Currently, Bandicam is such a good example of a solution to record a video on a computer, with its representative of excellent video and audio recording ability, to those in need of a high-quality video.

However, despite the great effort of this screen recorder, there’s something ineffable about it that Bandicam is not recording sound occasionally. Some tried so hard to make Bandicam record sounds and failed which makes these people in jinx start to ask ‘does Bandicam record audio’.

One thing for sure is that Bandicam does record audio. If your Bandicam is not recording sound at all, then something goes wrong. In this tutorial, I will walk you through 3 effective methods to make your Bandicam record audio, try them and you’ll be relieved eventually.

Fix Bandicam Not Recording Sound

1. Learn to use Bandicam correctly

Though Bandicam is not difficult to use, you will still encounter several problems like the no audio issue if you fail to use it correctly.

Step 1 Launch Bandicam

After you install the program on your PC, launch it.

Step 2 Check for audio settings

Here comes the first key point for Bandicam to record sound, the audio settings.

On Bandicam, go to the Video tab and click Settings.

Bandicam Video Settings

On the Settings window, locate Sound, then check “Record sound” to allow Bandicam to record audio on your computer.

Now, focus on the Primary & Secondary Sound Device options.

Use Bandicam record both computer playback and microphone sound

  • Use the Default Sound Device which is the speaker as Primary Sound Device;
  • Choose Microphone under the Secondary Sound Device option;
  • Then, move your cursor down and check Two Sound Mixing.

Now, both soundtracks will be recorded.

Bandicam Sound Settings

Use Bandicam to record microphone sound or system sound separately

  • To add narration or dubbing to your video, choose Microphone for Primary Sound Device and set the Secondary Sound Device as Disable.
  • When you’re going to record the system sound separately, just use the default settings and make sure the Secondary Sound Device be Disable.

After choosing the audio source, click OK to apply the sound settings.

Step 3 Start recording

Now, back to the main interface and start your own recording. After you complete a video recording, the video should be sounded.

2. Make sure your audio device is supported recording

Sometimes, the audio devices on your computer do not support recording, so that Bandicam is not available to capture any sound even though nothing is wrong with your Bandicam.

Here’s how you can check the audio device.

Step 1 Open Sound Settings on Bandicam

Launch Bandicam, and go to the Video section and click Settings. On the pop-out window, locate Sound.

Go to the Primary Sound Device option and click the Settings button next to it.

Sound Device Settings

A window will appear where you can find all the plugin audio devices on your PC.

Step 2 Enable your audio devices to be recordable 

On the window, go to the Recording tab. Now, check if the device you want to record is disabled. Once it’s disabled, it does not support recording then.

Set Microphone enabled

So, we need to enable it. Right-click on the device, and click on Enable. Finish setting the device as enabled, click Apply to confirm the action.

The audio device can be recorded now, you can go back to Bandicam and initiate a recording.

3.Update or reinstall your Bandicam

If the previous 2 steps are not helpful, you can try to update or reinstall your Bandicam since there might be unknown bugs.

Open Bandicam, go to the About section, click on the Update Check option. A small dialog box appears where you need to click Check for update now to upgrade your Bandicam to the latest.

Bandicam Check For Update

If your Bandicam is already the latest and it won’t record audio, you can reinstall it.

Uninstall it first. On your desktop, go to Start > Settings > App and locate Bandicam on the apps list. Click on it and choose Uninstall.

Fix Bandicam Not Recording Sound Uninstall

After uninstalling it, visit the Bandicam official site and download a new one on your PC, then install it on your computer.

If you’ve reinstalled Bandicam, you can follow Method 1 and Method 2 to set up the audio settings and audio devices to make sure Bandicam can capture sound.

After all the modifications, you can use Bandicam to begin to record your video.

Bandicam Alternative: Try Aiseesoft Screen Recorder

There are so many screen recorders available in the market, you can find a new tool to take over the recording. Here, I recommend Aiseesoft Screen Recorder.

Aiseesoft Screen Recorder is known to be a prominent application for recording video and audio. It’s similar to Bandicam, in that it records videos losslessly with high-quality sounds.

About Aiseesoft Screen Recorder:

  • With one-press shortcut and quick response, it makes recording easier, you can simply activate it when you’re in-game or watching movies and videos.
  • Besides, you can decide the audio source for your video with just one simple click without a difficult preset.
  • Don’t need to mention that it has multiple editing tools which is something Bandicam is unequipped with. To make the video more productive, you can add annotations amid recording and trim the video when you finish recording one.

You can pick up Aiseesoft Screen Recorder and start to record a video for free now!

Find it attractive? Let’s use Aiseesoft Screen Recorder to record a video.

All the possible methods are tested positive in resolving the Bandicam not recording sound issue. Now, you can apply to all the methods and start fixing the disturbing error. If unluckily, the error remains, try Aiseesoft Screen Recorder to do the recording.

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