PBS Video Downloader – 3 Methods to Download and Watch PBS Videos Offline for Free

You’re minutes away from being able to free download your favorite PBS episodes. From downloading, converting and transferring to any device for playback offline, here’s everything you need to know.

Last Updated on December 29, 2020 by Lucas Silva

I was a big fan of a documentary on PBS (short for Public Broadcasting Service), which talks about Dan Cruickshank’s adventures in architecture. I wanted to download the videos in advance on my laptop, in this way, I could review it during a flight. Is there any solution can help me download PBS videos effectively and efficiently?

Ha-ha, the answer is yes, and here are three ways I have tried:

  • Method 1. Use an Online Downloader (free, but suitable only for short videos)
  • Method 2. Install a PBS Video Downloader (download in batch, high-speed, good quality)
  • Method 3. Get PBS Live Video with a screen video recorder (broadcasting videos, no time delay)

Let me introduce these three ways to you.

Method 1. Online PBS Downloader

It occurs that quite a few website-based PBS downloader tools are appealing. QDownloader.net and AmoyShare are the most popular and convenient (and most importantly free!) online tools for downloading PBS videos. However, such is human nature, that free things have their downsides. Using these online tools, pop-up ads sometimes can be disturbing. Furthermore, download speed is unstable, according to my own experience, it takes more than 20 minutes to download a five-minute video with only 720p resolution. Henceforth, you cannot expect a website-based PBS downloader tool manage to download a 60-minutes 4K video. It is just too much for them. These online tools support only a few video websites, and you will find the downloaded files difficult to convert to other formats. Last but not least, most PBS downloader URLs fail to download videos in batch, which means that you need to wait for a long time if you want to download a series.

Method 2. Download PBS Videos to Any Device for Playback

I highly recommend those who frequently need to download PBS videos to install a downloader application. UNICONVERTER is an ideal choice. As professional software, Uniconverter never fails to download HD videos at high speed by merely pasting URL from Youtube, PBS, and other online websites. It can also convert videos to MP4, AVI, MOV and 1000+ other formats in batch for iPhone, iPad and other android devices. On the following solution, I will show you how to download PBS videos with Uniconverter software.

Download and install the Uniconverter software(both Windows and Mac versions are provided) on your laptop, then follow the 3-step to get your perfect video offline.

Step 1 Launch the Uniconverter software

Step 2 Register (optional)

With the trial version of Uniconverter, the limitations include that only 1/3 length of the original video duration can be converted, and only YouTube videos can be downloaded. Click the Buy button and you are free to enjoy the full features of the software.

Step 3 Download

The process of download is simple. Copy and paste the URLs into the address bar, make yourself a cup of coffee, and you will find the downloaded videos in the Finished tab.

Also, the default maximum quantity of downloading tasks is 5, but you can change the number from 1 to 8. Just go to the Download tab of the preferences and change it. You will find a lot of other alternative functions tailored for you.

Step 4 Convert

Feel free to convert downloaded videos to iOS and Android devices and popular video formats, like MP4, AVI, MPG, MKV, and others. Uniconverter saves your precious time finding a reliable convert tool on iPhone/iPad. Furthermore, Uniconverter makes it possible to transfer videos directly from PC to iPhone, iPad, iTouch, Android phones, USB flash drives or external hard drives.

Tips: In addition to downloading PBS videos, you can also use Uniconverter to burn the files from your laptop and permanently deleted files that you don’t want to see anymore.

There are circumstances that you want to download a live show. And the two above-mentioned methods fail to download the exact DTH. Here, I introduce you another tool.

Method 3. Get PBS Live Video with a Screen Video Recorder

Filmora is an easy-to-use screen video recorder, which can be regarded as a helpful PBS downloader for a live show. Here, I will show you how to handle the software.

Step 1. Download, Install and Launch FILMORA

Click the button upon to download it. Both Windows and Mac versions are provided. After installation, you can choose either or not to log in. If yes, please create a Wondershare ID with your email/Facebook/Google+/Twitter account. In that way, you will enjoy Filmora’s resources. If choose not to log in, the videos recorded will be left with a Filmora watermark.

It is very thoughtful that a Quick-Start Tour pops up and guides you on how to manage the software.

Step 2. Record the Video

Click the RECORD button and choose Record PC Screen.

The Filmora Scrn window will automatically pop up. It enables you to record your screen with sound and customize the portion of the screen. Click the red button on the right to start recording, when you want to stop, press F9 in your keyboard. The video will be successfully recorded on the Media Library, then you choose the “Import” option and get the video as you like. In this process, you don’t need to pay a penny.

Get started and find your preferred way to download PBS videos.