How Can You Rip Audio from a DVD? Any Good DVD Audio Extractor?

Last Updated on January 13, 2021 by Lucas Silva

There’s a lot of reason why you might need to rip audio from DVDs. Maybe it’s for a project or maybe you’d just prefer to take the audio away from a music video/concert. One way or another extracting audio from DVDs is an appealing but confusing task.

Today we’ll take a look at the easiest ways to extract audio from a DVD and offer some DVD Audio Extractor choices so you too can get it done easily at audio from dvd banner

Using a DVD Audio Extractor to Rip DVD Audio to MP3 or WAV, WMA, AAC, etc

What we need is a program that can take the information from your DVD and turn it into an audio-only file. In this case, we recommend Tipard DVD Ripper thanks to its ease of use and its wide range of formats available for conversion.

Step 1. Install Tipard DVD Audio Ripper

Once you have made sure to download and install Tipard DVD Ripper on your computer from the button below you are about 50% done.

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Step 2. Load DVD to your PC

Then with the DVD inserted into your drive, open Tipard DVD Ripper. Load your DVD with the Load CD option. It looks like a CD, but if you get lost the on-screen instruction will help you.tipard dvd ripper interface

Once the DVD is loaded on Tipard now we can begin the extraction process.tipard dvd ripper configuration

Step 3. Select Output format

If you take a look at the upper-right side of the window you’ll see the Rip All to option. The profile allows you to choose what format you want to convert your DVD into. For now, we’ll go to Audio and search for MP3 due to its wide dvd to audio format

Tips: What is the best format to rip audio from DVD?
Depending on your need, you can check the form below to select one to extract audio from the DVD.

Major Group of Audio FormatMost Common Audio FormatDescription
UncompressedWAV, AIFF, PCMCapture sound waves and convert them into digital format with no further processing. So, audio files in these formats are the most accurate and eat up a lot of disk space. For a 24-bit 96KHz stereo audio, it’s about 34 MB per minute.
Lossless compressedFLAC, ALAC, APETake up less disk space without any information lost. But some data is recreated from the compressed version.
Lossy compressedMP3, AAC, WMA, OGG VorbisReduce file size by sacrificing some audio information and simplifying the data.

Step 4. Set Location of the output file

Below you’ll see the location which lets you pick where the new file will be saved to.

Step 5. Start to extract audio from DVD

Once those 2 options are selected you just need to click on the Rip All and wait.

Tipard will let you know once the conversion is complete, and now you’ll have your MP3 file packed with all the audio in your DVD. The process is fast and rather automatic too so it’s really practical.

Extract mp3 Audio from a Concert DVD using VLC Media Player

VLC Media Player is a really versatile player that can improve your video experience, but in this case, it can also work as an alternative way to convert certain files.

  1. The first thing you need to do is to insert your DVD into your PC and then open VLC.
  2. Once VLC is open, click on the Media tab and chooses the Open Disc option in the new menu.vlc open disc
  3. On the bottom of the new window, you’ll see an option that says Play. Click next to it to open the drop-down menu and now choose Convert.vlc convert dvd
  4. Choosing Convert will once again open a new window with more options. The first thing we need to do is go to Profile and choose MP3.vlc convert output format
  5. Then click on Browse to choose the location where you want to save the new file.

Once all of that is handled you can click on convert and VLC will start the process.

VLC will likely take a good time to complete this task, but your file should appear with no issue on your selected location. The main disadvantage with relying on VLC is the length of the process, thankfully our last option is much faster.

How to Manually Extract Audio from a Homemade DVD

If you’ve ever burned your own DVD you might remember that there’s an option to use it as a USB flash drive. What this means is that the information is re-writable and can be easily accessed, edited, and saved, so a DVD in this configuration will usually be easy to extract information from.

The easiest way to check if your DVD fits this criterion is to load it onto your PC and go to My Computer. You should see your DVD drive as one of the options. Now instead of booting the DVD we will right-click on the drive and check for an option that reads “Open” or “Open as folder” this will allow us to simply see the contents of the DVD as individual files. And if an audio file is on it we can just copy it to our PC.

You need to keep in mind that this method won’t work on most commercial DVDs and might not even work on all homemade ones. Also, this relies on the files on the DVD already being audio-only, so if your DVD doesn’t fit that criterion we’ll need a DVD audio extractor like Tipard DVD Ripper.