How to Download Music from YouTube

Watching YouTube, where numerous media contents are being published on, has become a daily routine for us.

However, if you have listened to music on YouTube, you may encounter the situation that the playback stops right away when you are in a weak network connection area. More over, if you are not a subscripted member of Premium, you have to keep the screen on while playing the songs on YouTube.

Things will be different if you know how to download the music files in the YouTube video onto your devices. And we are going to share 2 methods with you, which are both effective and dependable.

Method 1: How to Download YouTube Music to MP3 to Local with Music Downloader

Our first method is utilizing a music downloader to keep the music files from YouTube videos. Musify Music Downloader is the most powerful one for these reasons:

First, the whole procedure is pretty easy, especially for new users. For instance, you can download the songs in a minute by pasting the video link and clicking a button.

And, it gives users advanced options for the 8 formats (such as MP3, M4A, WAV, FLAC, OGG, AAC, etc) and several qualities of the downloading songs.

Suppose you want to pick another format except MP3 (which is the default one) or quality of downloading songs, click the setting icon on the interface then you can change them.

Moverover, it can not only download songs from YouTube but also other popular websites/streaming platforms such as Facebook, Spotify, SoundCloud, etc.

Here are 2 steps to download YouTube Music with Musify Music Downloader:

Step 1: Start the Downloading Process

Open the video on your browser, copy the link in the address bar. Then, launch Musify, click the Paste URL button.

The downloading process will begin right now. (While if the link includes more than one song, then a window will pop up. You need to click the Download button to start.)

Pasting by Pressing Paste Url to Downloader Song with Musify

Step 2: Find the Location of Downloaded Files

When the process ends, select the downloaded tab in the interface. You will find there is a folder icon on the right of each song.

Click a folder icon, and you will see the folder in which all the downloaded songs are located.

Click the Icon to Open the Musify Out-put Folder

Now, you have downloaded the music files. You can copy it to any device or set it as an alarm.

Method 2: How to Download YouTube Music to MP3 to Local with Audio Recorder

With a recorder, you can also download the YouTube songs by recording the audio on your PC.

And Aiseesoft Screen Recorder, as a powerful recorder, will bring you a great experience because of three reasons:

First: This program is easy to use. You will master how to use it after a try.

Second: It doesn’t have resource-limits. So, you can record the songs from anywhere.

Third: It provides several recording qualities and formats for you. You can go to preferences and change them.

The procedure is as follow:

Step 1: Set an End Time of the Audio Recording

Launch Aiseesoft Screen Recorder, and click Audio Recorder.

Choose Audio Recorder on The Interface

Click Set record length on the bottom of the interface. Then, it will automatically stop recording on time.

Set End Time of The Audio Recording

Step 2: Start to Record the Music

Press the REC button. After 3 second, you will see a window showing up. Then, play the online video. Before the recording process ends, please leave your PC alone.

Step 3: Find the Recorded File

When it ends, you will see a popping window. You can edit the start time and end time on the bottom left of the window. Or just click the Save button.

Then, rename the file if you want, click the Next button. And the history window will appear, select the audio and you will see the folder icon at the rear. Press it and you will open the output folder, which stored the recorded music files.

Copy those files to SD Card or USB storage, then you can play it on your TV or other devices.


In this article, we have introduced two methods to download music from YouTube to PC.

No matter which method you choose, you can smoothly download MP3 files of the Music on YouTube to your PC.

Then you can stably listen to YouTube music without distractive ads. Also, you can freely play it on any MP3 player, for instance, on your car stereo system.