Why is the SuperDrive on my Macbook Pro M1 not playing DVD? The disc runs well on the TV. Is there something wrong with my Macbook or the Mac DVD player? Need Help Now!

When your iMac or Macbook won’t play a DVD, don’t send your machine to repair. To avoid wasting hundreds of bucks to fix it using easy methods you can at home, we can take a few minutes to read this article. And with a bit of luck and support of this article, you may get your Mac to read and play a DVD soon.

In this article, we will find some causes to why DVDs won’t play on your Mac. Then, we will move on to some practical fixes. Read on!

Reason 1: The DVD Is Scratched

Is the Mac or the Mac DVD player not working? Not sure. The DVD can be the cause. There are clues to tell that the DVD has problems, not your Mac or the DVD player.

Insert the DVD into your Mac DVD player and browse on your Mac. If you can find the DVD icon, this means your Mac and the Apple DVD player are working well. But the disc is unplayable because of certain factors like scratches on the surface.

Eject the DVD from the Apple DVD drive and insert it into a DVD player connected to your TV. If the DVD is still not playing, we know that the DVD is having problems.

Repair Scratches and Stain on a DVD

Remove the DVD and look at the shining surface. Remove the stains with cleaning kits and fix the scratches with some filter materials.

Clean A Dusty DVD

Insert the DVD back into the Apple SuperDrive to try to play it on your Mac.

If Mac won’t read the DVD still, consider getting a new disc.

Reason 2: The DVD Is Unsupported

Compatibility issues cause your Mac or Macbook to not play the DVD.

There’s a DVD Region Code standard. This is an international standard for the digital rights of DVDs. DVDs and DVD players are locked to a certain region code.

DVD Region Codes

As a result, a Region-1 DVD can only play on a Region-1 DVD player. This is the rule.

  • How to Know: Insert the DVD into the external DVD drive of your Mac. Then, wait, and a pop-up appears saying you need to select the region for your DVD drive. This means your DVD and the player have different region codes.

Change the region code on your Mac DVD Player

In this case, eject the disc from the DVD drive first. Look at the print surface of the DVD and find the region number.

Then, insert the disc back into the tray. When the same pop-up appears, change the region code. Hit Set Drive Region to complete.

Change DVD Region Code on Mac

Tip: Convert Region-locked DVDs to Digital Files on Mac

However, the changes to change the region code of a DVD drive are limited to 5 times only. If you’ve reached the quota, no notification of changing the region code appears. As a result, the DVD will eject from the Mac DVD player.

In this case, you can rip the DVD to your Mac and remove the region lock from the digital files.

In this way, no more disturbing notifications saying errors will ever bother you. More importantly, no more discs, just open QuickTime Player to play the movie.

To convert the DVD content into your Mac, you’ll need a DVD converter tool. Here, echoshare DVD Ripper will be of great help.

This is an easy-to-use tool that lets you rip the content from an encrypted DVD to a digital video. There’ll be no sign of a drop of frames or resolution on the output movie. All you have is a lossless and smooth motion picture just like using the disc.

DVD Ripper

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  • Convert DVD Folders and ISOs
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  • Remove DRMs and Region Code

*Support All DVD Formats

Reason 3: The DVD Player Is Old

If your Mac says “The disk you inserted was not readable by this computer”, this DVD player is not working on Mac properly. Maybe the hardware is too old or breaks.

There are upgrades for the newly released DVD. Producers have upgraded some discs to HD DVDs instead of the old regular SD DVDs. The outdated SD DVD player is surely not qualified to play the HD DVD.

So, you can either buy a new DVD player or change the disc.

DVD Won't Play on Mac

Reason 4: The DVD Player Is Broken

If the DVD runs well on another DVD player, you may take a look back at the Apple DVD player hardware.

Try to insert a DVD: it would be great if you have another disk. If not, just the same one then.

How do you know if the Mac DVD Player is not working on Mac:

  • The disc doesn’t pop out;
  • No disc icon or access to start the DVD playback;
  • No notification for the failure.

When the DVD player on your Mac is damaged and can’t play DVDs, it’s pretty hard for individuals to identify the defective parts. Without technical knowledge and skill, you’d better not open up the DVD player and check for the faulty. Simply take it to a repair center. Or you may consider buying a new one when a repair may cost more.

Check Mac DVD Drive Broken

Reason 5: The Disc Content Is Unplayable

Is this a self-burned DVD? If so, there’s this chance that the burning process makes the DVD not work on Mac.

A DVD burning is never a simple drag & release (copy & paste).To implement a successful disc burning and make the burned content work, you will need:

  • A disk that supports writing – DVD R & DVD RW;
  • A DVD drive that supports DVD R & DVD RW and burning;
  • A disk utility that supports burning.

Burning will be done incompletely when you fail to achieve any of them. Though the movies (or music) are imported to the disk, they are not converted to a DVD format.

So, the DVD cannot be played on a DVD player and your Mac. The disk here is used as a USB drive for storage, you can extract the file with an easy copy.

So, it’s easy to make the DVD play on your Apple DVD player. Burn the DVD with the same media files.

How to Make the Burned DVD Play on Mac

Insert the DVD into the Mac DVD player and launch the disk. Choose to cut the DVD files and paste them into your Mac.

Then, launch a DVD-burning program on your Mac. And complete the burning on that software.

Tip: Download a DVD Burner Program for Mac

If you have no idea how to pick a DVD burner program, try this one: echoshare DVD Burner, an easy and friendly DVD utility.

With this application, you can burn any content to DVDs without manual conversion due to its good compatibility. MKV, MP4, AVI, FLAC, MOV, FlV. AVCHD, and you name it, can all be burned by the program.

DVD Creator

Apart from a successful burning, it treasures a high-quality burning as well. To make the playback interesting, this program supports a menu creation. Users can add a preset or custom menu template to the disc content. So, for everything you burn to the disc, you can choose the exact segment to play with a menu that cheers you up.

For more, download this program and start your DVD burning on your Mac.

DVD Creator Burner

echoshare DVD Creator

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