Some people may face the fact that there’re too many files and folders on their computers, distributing a messy and crowded computer hard drive.

To better manage your computer hard drive, we may try to create an ISO file from the files and folders for backup, transfer, and storage. Later, you’re available to transfer the ISO file that stores one or multiple folders to a DVD, Blu-ray disc, or a USB flash drive. Or, you may leave it on your computer’s hard drive.

Folders to ISO Create ISO File from Folders

Why should we convert folders and files to an ISO file?

An ISO file, often called an ISO image, is an optical disc image that people use to backup and copy the entire content of an optical disc, like CD, DVD, and BD.

On a CD, DVD, or BD, we may find several folders and countless video, music, and data files. While trying to copy or convert the disc to a computer, an ISO file is a perfect choice since the ISO image will contain all the folders and files into one single file.

Besides being a copy of a DVD or Blu-ray disc, we can also convert files and folders from the hard drive into an ISO file. Since the ISO format is a container that will never compress the source file, you can back up your data into an ISO image without quality and data loss.

ISO Files

After files and folders being converting into an ISO file, you can burn the ISO file to a DVD or Blu-ray disc to free your hard drive from those burdensome files and folders. A USB flash drive is a nice tool to hold the ISO file, too.

How to convert folders to an ISO file on the computer

To create an ISO file from the folders and files, you need to use professional software, like the Tipard DVD Creator.

As mentioned before, the ISO file is originated from the DVD and Blu-ray disc, and most DVD or BD creator software can also cover the ISO creation. And we can use the professional Tipard DVD Creator to convert your folders into an ISO file.

About Tipard DVD Creator:

Designed to be a perfect DVD, Blu-ray disc, and ISO manager, Tipard DVD Creator allows users to create an ISO file and burn a disc with files and folders.

Supporting multitasking, Tipard supports converting up to 50 folders into one ISO file with no quality loss. For video and music folders, you can edit the video and audio files with the in-app Power Tools.

Most importantly, it’s so easy to use that even a beginner can finish creating an ISO image within minutes.

Tip: You may click the buttons below and get it for free.

Check out the steps to create an ISO file from the folders and files.

Step 1 Load up all the files and folders to Tipard DVD Creator

Launch Tipard DVD Creator on your computer.

For starters, the program will prompt you to ‘Select a disc type and start creating’, you may choose either DVD or Blu-ray disc, both options will do.

Choose to Burn DVD

Then, locate the target files and folders on your computer and drag them all to the Tipard DVD Creator. Release them and Tipard will start to process them all.

Next, locate Disc Type, and depending on the total size of all files and folders, choose one from the available 4 choices.

For instance:

  • Choose BD-25 when the file size surpasses 8.5GB which is the capacity of a DVD-9 disc;
  • Set Disc Type as BD-50 when the expected ISO file size goes beyond 25GB;
  • Or you may choose the disc type based on the disc that you plan to burn the ISO file.

Load Folders Files to Create ISO

Hit Next to proceed.

On the new window, Tipard ensures users to create a custom menu for movie and music discs. Since we plan to create an ISO file, not a disc, we may check the No Menu option and click Burn to skip this part and move to the next step.

Set No Menu for DVD Creator

Step 2 Create an ISO file

Now, tick the Save as ISO option and decide the destination where you can find it easily, uncheck the Burn to disc option after that.

Decide Destination for ISO Creation

After finishing these, click the Start button to initiate an ISO creation right away.

Tipard DVD Creator can help you convert all the source files and folders into an ISO file. When Tipard completes its work, you may go to the preset location to check out the output ISO image.


1. How to burn ISO files to a DVD?

If you think that an ISO file takes up too much space on your computer’s hard drive, you may try to burn the ISO to a DVD or Blu-ray disc with an ISO burner.

To find out more details, you can read this: How to Burn An ISO Image to DVD on Windows Computers.

2. How to play an ISO file on a computer?

Unlike most video files like MP4 and MKV, an ISO video file requires some special steps and tools to play on a computer. And it’s never a difficult task to play an ISO file on your computer without converting the file to another compatible format.

Read this: How to Play ISO file on Computer without Burning it to a Disc.