When watching a DVD on a TV or computer, we tend to enjoy the ultimate pleasure that the motion picture gives us. Still, misfortune falls constantly that we may encounter multiple DVD errors amid the playback.

Case in point: When playing a DVD, we may experience issues like no sound, no frames, color disorders, stutters, gaps, and so on. Also, some viewers even cannot start the playback at the beginning due to the broken player or damaged disk.

Despite the variety of DVD playback errors, we still need to fix the one that strikes us and start the viewing afresh. Here in this post, I will list some common DVD errors and the related positive fixes. Hopefully, this post helps you enjoy the content on your DVD without any trouble.

Fixes to Common DVD Not Working Errors Poster

DVD ERROR 1: DVD Player Shows only Black and White Pictures

When you try to play a DVD on your television with a DVD player, all you see is some frames in black and white, try the following methods separately to fix it.

Fix 1: Make sure you Connect the DVD Player to your TV in a Correct Way

Normally, you can connect a disk player directly to a TV or use an Audio/Video receiver (A/V).

Caution: Never connect your disc player to a VCR, this is one of the most common causes of error.

Then, check your cables are all securely and correctly attached to both the DVD player and TV (or A/V receiver).

For A/V (red, white, and yellow) and Component (Y, Pr, and PB ) cables, make sure all 3 cables are inserted into the same-colored jacks on both devices.

Still, no color showed? Replace all the cables and reconnect the devices.

DVD Player Black and White Fix Check Cables

Fix 2: Adjust the Color Settings on your TV

This may not be the usual cause of the issue but still try to open your television and locate color settings, make sure you haven’t set the color mode to black-and-white.

Step 3

After that, the file should be back in its folder or drive you saved it into.

Now if you did not find your files in the bin, there is a chance that they are already deleted. But as I’ve mentioned above, there is no need to panic.

All you need is a reliable data recovery tool that can recover deleted files from Recycle Bin after empty without any hassle! And lucky for you we have it here! Check it out below!

Fix 3: Try Playing Another Normal Disc

Sometimes, the black-and-white frame roots in a damaged disc.

You may take out a new DVD and insert it into the player. See if the DVD player can play the new disc or not. If it runs well, then the previous disc is damaged, replace it.

Fix 4: Run the Disc on your Computer

If all the 3 methods cannot get you out of the black-and-white world, this issue may be caused by a crushed DVD player.

You can try to insert the disc into your computer and play it. If the motion picture comes out with colors, the drive is damaged, repair it or buy a new one.

DVD ERROR 2: DVD Player Intermittently Stops Display

Amid DVD viewing, if the frames stop occasionally and sometimes have gaps, you may have failed to maintain the clearness of your DVD player and the disc.

Fix 1: Always Remember to Clean your DVD Player

When your DVD player is playing a disc, static occurs and makes your player more easily collect dust. And of course, a dusty, dirty disc player will affect a normal playback process.

So, take out some cleaning kits and screwdrivers, open up your disc player, and wipe out the dust.

Fix 2: Don’t Forget to Clean the Disc before Inserting

All kinds of things can easily pollute a DVD, fingerprints result from incorrect holding, dust due to improper preservation as well as some scratches and stains. Note that a DVD that is heavily damaged or smudged will affect the smoothness and fluency of the viewing.

So, before you pop a disc into a player, wipe it clean and polish it if necessary.

Clean Polish DVD Disc
Tip: If you don’t know how to clean the DVD player or the DVD is deeply damaged, you may try to rip the DVD content into an MP4/AVI/WMV file on your computer. And watch the movie on your computer or just export it to a television.

DVD ERROR 3: The Sony DVD Player “Cannot Play This Disc” Error

The message “The DVD Player Can’t Read or Play the Inserted Disc” hits you when you try to play a DVD with a Sony DVD player. Check these methods out.

Fix 1: Check the Region Codes

Disc publishers will lay region codes on some DVDs to control the worldwide disc distribution so that disks in region codes will only be sold and used in certain parts of the globe.

For DVD viewers, you must play a coded disk with a DVD player in the same region code. e.g. A DVD in Region 1 (US & Canada markets) cannot run on a DVD player in Region 2 (Europe & Middle East markets).

