Not Recommend Ad blocker – Best Way to Get Rid of Spotify Ads on Computer or Phone

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Best Way to Get Rid of Spotify Ads on Computer or Phone

Do you agree that Spotify ads are a great deal more annoying than others, which always abruptly show in the music and stop you from the complete content?

If you like to listen to Spotify while studying or working, the audio ads will absolutely reduce your productivity. Because it is more difficult to focus while the abrupt audio ads, aimed to grab our attention, show from time to time.

Thus, we need to do something to eliminate the Spotify ads on your computer or mobile divides. You may think about ad blocker.

However, we don’t suggest using ad blocker: since 2019, Spotify has detected whether users are using an ad blocker or a modified app to avoid ads. If they find that you are using it, your account will be suspended immediately.

Below is a simple and helpful way to help you say goodbye to Spotify ads, which is more riskless than using ad blocker.

How to Get Rid of Spotify Ads by Music Converter

Download the songs from Spotify and play them with another player on PC or Phone. Then you will get rid of Spotify including the audio ads.

As we know, Spotify doesn’t provide music files for all the users (even Premium) from their platform. But if we have a music converter, we will be able to download the music files. And we suggest Musify Music Downloader, which includes many powerful features:

1. Download high-quality songs from Spotify, then you can play better quality songs on Spotify.

2. One-click to download a bunch of songs with a shared link.

3. Supports multi streaming platforms and converting online video to audio files on popular websites.

What’s more, the procedure to download songs with Musify is pretty simple:

Step 1: Download and Install Musify Music Downloader

Step 2: Copy the Share Link

Launch Spotify on your PC, right-click a song/album/playlist that you plan to download.

There will be a dropdown menu, go to Share > Copy Song Link.

Copy Share Link from Spotify Platform

Step 3: Download and Find Music Files

Open Musify, click the Paste URL button.

If it is a song’s share link then the downloading process will immediately start. While the link includes the album or playlist, then there will show a confirmation to check whether those songs are all you want. Click the Download button then Musify will download the songs.

Paste the Spotify Share Link to Download Music Files with Musify

If the conversion ends, select the folder icon on the right of the song. And there will present the output folder. You can play those songs right now or transfer them to your mobile devices.

Open the Output Folder of the Musify Music Downloader


Now, Using ad blocker to remove Spotify ads will be dangerous to your account.

If you don’t want to lose your account. A safer option is to get the music files with a downloader, which will bring you a lot of benefits including getting rid of annoying ads.

Of course, if you are willing pay $9.99 per month to remove Spotify commercial ads, you can
subscribe to the Premium.


It won’t be illegal if you don’t earn money from it.

It depends on where you subscribe to the Premium. Read How to Cancel Spotify Premium but Save Music Forever, you can follow the specific steps in it.

First, completely close the Spotify application, then open it again.
If you find it also happens on the web player, you had better contact Spotify service right away.