MOV might not in the list of all video formats that you know about. If you know QuickTime (a media player on macOS), then you are close to MOV, since MOV videos are played on QuickTime Player. And MOV is getting more and more popular, the videos you record with iPhone or some Camcorders.

MOV is widely supported by many playbacks and more playbacks are going to support it. So compatibility won’t be a problem for you, if it is, you can convert MOV video to MP4 with Video Converter. Besides converting codex, we sometimes want to edit MOV files, if you don’t mean to add some fascinating video effects or fitters, then you can add or edit subtitles, add audio track, crop video, trim video, cut video, rotate or flip video, and adjust audio volume with Video Converter Ultimate.

In the following, I will show you how to edit MOV with Video Converter Ultimate

To edit MOV file, you have to install Video Converter Ultimate on your computer. Launch the program and Drag the MOV video file into the program, then you are ready to go.

#1 How to Add External Subtitle to MOV Video

To add external downloaded subtitle to MOV video is super easy. Click on the plus icon after the drop-down menu, then select those subtitles in the file explorer and click Open, you have done the job. You are allowed to import subtitles in srt, ssa, and ass. If you don’t want the original subtitles you can un-check them in the drop-down menu.
Add Subtitle to MOV Video

#2 How to Add Audio Track to MOV Video

We add an audio track to video seldom, while, it is a must sometimes when the languages in the video are not quite well understood. To add audio to MOV video is very similar to adding a subtitle. Just click the plus icon after the audio track drop-down menu (the one with a little speaker icon) and choose the audio file that you want to add.

#3 How to Crop MOV Video

Cropping a video is a good way to decrease the file size when putting a video to a portable playback. Video Converter Ultimate offers you great capability on doing this.

Step 1 Check the MOV file that you want to crop by click on it, then the Edit button on the top menu bar will become active, click on it. You will have an Edit box display.

Step 2 Click tab Crop, here you can crop the MOV file area with whatever aspect ratio you want. You can fix the resolution by entering an amount, you can drag the yellow-line box, if you can make it more free by not checking the Keep Aspect Ratio option.

Step 3 When finish the cropping, click Apply. You will be referred back to the main panel. Then click Convert button.

#4 How to Trim/Cut/Clip MOV Video

To cut MOV video into clips is easy with Video Converter Ultimate. I have to say this Trim feature is powerful. The steps is easy, follow me to learn.

Step 1 Click on the MOV file that you want to trim and open the Trim box, you will find it on the top menu bar.

Step 2 Actually there is no step 2 here, since trimming needs vary between person to person. What I have to say is you have many options here to make video segments that you want. You can cut the MOV video into various clips, you can select some of the clips and merge them into one video as you can see an option at the bottom-left. By dragging the little trapezoid icon, you are free to select a clip to trim. Every clip you make will be listed in the below list, they are editable for deleting, adjusting and changing the duration.

Step 3 Till you are satisfied with your work, click Ok to save your edit. Then on the main panel, select the segment and click Convert to save the edited MOV file to your computer.

#5 How to Rotate/Flip MOV Video

There are four options for you to rotate your MOV video. They are:

  • Rorate 90 degree clockwise
  • Rorate 90 degree counterclockwise
  • Hozizontal flip
  • Vertical flip

More editing options:

  • You can adjust the audio volume. (Go to Edit > Effect)
  • You can adjust the video brightness, contrast, saturation, and hue. (Go to Edit > Effect)
  • You can enhance the video quality by upscaling resolution, removing video noise, or reducing video shaking. (Go to Edit > Enhance)

And all those editings are overlay-able, so you can definitely make more magic editing.