If unluckily, the disc you insert is incompatible with the disc player, then the player cannot play the disc for sure. All you can do is buy a compatible player or change another disc for movie viewing.

Fix 2: Make sure your Disc is Readable

A DVD is fragile, and heat will bend it and melt its coating, and pointy stuff will scratch it and damage its layer. Once the destructions like those aforementioned ones have been laid on your disc, it will be unreadable.

You need to service your DVDs properly:

  • You’d better preserve your DVDs on a case and avoid heat as well as moisture.
  • And every 1 or 2 months, take out each and play it with a DVD player to make sure the disc isn’t getting expired.
  • Also, remember to wipe and polish it occasionally, and wax it when scratches happen.

Fix 3: Make sure your Sony DVD player is Perfectly Connected

Check out whether every cable is securely inserted into both your player and the TV. You may switch all the old cables with brand new ones as well.

DVD ERROR 4: Sony DVD Player or Other Brands says “No Disc”

No matter you’re using a Sony DVD player or LG, ASUS, it’s always sick to see notifications like ‘No Disc’, ‘No disc found’, ‘Please insert a disc’, or anything like this when there’s already one.

All you want is that your DVD player can just do its job, right?

But this ‘No disc’ problem is largely related to long-term no-cleaning for the disc player, which is something you may have ignored or never noticed.

Clean A DVD Player

Solution: Clean your DVD Player (the lens especially)

A dirty lens inside the player is always the one to blame for this issue.

Take out a screwer to open it up, locate the lens, and use some clean cloth to wipe it or other useful dusters. Then, put the device up and try to play the disc.

DVD ERROR 5: DVD Player Makes No Sound

It must be annoying that you can only see frames but cannot hear any sounds for the DVD viewing. To get rid of the silent playback, try these methods.

Fix 1: Re-Connect the Audio Cables

Sometimes, the silence may result from a cable disorder. You can unplug the audio cables of your DVD player and then re-connect them to your TV.

There are 2 audio output cables, one is for the left soundtrack (the red one) and the other is for the right(the white one ).

If necessary, buy a pair of new audio cables to replace the old couple.

Reconnect Audio Cables for DVD Player

Fix 2: Unmute your TV and Turn the Volume Up

Accidentally, you may have pressed the Mute button on your remote and forced the playback to be silent without knowing it. Well, try to press the Mute button on your remote and see if the movie sounds or not.

Still no sound? Try turning the volume up a bit, just in case you’ve set the volume down to the level that you cannot head a thing.

Unmute for DVD Player

Fix 3: Play Another Disc

Both the cables and the volume of your telly are well-handled. Your disc may have something wrong. Try to insert a new disc, CD, or DVD all do.

If the second disc does make sound, well, the silent one is corrupted. You may replace it.


In most cases, the disc is unsounded because undefined bugs happen during the disc reading process, not the disc itself has no audio at all.

So, you can convert the content from the disc to your computer in MP4 or other video formats to watch it with actual sounds.

Fix 4: Check whether your DVD Player’s Audio Output Device is the TV

For a lot of DVD players, it only recognizes the audio output unit of a TV, not external speakers or Hi-Fi.

If you want to set some extra audio devices as default output, like some expensive Hi-Fis, you have to go to your TV’s settings menu and make the modification.

DVD ERROR 6: DVD Drive not Showing in File Explorer for Windows 10

When you pop a DVD into your Windows 10 machine, you cannot find the disc and the drive. Well, check this out.

Fix 1: Show Hidden Devices on your Windows Computer

On Windows 10, some devices are to be restored to the earliest hidden settings after a recent system upgrade. You can manually show those hidden devices on the Device Manager window.

This is how:

Step 1

On your Windows 10, type in Device Manager on the Search bar and open it.

blank, copy this text block to edit more

Open Device Manager

Step 2

On the Device Manager windows, locate View and choose Show Hidden Devices from the pull-down list.

Step 3

Then, look down and find DVD/CD-ROM drives, both the attached disc and drive(s) will be listed under.

Show Hidden Devices When Disc Drive not Showing

Fix 2: Upgrade DVD/CD Driver

Outdated disk drives may also lead to the missing icon of the DVD drive, try to upgrade them. Still, on the Device Manager window, locate DVD/VD-ROM drives and click it. From its drop-down list, you’ll see all the DVD/CD drives on your computer.

