When we do a presentation, sometimes it’s hard to get everyone’s attention with just empty talk and the Powerpoint file that is filled with words and photos.

To break the ice, we can try to embed some funny movie clips into our Powerpoint file.

  • Coming to the slide that is embedded with a movie, simply click on the Play button and let your audiences focus on the screen as well as your presentation, not just for catching their eyes, but also to better express your idea with the clip.

As for the movie source, I think DVD movie is a pretty nice one since it’s cheap, common, and most importantly, the file size of the DVD clip is a lot smaller than the Blu-ray ones. So, let’s extract the movie from DVD, trim the footage, and put it on your PowerPoint slide.

DVD to Powerpoint


Part 1. Extract the clip from a movie DVD

First of all, to insert the DVD movie into a PowerPoint file, we have to, unless you already have the clip, extract the movie file from an optical disc or a DVD-formatted file like ISO or Video_TS folder.

No matter you have the DVD, ISO file, or folder, to extract the movie from it, you should always get yourself a DVD ripper program on your computer.

Here, we can use echoshare DVD Ripper to cover the extraction.

Infor about echoshare DVD Ripper:

Programmed as a convenient DVD ripper and movie editor, echoshare DVD Ripper is such a tool for those who want to make further use of their DVD and Blu-ray discs.

With the program, you need only 3 or 4 clicks to complete a DVD extraction without worrying about feasibility, quality, and speed since it will rip the movie you want from the disc in your favorite format with ultimate speed and a 100% success rate.

Trust it, use it, and it will solve everything.

If you plan on inserting a trimmed DVD clip into your PowerPoint file, you might be thinking of applying to a video editor program, eight? Well, you don’t need that anymore. This DVD ripper gets you fully covered.

  • Equipped with a built-in media editor, echoshare can help you trim all the selected movies, separate one movie into several clips, and add filters to the output.
  • Also, if you’d like to, you can adjust effects like brightness, hue, saturation, etc, and apply watermarks to the output DVD clip.

DVD Video Clipper

In this case, you can have the preferred DVD movie clip in perfect effect without extracting the whole movie, saving you much time and energy.

Steps to extract DVD movie with echoshare DVD Ripper

Step 1. Get ready for the DVD extraction

For starters, click the buttons below to get the DVD ripper on your computer for free. Install it then.

Next, take out the target DVD and insert it into your computer disc tray.

Step 2. Import the DVD to the DVD ripper

Launch the DVD ripper and locate the big blue plus icon in the middle of the interface, click it and the program will automatically detect the inserted disc and load it up.

Tip:If you have a DVD ISO image or DVD Video_TS folder, you can either drag it to the interface or click the Load DVD option from the upper-left corner of the interface.

Tipard DVD Ripper Load DVD

In just a second or two, the program will finish processing the disc and display the main movie of the disc on the interface.

Step 3. Set up for the extraction

Here we are at the setup stage.

Choose the target video(s):

Since most DVD contains more than one video but this DVD ripper only displays the main one, to extract other videos, go to Full Title List. There, preview and select the target video(s).

Select Target DVD Video

Decide the format for the DVD movie:

Locate the Rip All to option, choose one from over 500 formats. MP4 and WMV will be my recommendations as they are the two most compatible formats and have a pretty small file size.

Anyway, no matter what format you choose, remember to pick up the Same as Source option to extract the DVD movie with full resolution.

Select audio and subtitle:

From the two drop-down menus, choose one from the available audio tracks and subtitle channels.

Customise Your Video

Trim the movie:

To clip the DVD movie, click on the Cut button (the one with a Scissor icon). Then, locate the slider, use your cursor to decide the starting and ending points.

Next, you may click:

  • Split: Separate the movie into two clips;
  • Add Segment: Extract the clip from the movie.

Not fond of it? Click Reset to redo or Delete to erase the previous clip.

When you’re done, click Save to preserve the clips.

Clip DVD Movies

Step 4. Finish the extraction

After finishing all, click the Rip All button to start. Wait for the completion. When it’s done, the output folder will automatically launch. Check and preview the DVD movie there.

Part 2. Embed the DVD movie to your PowerPoint

You can directly insert your converted video from your file to your PowerPoint presentation. PowerPoint has motion clips like the clip art except for the image, including animation, and this can be seen when you run for a presentation or slide show.

Take note that I’m using Microsoft PowerPoint 2016. If you’re using a different one, don’t worry, the steps are generally the same.

Now let’s start:

Step 1. Get ready for the DVD movie embedding

First thing first, open your PowerPoint file and go to the target slide. Then, move your cursor to the menu bar and find Insert.

Step 2. Insert the DVD movie

From Insert, find the Video option and click on it. Choose the “Video from File” option and proceed.

Next, from the pop-out window, browse and select the DVD movie you just extracted and click Embed to confirm.

Embed DVD Movie to Powerpoint Setup

That’s it. Two steps only, don’t forget to save the changes before exit. Then you can have your presentation with a DVD movie on it. Be well.