Help! My Files Disappeared On Windows 10

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“Sometimes it takes losing something to realize quite how much it means.” – Newt Scamander

This quote is indeed true. I was in a situation where I was scanning my files so that I could organize them into different folders when I suddenly realized that some of them disappeared.

I tried opening every folder and drive just to find them, but I ended up getting confused while doing it. Luckily, I discovered some solutions that helped me find my missing files.

Did your files also disappear in Windows 10? Well, continue reading as I’m about to give the solutions.

Why Files Disappeared in Windows 10

There are three possible reasons why your files are nowhere to be found on your PC. It’s best to know them first to prevent this situation from occurring again.

Moved to a different Folder/Drive

Moving files on Windows is extremely easy, all you need to do is drag a certain file into your target folder and it’s done. But sometimes this handy feature can be a nuisance. You can accidentally move your file to any folder without even noticing it. This may be one of the reasons for your missing files problem.

The Files are Hidden

Windows has a feature where you can hide your files on your PC from strangers. This feature will hide specific files, and when I say hide, I mean no one can access and see them. In some cases, users accidentally hit the wrong buttons and hide their files without their knowledge.

The File was Deleted

Now, this is the worst thing that could happen. Oftentimes, we don’t notice when we accidentally delete files on our PC. I mean, the buttons are so close to each other, and there is a hefty chance that you will press the wrong one and delete your file.

Now that we know the possible reasons why files disappeared in windows 10, it’s to know the solutions.

Method 1: Search files on Windows to Find Missing Files

One of the easiest methods to find missing files or folders in Windows 10 is by doing a file search. If you can’t find your files, Windows lets you look for them with ease just by searching them using the file or folder name. For example, if you can’t find your photos, you can simply hit the search bar and type the file name.

To find missing files on Windows 10, simply access the search bar and type in the target file and folder. After some moments, Windows will give you the results.

Method 2: Show Hidden Files on Windows to Find Missing Files

The hidden feature on Windows is designed so that users can hide specific files they don’t want other users to see or access. That is why if accessed accidentally, your files will instantly disappear before your eyes.

Here’s how to find your hidden files on Windows 10;

  1. Access File Explorer.
  2. And on the menu panel above, click View.
  3. Find the Hidden Items option and mark the checkbox beside it.
Find Hidden Items
  1. Next, close the panel by clicking anywhere on your computer screen.

After that, all hidden files will appear in their designated folder.

Method 3: Use echoshare Data Recovery to Find Missing Files

Now, if none of the methods above helped you find your missing files it can only mean one thing. There is a chance that your files have been deleted. Yes. If you can’t find them anywhere on your computer, there is a possibility that they are really gone. You are looking for something that doesn’t exist.

Thankfully, I found echoshare Data Recovery, this tool gave back all my missing files within seconds! Want to know more? Continue reading.

PC Data Recovery Main Interface

Recover Files within a Snap

echoshare Data Recovery is one of the most reliable data recovery tools there is. It can recover your files in batches within seconds! How cool is that? And rest assured their quality remains the same.

Supports Multiple Files Types and Formats

Photos, videos, documents, audio, emails, search history, Photoshop images, and more, no matter what type of file or format echoshare can retrieve them all. No need to hassle yourself in finding a suitable tool to retrieve a specific file type or format, echoshare can save them all.

Fixes Corrupted Files

File corruption is one of our worst nightmares. Seeing a file lose its purpose is just aggravating. But with echoshare Data Recovery, you can revive your corrupted files with ease and use them again! Amazing right?

With all the things mentioned here, we can all agree that echoshare Data Recovery is indeed a reliable and handy tool. So don’t waste time and find your missing files now!

Steps to Find Missing Files with echoshare Data Recovery

  1. Download the program by hitting the button above and launch it after.
  2. On the main interface, select Deleted and choose the file type, then hit Next.
  3. Select which drive the missing files were previously located and tick Scan.
PC Data Recovery Select Scan
  1. After that, the scanning process will begin. Wait for it to finish and locate your target file. Mark your files and hit the Restore button when you’re done.
PC Data Recovery Recover Document
  1. Next, select a drive or folder where you want to save your files, and that’s basically it.

Final Thoughts

When something is missing we try our best to find it no matter what. Thankfully, some methods and tools can help us do it faster.


Unfortunately no. Windows 10 does not support this feature. Although you can use a third-party app to do it.

Yes, you can. All you need to do is show the hidden file, meaning you have to disable the hidden feature on that specific file. After that, you delete it the usual way.

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