If you have attached an external DVD drive to your PC as the main player, then, locate it and right-click on it, choose Update driver.

Update PC Drivers

Stick to the Windows built-in DVD drive? Well, locate the Microsoft Virtual DVD-ROM option and right-click on it then hit Update driver.

Fix 3: Type in Modification Command on Command Prompt

If the above 2 methods won’t help, you may manually type in some recompose codes to have a force display of your DVD drive.

Step 1

On your Windows 10, search for CMD and open the Command Prompt window. And enter these codes right after the ‘C:\WINDOWS\system32>’.reg.exe add “HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\atapi\Controller0” /f /v EnumDevice1 /t REG_DWORD /d 0x00000001

Step 2

After doing this line, remember to hit the Enter key on your keyboard. Then, see if the message ‘The operation completed successfully’ pops out. Exit the window after its appearance.

DVD Drive Missing Enter Codes on Command Prompt

Go back to File Explorer and check if the DVD drive appears.


Just open a media player to locate the disc

In most cases, the hidden DVD drive is still available to read the discs.

So my suggestion is that forget about showing the hidden icon and just launch a media player to play the disc content, you will find the inserted disk on the Album or Library of a video player.

DVD ERROR 7: DVD Keep Skipping

If the DVD keeps on skipping and delivers you the frames on and off, it’s indeed annoying. Our mood will be ruined by the low-quality streaming. To enable smooth playback, we can clean both the DVD disc and the DVD player.

When the DVD playback is skipping, either the disc or the player gets polluted and needs some cleaning. The playback will never start if the disc or the DVD drive is damaged.

So, it’s no big deal that we can easily fix this issue at home when either is getting dirty. Let’s see how:

Fix 1: Clean the DVD

You can order some disk cleaning kits online or just go to the grocery and buy some soft cloth – microfiber cloth.

Spray the cleaning fluid or just soap water on the disc surface. Use the cloth to wipe out all the dust and dust.

If the DVD has scratches, you can smear some filters like Vaseline, toothpaste, or the filter fluid of a disk repair kit. Wipe out the filter and clean the disc with the cleaning fluid after 30 minutes.

Fix 2: Clean the DVD Player

The easiest way to clean the DVD player that you own is to use a cleaning disk or DVD lens cleaner. Go to Walmart to buy one and insert this cleaner disk into the tray of the DVD player. Run it and it will be cleaned in a few minutes.

DVD ERROR 8: DVD Player Won’t Read Disc

When the DVD player refuses to play your DVD, there are multiple situations.

Take note of the notification on the TV or computer screen. If it says “No Disc”, either the DVD is damaged or the region code is not compatible.

Read this: What To Do When DVD Player Says “No Disc”

Another case is that there’s this pop-out saying “Disc Not Supported” or it doesn’t say anything and ejects your DVD directly, you may have inserted an incompatible DVD.

There are so many DVDs on the market.

  • Based on functions: DVD-R/RW, DVD+R/RW, and DVD-RAM;
  • Based on layers/capacity: DVD-5 (SS SL: single-sided), DVD-9 (SS DL: single-sided double-layer) DVD 10 (DS SL: double-sided single-layer);
  • Based on resolution: SD DVD, HD DVD.

Though some types are now discontinued, many discs were sold and are still being used. If you’ve inserted a DVD type that this DVD drive doesn’t support. The disc will be ejected.

So, take a look at the printed surface of the inserted DVD and check its format. Then, take a look at the manual of your DVD player or search its model number online to find the digital manual.

If your DVD player is really incapable of reading and playing this disc, you may either change the disc or the player. And there’s no other way out.

Ultimate: General Fixes for Common DVD Player Problems

There are quick fixes that can help you get rid of various DVD playback errors. If you hate to figure out the causes and related methods, you may apply the following general fixes to your DVD and DVD player. Note that they might cost a few.

Method 1: Go To A DVD Player Repair Center Near You

What is the easiest solution to fix the DVD error? Find a repair service. Take your DVD and DVD player to a repair store and ask them to fix it.

By doing so, you won’t waste your time searching and targeting the error. Let alone testing all the methods and see the effects. We can also set aside the frustration if all the fixes are not working.

