.

The Admin Center tab pops out, click on your user name to open the User Details page. Then, click Edit from the Settings module.

GoToMeeting Admin Center User Name

Locate Record Meetings on the feature list, click Cloud recording. A dialog box will appear and you can check Local recording there. Click Save to apply.

GoToMeeting Cloud and Local Recording

After this, GoToMeeting will save the video file to your computer when you use the GoToMeeting recording feature.

Start to record GoToMeeting

Let’s see how to record a GoToMeeting session now.

Step 1 Start a meeting

To begin with, open the desktop app of GoToMeeting and start your meeting.

Step 2 Start recording the meeting

When all the attendees are in, click Start Your Recording. GoToMeeting will start to record all images and sounds of the meeting.

GoToMeeting Start Recording

Note: All the attendees of this session will be notified that you’re recording the meeting.

During the recording, you can add some annotations to the recording. Move your cursor to the REC button and click Open to use the editing tools.

Stop Your Recording

To end the process, click Stop Your Recording.

Warm tips: How to record a GoToMeeting session as a participant

Only the host of the session can record a GoToMeeting with the built-in recording feature. If you are not the host, you can use Aiseesoft Screen Recorder to capture the meeting.

Aiseesoft Screen Recorder is a great meeting recorder for both Windows and Mac users to record online meetings with 2 easy clicks. You can use it to record a GoToMeeting session no matter you’re the host or a regular attendee of the meeting.

With the program installed on your computer, you can start a high-quality GoToMeeting recording by clicking a related keyboard shortcut. And you’re available to decide the properties of the output. Moreover, Aiseesoft Screen Recorder ensures users to save the video on a custom destination.

Now, let’s see how to record a GoToMeeting session with Aiseesoft Screen Recorder as a participant.

Step 1 Launch the application on your computer

Step 2 Start recording

On the Screen Recorder window, choose Video Recorder and then turn on both Microphone and System Sound.

Note: You can go to Output Settings to modify the format and quality of your file.

Output Settings

Minimize the window after the setup. Open your GoToMeeting and join in a session.

When the session begins, you can use the keyboard shortcut – Ctrl + Alt + S to initiate recording.

A panel will appear where you can:

  • Click Pause to take a break or skip some unimportant parts of the meeting and click Resume to continue.
  • Use the editing tools to draw or add annotations on your video.

Click Stop or press Ctrl + Alt + S to stop the recording. A window will pop out where you can preview and trim the video.

Click Save, the app will export the file to a default folder. You can locate your file through Recording history.


1. How to download, open, and share GoToMeeting recordings?

If you use Cloud Recording to record your GoToMeeting session, the program will export the file to the cloud of GoToMeeting. You can download, open, and share the file from there.

First of all, on GoToMeeting Hub. Click on the History section and check Recorded. All the recordings will be listed.

Locate the target recording and you will 4 the details of it on the right.

Open Download Share Delete GoToMeeting Recording File

You can click Open to watch the video, hit Download to save an mp4 file on your PC, click Share to copy a URL to the clipboard, and click Delete to remove this file.

2. How to convert a GoToMeeting recording?

You need to convert a file when you choose Local recording.

By default, GoToMeeting will prompt you to convert the video file after you exit the meeting.

GoToMeeting Convert Video

On the dialog box, select the file and format you want, click Convert Recording, the app will transform the file into an mp4/wmv file and export it to the default folder.

3. How can I locate the recording file?

Be aware that you cannot access the file when you’re still in the middle of the same meeting.

After you exit the meeting and successfully convert/download the file, you can find it through This PC > Documents.

Locate GoToMeeting Recordings

To warp up:

This is everything you should know about GoToMeeting recordings. Now, you’ll not miss any important decisions and contents of the meeting.

All in all, the GoToMeeting built-in recorder can be pretty useful when you’re the host of the session. And if you’re aiming to conduct a meeting recording when you’re a normal attendee, just apply to Aiseesoft Screen Recorder.

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