Fraps or OBS?”, one common problem that most people will struggle with when they have the thought for screen recording. If you’re puzzled about which tool is better for recording, our recommendations to help you find your ideal recording experience based on our reviews and testing are listed below.

No matter you’re about to share your gameplay videos, plan to record a tutorial or commentary video, or record a video for educational and business purposes, you can always find the items that you care about most and make your decision.

Fraps VS OBS

Overview: Fraps & OBS

Both Fraps and OBS are very powerful screen capturing tools and used by countless users. Now, let’s take an overall look at each program.

Reviews on Fraps:

Back in the 2000s and early 2010s, Fraps was the most commonly used screen recorder with millions of downloads and likes. Though it’s outdated due to the 7-year stand-patter, it’s still an optional program for a lot of people in the 2020s.


Being an expert in the screen capture, Fraps helps a lot of users complete the tasks of recording a video for game sharing with a very easy-to-use interface.

Besides regular screen recording and screenshot features, the program offers a benchmarking feature that will display the real-time frame rate on your screen amid the recording.

Frpas Interface


One of its biggest issues is that it might not be helpful if you’re running it on Windows 10 machines and some latest published games.

(In 2016, Microsoft released DirectX 12 – the related graphics techniques. Ever since that, many game producers have adopted those techniques and updated their games to the versions that support DirectX 12.)

Only supporting DirectX 11 and earlier, Fraps will not be compatible with quite a few games that are released in recent years.

Others like outdated interface, lack of a 24/7 support team, and large output file size are all the bad sides of Fraps.

Tip: To know more about Fraps, you can read the following post and take a closer look at this screen recorder.

Reviews on OBS:

OBS is currently the most popular screen recording and streaming tool for YouTubers, live streamers, game bloggers, and common users.


With OBS, most of your needs for on-screen capture can be satisfied. The program can capture on-screen activities along with preferred audios.

And as an open-source program, it’s completely free to use, you don’t need to pay a penny for using it.

Also, as a highly custom screen recorder, you can decide multiple properties of your OBS recording, like the resolution, format, frame rate, bit rate, encode, codec and so many items else.

OBS Recording Gameplay


Though it’s powerful, it still comes with some disadvantages.

After installation, it takes time and practice to get to use the program and start a proper recording. If you try to find out the best settings for your recording, it takes time to figure out the best combination of all options.

Comparison: Fraps vs OBS

Feature OBS Fraps

Recording & Streaming

Recording (Benchmark) & Screenshot
Free or Charged Completely Free

37$ for full-featured


Windows / macOS / Linux



All Games or onscreen actions

(DirectX 12 and earlier, OpenGL)

Games that support DirectX 11 and below

CPU Usage



Video Quality Choppy in very few cases

Stutters and frame rate drops occur

File Size


Very large (498 MB for every 30 seconds)

File Format 6: MP4, AVI, MOV, etc

1: AVI

Configurations Highly Customized

Limited settings

Last Update 2020-04-26




Editing Ability NO


These are all you need to know about the 2 applications.

To sum up:

If you are strict with the quality of the video, you’d better take OBS as your first choice.

FYI: To use OBS to record a decent video, you may read the tutorials below to skip the sufferings of being a newbie.

You can apply to Fraps when you are planning to create an easy video on a low-end computer.

Tips: OBS & Fraps alternative – Aiseesoft Screen Recorder

According to the listed features, you might have noticed the fact that Frpas is not very helpful while OBS is difficult to use.

What if you just want to make a simple recording with less effort? Is there an easy-to-use application that you use to record a high-quality video?

If these are what you pursue, Aiseesoft Screen Recorder will be adequate.

As one of the greatest screen recorder, AiseeSoft Screen Recorder has the capability of screen recording, audio capture, and screenshot.

Screen Recorder

With Aiseesoft Screen Recorder, you can do nearly everything that OBS can help you with. For instance, you can use it to record an MP4 or MOV video at 60 fps in 1080p without lags.

Besides, offering a simple interface, you can initiate a screen recording without complex operation and preset but with just one simple click.

Also, Aiseesoft Screen Recorder is equipped with multiple editing tools, you can add annotations or draw on the video and don’t even need to apply to another video editor to do the editing.

Record Youtube

Simple and powerful, this is Aiseesoft Screen Recorder. To make your recording journey more relaxed and productive, try Aiseesoft Screen Recorder.