Going from DVD To Digital: Make DVD Backups on Your Computer

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DVDs were so popular back in the days that we could not wait to get our hands on the latest movies, songs, and games to add to our collection. Today in the 2020s, as digital content replaces physical DVDs, your shelf of DVDs sits there collecting dust and taking up space.

DVDs are very fragile. as a result; they can’t stay long because of fading surfaces; with these the quality of the DVD becomes damaged.

As a collector of DVDs, we want to ensure that despite years go by, we can still watch our favorite movies. To do that, we can back up the DVD to digital so that even if the disc is unplayable, we can still enjoy the movie with the PC,  transfer it to other devices or even back it up to cloud services

So, here we have provided simple steps in which you can easily create a DVD backup of your DVD on your computer and enjoy a seamless digital experience.

DVD Backups

How to create DVD backups

Firstly, to copy the contents of your DVD to your personal computer, you will require the following:

1. A Windows or Mac computer with a DVD reader

Most Windows producers will add an internal disc drive on the devices, so Windows users can just stick to the built-in one without applying to extra.

But for iMac and Macbook users, as Apple announced many years ago that they decided to remove built-in disc trays from every computer they make, you may need to buy yourself an external disc reader for your Macintosh.

Get A DVD Drive for Mac

2. A DVD you want to burn

To create DVD backup files, of course, you need the target disc and put it into the disc reader of your computer so that your computer is able to extract data from it.

3. A DVD ripper program for commercial DVDs

Since most commercial DVDs we buy on local stores and Amazon (Best Buy, etc) have copy-protection (technology that prevents personal copy), we can hardly make duplicates of our DVDs. Still, the Internet does everything. You can go online and find software that can handle such technology – the DVD ripper program.

Well, there’re just countless DVD rippers on the Internet, instead of scrolling up and down for hours on Google, let me recommend one that leads the industry – the echoshare DVD Rippers.

Infor about echoshare DVD Ripper:

Being a considerate program for home-based DVD users, this DVD ripper helps you make backups of your DVDs, both commercial and personal, in any digital format you like.

With its extremely hassle-free interface and buttons, you just need to make a few choices and finally click the Start to finish the backup. No knowledge, skill, or practice is needed.

Just launch the program, make some clicks, then go make yourself some coffee. When you’re back, the backup is done.

Create DVD Backups with DVD Ripper

Compact but powerful, this DVD ripper can crack all the protection methods on all DVDs (Blu-ray disc as well if you need), unlike some freeware that is only capable of dealing with unprotected ones, echoshare has everything covered.

Let’s not mention the ultimate extracting quality of the program, the up-to-4k resolution support and Dolby 5.1 compatibility.

There’re more about this program, like the video enhancement tools, Hardware Acceleration, ISO/DVD Folder creation, etc. Let’s cut to the chase and start backing up your DVD with it, you’ll soon find out how relaxing it will be when using this DVD ripper.

Easy steps to make DVD backups

Four easy steps to rip DVD into the Computer Hard disk.

Step 1.

Let’s prepare for the backup now. Download and install the DVD ripper on your computer.

Launch it once complete. Then, take out your DVD and insert it into your disc tray.

Step 2.

On the DVD ripper’s interface, locate the Load DVD option on the top left corner, click on it and choose Load DVD Disc from the drop-down menu. Choose your disc to load it in to echoshare.

Tip:If you have ISO or DVD folders on your PC, you can choose the other two options.

Alternatively, after you insert the disc, you can click on the big blue plus icon in the middle to import the disc as well.

Tipard DVD Ripper Load DVD

Step 3.

After the import, the DVD ripper will display the main movie of the disc on the interface along with the time length, default audio, and subtitle track.

Actually, you can complete the process now by clicking the Rip All button. In this case, you’ll have the DVD movie backup in an MP4 lossless file.

MP4 DVD Backup File Creation

Still, there’re things that we can decide instead of creating the backup directly. Check:

  • Full Title List: The DVD ripper will only display the main movie of the disc, so if you plan on extracting all the clips from the DVD, click that button and choose your videos.
  • Audio/Subtitle: Some DVD movies come with several audio tracks and subtitle channels, you can choose the one that suits your need.
  • Format/Rip All to: You can choose one from over 500 formats. Also, for multiple videos, you click on Rip All to and decide the format for all the videos simultaneously.
  • Edit: You will find a magic stick icon that stands for “Edit”. Through it, you can adjust the Contrast, Hue, Saturation, Brightness, and apply filters.
  • Cut: Want to separate the DVD movie into clips? Click on the scissor icon and proceed.

Tipard File Set Up

After finishing the setup, click on the Rip All button to let the DVD ripper do its job – extracting videos and audio from the DVD to your computer.

In just a minute, the ripping will be finished and the default output folder will pop out. You can check your DVD backups there. From then on, you can do anything you like without worrying about data loss.


Are DVDs good for backups? No, the DVD format is definitely not a good one for data backup.

We all know that DVD is made of several layers of plastic, and it’s like 1.2 millimeters thick. It’s so thin that you must store a DVD on a disc case to protect it from dust, light, heat, scratches, and more. Otherwise, your disc will probably be out of function all of a sudden.


DVD backup means an action of extracting the videos, audio, and other files out of a DVD to computers or other storage devices. The backup files can be in different categories of formats depending on the DVD content, like the video formats, audio formats, photo formats, etc.

To do such a backup, you need a DVD ripper program to do the extraction and conversion.