The only unfriendly thing to apply a repair center, well, is the cost of money. It may cost dozens of bucks or more which is almost the price of buying a new DVD player.

Tip: How to Choose A DVD Player Repair Near You

If you really want to get the DVD error fixed by a DVD repair center but have no idea which store you should go, check this out:

  • Google DVD Player Repair Near Me;
  • Find some nearby repair stores and note down their names;
  • Search these stores one by one on Google, Instagram, and Yelp;
  • Understand their ratings, policies, and covered business;
  • Read most of the customer reviews and if possible, try to ask questions from those who made comments;
  • Consult the store personnel by making a phone call, sending an email, or texting on social media.

Method 2: Stream the DVD Without DVD Players

For a lot of DVD playing errors and failures, the DVD player, all kinds of cables, and settings are always some key factors. Sometimes, it’s hard to narrow down the reason and solution specifically.

But there’s a universal solution for you to watch the movie without complex checking as long as the disc is not damaged, which is to rip its content to video files into your computer so that you can enjoy the movie on the PC or transfer it to your TV for viewing.

The benefit of such DVD ripping:

  • Saves plenty of time that you may use for navigating the factor of errors and trying each fix;
  • Works for most DVD playing errors;
  • Very easy to operate;
  • No downgrade in the motion and audio quality;
  • Requires 3 things, PC, ripper software, and the disc.
  • Exports movies that are more convenient for appreciation, storage, and transfer.

Find it more pleasing than all kinds of fixes? Check the steps to find out how to.

Step 1

Pop the DVD into your computer

Step 2

Download a DVD ripper tool

There’s plenty of DVD ripper software in cyberspace, here, my best-of-the-best choice goes to the Tipard Blu-ray Converter.

Blu-ray Converter Interface

This is a user-friendly tool that ensures you to rip all the content on a BD/DVD into all the mainstream video formats in lossless or upscaling resolution. It can read and decrypt all readable discs, leaving you no trouble finding a DVD decrypter.

Click the button below to download it on your computer.

Step 3

Launch Tipard Blu-ray Converter on your PC. Click the big plus icon on the interface to load your DVD into this ripper.

Then, it will display all the videos on this disk. From the interface, you may rename the output and decide the audio, subtitles, format, and destination of the output.

Setup for Blu-ray Converter
Tip: If you plan to merge all the clips into one single video, tick the Merge into one file option.

Step 4

When everything is set, click the Rip All button to proceed. The ripping will be done in several minutes depending on the file size of the output.

It will open the destination folder automatically when the process is complete, start to watch the movie right away with a media player or upload it to your TV.

Bonus: How to Properly Clean A DVD Player

Having an unclean player will result in playing errors. To avoid having distractions during your movie time and to stretch the life of the disc, you should know how to properly clean it.

In this part, we will show you some helpful tips and tricks on how to properly clean your DVD Player.

Before you start, make sure to:

  • Remove any disk within the player
  • Turn off and unplug it
  • If it is placed or hooked somewhere, remove it and place it on your cleaning station
  • Prepare a soft cloth, rubbing alcohol, and a small brush with soft bristles
  • Purchase a DVD Player cleaning kit: Check here

If everything is all set up, follow the tips below to get started.

Clean the Case

Clean the outer case of the player using rubbing alcohol, cloth, and brush. Make sure to remove the dust between the vents and wipe all the dust on all parts of the case. Make sure the outer case is dry before you proceed to the next step.

Clean the DVD Player Lens

The lens of your player is pretty sensitive, do not use any harsh materials to clean it, or else you will cause major damage to your DVD player. To safely clean it, use a lens cleaner. It is a disc that you insert on your player and it cleans the lens while it runs. To use it:

Step 1

Start your player and put the cleaning disk on the tray. Close the tray and it will automatically start. The process may take a few minutes.

Step 2

When it’s done, you see a notice on the screen. Remove the disc and that’s it! Your player is now squeaking clean.

Final Thoughts

Above are some common errors that DVD lovers will encounter when playing a disk on a TV or computer. If you bump into one or some of these frustrating troubles, try the methods specifically.

Or you didn’t find the fix of your DVD playing error, describe what you encounter and leave it on the Comment to let us know.

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