Can't Spotify Verify Student Status

Have you applied for the Premium Student? Premium Student is a discount plan of Spotify Premium for college students (only cost $4.99/month). It will require you to submit personal information to verify that you are eligible and renew it once a year (Spotify limits it up to 4 years), which is a little bit different from other plans. SheerID, an American eligibility services company, provides the identity verification of Spotify Student.

Normally, you will receive an email that asking you to re-verify the student identity one month before the student account expires. While some users found they failed to verify their student status. This article aims to fix this problem with you.

Before reading our solution, you should consider whether you meet the following four conditions:

  1. The region of your account is identical to the college’s location.
  2. Your school is on the list. (You can select your school in the verification process).

If you’re not studying in the US, filling the school’s name in the web form of SheerID to request to add your school is a helpful solution worth trying. Generally, it takes up to 30 days due to the procedure of researching and approving will cost time.

Whereas, if you’re studying in the US, you can’t apply to add your school.

  1. You haven’t exceeded the 4-year limit.
  2. You must pay for Premium Student through your credit card.

If you have met the 4 conditions, directly read solution 1.

If you haven’t met the 4 conditions, have a look at solution 2, which also will help you get the analogous service, such as listening to Spotify music without ads and downloading your favourite song easily.

Solution 1: The Ways to Verify Your Student Status

First, you had better try again the automatic verification on open the verification website in an incognito window on a desktop device. You will find a log-in page, then you need to log in to your Spotify account. After that, a form will show, it is necessary to fill in personal information (email address, name, name of the college, birthdate), and click the VERIFY button. The result of verification will immediately display.

Automatically Verification On Spotify

However, if the thing doesn’t go well, you can try manual verification:

Open the website(US student, Non-US student) in a browser on your desktop. When a web form represents, fill in your information (email address, your name, the full name of your college, the date of your birthday and your cell phone number), then click the Next Step button.

Filling Information Manual Verification Of SheerId

In order to prove you are still enrolled in college, it will ask you to upload no more than 3 school-issued documents, here are the examples of the documentation the SheerID will accept:

  1. Your official enrollment letter from your university (except acceptance letter)
  2. Your class schedule
  3. Your current tuition receipt
  4. Your transcript that displays recent classes in progress

All documents that you upload must show your name, an issue date (within the last 3 months), and the full name of the university you are studying.

By the way, it will take less than 3 working days to give you a result. If it is still failing, contact SheerID. Want to listen to Spotify songs right now without ads? –Solution 2 will be helpful.

Upload Documents On The SheerId

Solution 2. Download Spotify Music with Musify Music Downloader

The reason why you want to pay for the Premium Student is that you are interested in the features of Premium and a student discount can reduce the cost. Have you ever thought about whether there is a kind of magical tools that provides you with similar features to Premium?

Musify Music Downloader is the best one, with which you can download songs from Spotify and listen to Spotify music on any device. Moreover, if you get used to playing the song on the streaming platform, you can also upload them to Youtube Music, which includes 70 million official songs and supports users to upload less than 1000 thousand local songs.

Download a Spotify song with 3 simple steps:

Step 1: Download and Install Musify Music Downloader

Step 2: Copy the Share Link and Paste it in the Musify Music Downloader

Launch the Spotify platform on your desktop, right-click on the song you want to download, and you will see a drop-down menu, move your mouse on the Share, then select the Copy Song Link on a submenu.

Copy Share Link From Spotify Platform

When you have got the share link, open the Musify Music Downloader, click the Paste URL button to download the song in a minute.

Click Paste Url To Downloader Song With Musify

Step 3: Find the Downloaded Song

When the download process is over, select the Downloaded tab. Then, a list of downloaded music will show, click the folder icon on the right of each song to open the folder that includes the downloaded song.

Find The Downloaded Song By Clicking The Folder Icon On The Rear Of The Song Musify


Premium Student is an economical plan for authorized college student, which requires the user to verify their status. And some annoying errors may happen during the verification, we offer 2 solutions to support you in solving this problem. There is no doubt that the second one is widely applicable and easy to operate for every user. Enjoy your listening.