What is DRM and Can you crack it?

Digital rights management (DRM) is a kind of access control technology for copy protection. Content publishers will use this technology on their digital materials to restrict unauthorized use, copy, transfer, download, and edit.

This DRM technology is widely used by disc publishers, online music, movie, and e-book stores, like Blu-ray discs, DVDs, iTunes Store, YouTube, Spotify, OverDrive, etc.

  • Some common DRM methods: AACS, Cinavia, BD+, etc.

Protected by the DRM:

  • A Blu-ray or movie DVD cannot be copied by individuals through simple methods.
  • The contents purchased on iTunes Stores and other online stores can only be used with the registered account.

You’re not allowed to transfer, send or edit the song, movie, or e-book.

Can you crack the DRM?

Although digital content is protected by DRM and local copyright laws, individuals believe that they have the right to take full control of the products, including editing, making a backup, transferring to personal devices.

So, some people have successfully decrypted the DRM methods that most content publishers have adopted and they have developed a kind of program for personal users to crack down the DRM methods on their purchased properties.

This kind of program is what we call DRM Remover. There’re some famous DRM remover software like Musify, iTubeGo. You may pick up one of these tools and crack the DRM by yourself.