Gyazo is a very helpful screenshot program for macOS, Windows, and Linux users capturing screens. However, as more people get to use this, more errors and problems come up.

2 common errors that Gyazo users encounter:

  • Gyazo shortcut is not working while one is in-game, in-video, or in-browser. Some even fail to activate Gyazo with hotkeys while they try to capture desktop without games or video processing.
  • No browser tabs appear after completing a screenshot. Normally, if you just create a screenshot, Gyazo will open a popup tab to preview and transfer the file. But for some users, it seems that Gyazo cannot do so.

For users who are desperate to make a screenshot, these errors are just horrible. To fix these errors and capture your screen normally, check out the following contents.

Gyazo Ninja

1. Fix “Gyazo shortcut not working”

To fix the Gyazo shortcut not working error, we need to know the reasons for the error first.

Reasons for Gyazo shortcut not working:

  • The related hotkeys are occupied.
  • Gyazo is not active in your computer background.

So, you need to set up new hotkeys for screen capture, or you need to turn on the “Gyazo is active in background” option. Here’s how.

  1. Launch Gyazo Replay, click Settings.
  2. On Gyazo Settings, tick “Keep Gyazo active in the Task Tray”. Or, you can set up new shortcuts to activate Gyazo.
  3. Don’t forget to click OK when you finish setting up.

Gyazo Settings Hotkeys

Now, you can start making a screenshot with Gyazo’s shortcuts.

2. Fix “No browser tab popping out”

No browser tab popping out? You may have disabled the option of getting a popup tab, in order to get a tab, you need to turn on the option of getting a tab.

Launch Gyazo Replay, go to Settings, tick the Open tab in browser after capture option.

In this way, you can get a browser tab after you make a capture.

Gyazo Tick Browser Tab

If still, no browser tab appears, maybe, an undefined bug occurs to your Gyazo. We got no methods for fixing that.

But, to preview and share your captured files, you can open a browser and check the files on your own.

Open a browser tab manually to preview Gyazo captured files:

Open a browser, visit Gyazo’s official website and log in with your Gyazo account.

Then, you can preview your files that are stored on Gyazo’s cloud storage, you’re available to copy and share them.

Log In Gyazo

3. Gyazo alternative

If you cannot fix those errors with the previous methods, you’d better find a Gyazo alternative to do a screenshot.

Try Aiseesoft Screen Recorder, the most advanced screen capture software that can satisfy all your demands on screenshots. Screen Recorder offers a better service on-screen capturing, file storage and output, you can have a much more pleasing experience while using it. Screen Recorder also enables you to record all the onscreen actions as you want, it can be activated under multiple situations with one-press shortcuts.

Screen Recorder

Here’re what Screen Recorder can bring to you:

  • Captured files will be stored on the machine itself, no need for a popping tab.
  • Customized hotkeys and quick response for pressing hotkeys are guaranteed.
  • Both screen capture and screen recording are available while you’re in-game, in-video, or in-browser.
  • You can choose to capture a file in jpg, png, gif and 4 more formats.
  • Users can edit the screenshot with the in-app editing tools right after finish creating one.

Simple but effective, that is what Screen Recorder is proud of. Here’s how you can use it.

Step 1 Download Screen Recorder on your PC

Win Download
Mac Download
Win Download
Mac Download

Step 2 Launch it and set up for screenshot

Launch Screen Recorder, and go to Menu > Preferences to customize your settings for screen capture.

You can decide the hotkeys for the shortcut. Also, the destination folder to save files can be chosen, formats of output files can be chosen, too.

Finish setting up, click OK to proceed.
Screen Recorder Hotkeys

Step 3 Start to Capture or record your screen

If you want to capture an onscreen action, click Screen Capture, or press the hotkey for Screen Capture, Ctrl + Alt + C.

Then, move your cursor to capture the screen, you can edit the file on a popup panel. Click Save to store your file on the PC.

Screen Capture

How to create a Gif image with Aiseesoft Screen Recorder

If you want to create a Gif file, go to Menu > Preferences > Output > Video Format, choose Gif, click OK to confirm. Then, on Screen Recorder, click Video Recorder.

Set Gif

You can now click REC or press Ctrl + Alt + S to start capturing your screen and making a Gif image. You can record a 3-minute-long Gif file while using the free trial, and during the recording, you can annotate on the captured file.

Click Stop when you finish recording. Preview the Gif you just made, then save it or re-record one.

You can have a perfect picture or Gif when you finish these steps. Just press the hotkey, Screen Recorder will immediately start to capture as it will always be.

Gyazo VS Aiseesoft Screen Recoder

Ability Gyazo Screen Recorder
Local Storage ×
In-app editing ×
In-app preview ×
Free record/capture ×
Long Video recording ×
Customized format for files ×
Free access to output files ×

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