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How to Enable The Disc Playback Feature on The PS4 Without Internet

By Published On: June 25th, 2021Categories: Rip Blu-ray, Rip DVD

How to Enable Disc Playback on PS4 Offline Main

The PS4 is the go-to choice for most people when it comes to home entertainment. And for a good reason too; It offers everything from Blu-ray playback to gaming in just one device.

But there is a downside. Many of its features, like Blu-ray disc playback, require a one-time online authentication. Not too much to ask for, unless connecting your PS4 to the internet is something you are either unwilling or unable to do.

Thus, you ask yourself: How can I play Blu-ray discs on my PS4 without the Internet?

Can I enable the disc playback feature on my PS4 without the internet?

No, you can’t.

If you have a Blu-ray or DVD movie disc that you want to watch on your PS4, you need to enable its disc playback feature and this can only be done by connecting your PS4 to the internet at least once.

If you somehow manage to get an internet connection for your PS4, all you need to do is go to “Settings“>”Network“, check the “Connect to the Internet” option and then go to “Set up Internet Connection“. Your PS4 will take you through the rest.

However, even without the disc playback feature enabled, and no internet connection, you can still watch movies on your PS4 by following these easy steps.

How to watch movies on my PS4 offline

While the PS4 can’t play Blu-ray discs and DVDs without the disc playback feature enabled, it can still play any movie you want from a USB device, such as an external hard drive or a USB stick.
Therefore, all you have to do is convert your BD/DVD movie discs to a PS4-supported format and play them via a USB storage device. Read on to see how.

The tools of the trade

First things first, we’ll need a couple of things. But don’t worry; you won’t be breaking the bank on new equipment and software, as you probably already have most of what we need at home.

  • A computer with a BD/DVD drive. Any computer, even low-end ones will work.
  • A USB storage device. Anything from a USB stick to an external hard drive will do. Of course, the bigger and faster, the better, but it doesn’t have to be top-of-the-line.
  • A Blu-ray converter. We will need to be very careful in the software we choose as it is the main star of the show. It is the tool that will rip the movie from the BD/DVD and convert it to a file your PS4 can play. Lucky for you, we have already done the hard work and found the best out of all the Blu-ray converters out there; Tipard Blu-ray Converter.

Tipard Blu-ray Converter

What makes Tipard Blu-ray Converter unique is that, unlike other converters, it offers versatility, speed, and high-quality results in an extremely user-friendly interface.
Power and speed

Tipard Blu-ray Converter was designed for fast, high-quality results. Thanks to its Blu-Hyper technology that uses Graphics card image processing, and video decoding/encoding technology based on CPU level it can work 30 times faster than its competitors. On top of that, it supports 4k UHD, 1080p HD, full 3D, and can convert any BD/DVD to over 500 formats with no loss of data.


Tipard Blu-ray Converter is more than just a converter, though. It comes with powerful video editing tools and a host of extra features like its Metadata Editor, 3D Maker, GIF Maker, Video Compressor, and even a Video Enhancer to improve your old movies.

Ease of use

You don’t have to be a tech wizard to use Tipard Blu-ray converter. With its elegant, yet simple design, every single one of its features is at your fingertips.

Now, we’re ready to begin.

How to watch Blu-ray on the PS4 offline

Step 1: Download and install Tipard Blu-ray converter.

Launch it after installation.

Step 2: Import the BD/DVD movie disc to Tipard Blu-ray Converter.

  • Insert your BD/DVD movie disc into your computer’s disc tray
  • Select the “Ripper” tab and click on “Load Blu-ray”-“Load Blu-ray Disc” or “Load DVD”-“Load DVD Disc”.
  • Alternatively, click on the big blue plus symbol to load the inserted BD/DVD movie disc directly.
  • Tipard should load up the disc’s contents in a few seconds.

Load your Disc to Tipard

Step 3: Prepare your videos for ripping.

You can fully customize your video at this step.

  • Select which parts of the movie you want in your file by clicking on the orange “Full Title List” button. You can preview the clips before selecting them.
  • Choose, remove or add audio and subtitle tracks from the two drop-down menus.
  • You may open Tipard’s video editor by clicking on the star(edit) or scissors(trim) buttons.
  • Click on the drop-down menu to select the output format.
  • Choose an output format for multiple files at the same time by clicking on “Rip All to“.
  • Selecting the “Same as Source” option will get you a one-to-one copy of the source material.

Customise Your Video

Tip: The PS4 can support MKV, AVI, MP4, MPEG-2 PS, MPEG-2 TS, AVCHD. However, Tipard also has a PS4 format under “Device”-“Game” for those that don’t want to delve too deep into the various video formats.

Step 4: Complete the conversion.

  • Click on the “Rip All” button and you will have your PS4-compatible video in minutes.

Rip Your Movie Disc

Tip: For even faster results, make sure to click on the little microchip button at the bottom of the interface to activate Tipard’s built-in hardware accelerator.

Once finished, Tipard will take you to the video file. If you cannot remember where your files are stored, you can click on the folder button at the bottom of the interface, next to the storage location directory. That will take you to the default storage folder.

Step 5: Play the Blu-ray on PS4.

  • Transfer the ripped Blu-ray movies to a USB Drive.
  • Plug the USB drive into your PS4.
  • Launch the PS4 “Media Player” app.
  • Choose your USB drive and watch the movies you want.

You can now enjoy movies on your PS4 even if it’s not connected to the internet.

To conclude

While it is true that the PS4 will not play BD/DVD movie discs unless its disc playback feature has been activated online, those of us who cannot connect their console to the internet will not have to make do without. There is a very easy workaround that will allow us to enjoy any movie we want on our PS4 just by converting our BD/DVD movie discs to a PS4-compatible format and streaming it via USB.


Unrecognised disc, usually followed by a number ranging from 1 to 4, is a DRM-related error. For example, an unauthorised copy of a Cinavia-protected Blu-ray disc will produce such an error. Here is a guide on how to remove Cinavia from your Blu-rays for the PS4.

Yes. While an internet connection is necessary for game updates, patched and network features, all PS4 games can be played offline via the PS4’s optical drive.

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