An incredible song of a film lights up the pictures perfectly.

When I was younger, the tone of Whitney in ‘The Bodyguard’ shook my soul. As I grew older, I tried everything to all the songs from the movie. I bought a DVD and managed to rip the original soundtrack from the DVD with DVD audio rippers.

If you love a song from a DVD, don’t hesitate, let’s extract the audio from the DVD. You can listen to it on your phone and tablet anytime and anywhere.

How to Extract Audio from DVDs

Method 1. Rip DVD Audio With Tipard DVD Ripper

To begin with, let’s look at this hand DVD audio ripper tool: echoshare DVD Ripper.

This is one of the best lossless DVD audio rippers for both Mac and Windows. This program supports making the DVD content into audio and video depending on users’ needs.

DVD Ripper

Top-class DVD Ripper

Convert DVD, DVD ISO, and DVD Folder to Files

  • Rip DVDs to 180+ Video & Audio Formats
  • Convert DVD Folders and ISOs
  • Provides 2D-to-3D and VIDEO Enhancement
  • Remove DRMs and Region Code

*Support All DVD Formats

For DVD ripping, this program has amazing performance. No quality drop, no skipping, and no laggy. This is what the program guarantees every user. You will have exactly the original quality of the DVD audio or even with some enhancement.

With Tipard, you can extract any audio from DVDs like the theme, opening, and ending, or any film scores. There’s an in-app trimmer tool for you to cut the audio clips freely.  It’s up to you to decide the output format, bit rate, and file size depending on the playback device.

Download this DVD audio converter and let’s start extracting your DVD audio.

DVD Ripper

How to Extract DVD Audio With Tipard DVD Ripper

Step 1:

On your computer:

Launch Tipard DVD Ripper after installation.

Insert the target DVD into the disc drive.

Step 2:

On the Tipard interface, hit Load DVD and choose the inserted DVD as input.

Next, select the title you want to rip audio from. And choose the right soundtrack.

DVD Ripper Loaded Disc

Want to extract certain segments or some special effects from the DVD movie? Hit Cut(the scissors button). Then, navigate to the target audio:

  • Type in the start and end time of the target audio.
  • Or use your mouse to drag to the slider to adjust the length of the audio.

You can create a new segment from the original movie. Simply decide the start and end of the segment, then click Add Segment.

To divide the original movie/audio into several segments, use the Fast Split feature.

Finally, as you determine the audio clips, hit Save to confirm.

DVD Ripper Crop Split Trim DVD Video

Step 3:

Locate Rip All to: and browse from all available output formats. Choose MP3 or any audio format (AAC, AC3, WAV, FLAC, MKA, etc) you’re fond of.

Decide the quality (audio bitrate) as well. You may just click the Same as source option. Or hit the settings button and fill in a new number.

DVD Ripper Decide Audio Output

Lastly, select a destination on your computer hard drive to save the DVD audio. Click Rip All to generate the extraction.

Within minutes, echoshare DVD Ripper will finish its ripping. You can go to the folder on your computer and find the DVD audio. You can enjoy it right now without the disc. Or transfer it to other device easily.

Method 2. Extract DVD Audio with VLC Media Player

Do you have VLC installed on your computer? If so, this media player software can be a DVD audio ripper too.

Compared to other third-party DVD rippers, this freeware has a weaker performance in ripping DVD audio. But it’s easy and free to use. You can skip the download and install process of getting a new tool.

However, be aware that this freeware can only extract DVD audio from unprotected DVDs due to the absence of decryption ability. Luckily, we can install third-party plugins to VLC to strengthen its decryption.

Tip:: How do you know if a DVD is copy-protected?

Most commercial DVDs sold in stores have copy-protection methods by the manufacturers. DVDs burned by individuals are 100% unprotected.

Step 1:

Launch VLC Media Player on your computer. Insert the DVD into the disc tray of the computer.

Step 2:

On the menu bar of VLC, hit Media and select Conver/Save to launch the Open Media window.

VLC Media

There, go to the Disc tab and keep the default DVD option. Look down and find the Disc device, hit Browse, and select the target DVD for the extraction.

Then, decide the Title, Chapter, Audio track, and Subtitle track of the output.

Hit the drop-down arrow of the Play button and choose Convert to proceed.


Step 3:

On the new pop-up, hit Profile and decide the output format. Select the destination and hit Start. The audio ripping will start.

VLC Rip DVD Format

Tip: What Audio Format Will I Rip Audio from DVD

Audio Formats CompressionFile size (based on 4-minute audio)Compatible Devices
MP3 Lossy3.73MBPhones, tablets, laptops, MP3 Players, etc.
AAC Lossy3.43MBApple devices, Nintendo, DivX Player, etc.
OGG, OGA Lossy3.26MB Devices supported by Android, Linux, Windows, and Mac
FLACLossless20.77MB Car devices, portable players and stereo, phones and tablets, etc.
M4A Lossy3.84MBAndroid phones (VLC Media Player)
WAVUncompressed41.13MBSuitable for Windows computers.

The most popular MP3 is surely the best option overall. It plays on all music players and has a lower file size.

For Apple devices and game consoles, the AAC seems good.

In pursuit of ultimate quality, the lossless FLAC is the ace. Though the file size is rather big, the quality speaks all. Also, this is a file format that plays on most devices.

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