Kindle Won't Charging? Here Is How to Fix It!

What will you do during the quarantine? Why not take the Kindle out and start reading? With this gadget, you can read plenty of books. However, it can be annoying, if you find the Kindle is out of battery and not charging.

The good news is that troubleshooting is absolutely simple. We take you through the precise solutions to Kindle not charging.

Part 1. Why Your Kindle is Not Charging

Generally, there are 3 possible reasons for this issue:

First, the Kindle doesn’t receive power from the charging cord or charger.

Perhaps the power cord or power adapter is broken/unfit. Or the charging port is loose/there is too much dirt in the charging port.

Second, the Kindle has not got enough power yet.

If you haven’t used your Kindle for a long time, and the battery is completely down. You need to charge it and don’t boot the device until its charge exclamation disappears.

Remember to charge Kindle weekly to make sure the battery doesn’t run out.

Third, other problems exist on your Kindle.

For instance the battery was dead, so the Kindle couldn’t store the power.

Based on these reasons, there are something we can do to fix the issue, before contacting Amazon to ask for professional help.

Part 2. How to Fix Kindle Won’t Charging

1. Recharge the Kindle

Disconnect the cable to Kindle, and try to charge Kindle again to see whether this issue only appears temporarily.

2. Clean the Dusty Charging Port

A dusty charging port will interrupt the connection, you should clean the charging port before moving to the other steps.

3. Check the Power Cable

Use this cable to connect other devices (Kindle would be better) to PC, and see whether it is connected. If the Kindle doesn’t connect to the PC, you need to change another cable.

Note: Make sure the charge cable is fit for Kindle, especially when you connect it to your PC, only the matched cable would be able to connect Kindle to PC.

4. Check the Kindle Charger

You can see whether the light beside Kindle’s charge port is on, when you are charging the Kindle device.

When you don’t see any light, try to directly connect the Kindle to your PC. If it is successfully connected with orange light, then you need to buy a new power adapter on Amazon which fits your device (Kindle Fire /Paper white ,etc).

5. Reset the Kindle

Hold the power button at least 40s to reset the device, if the Kindle stucks in the USB drive mode or battery exclamation.

However, if you have not used it for 4-5 months, you had better charge it for 4 hours or the light beside the charge port will turn green, then try to reset it. Change will not happen unless the battery power is enough.

6. Contact Amazon for Help

When you find the Kindle easily runs out or it is not able to open. Perhaps your battery drains/dies. Or your Kindle may have some other hardware issues. You should contact Amazon for help.

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As mentioned above, there are some errors that will lead to the kindle not charging. You can try to exclude the small error by yourself.

But if you find all these tips are not working, then you should contact Amazon or carry it to the repair store. Of course, you can even buy a new one.