While surfing on YouTube, you can always see some MVs and cover videos that surprise you.

Though enjoying the music is such a pleasing thing, it’s a bit troublesome when you have to launch YouTube and play a video additionally. If you’re using a phone to play the video, it’s also a waste of cellular data to play the video without a WiFi connection.

To enjoy the music separately without playing the video, you can try to download a YouTube video to an MP3 audio file.

Benefits of downloading a YouTube video to MP3:

  • You can enjoy YouTube music offline without playing the video.
  • You’re available to transfer the MP3 file to your phone, MP3/MP4 player, tablet and enjoy the music offline. Since the MP3 format is the most compatible format that can run on all your devices without trouble at all.

This idea sounds pretty awesome, right. Then, follow my lead, and let’s download your favorite YouTube videos to MP3.

Download YouTube to MP3

To download a YouTube video to an MP3 file, you’ll need the help of a professional YouTube converter application.

Here, I will recommend one that leads the industry to you, the iTubeGo. You may apply to it directly without scrolling on Google to select from countless products.

iTubeGo Video Music Downloader

iTubeGo – Download YouTube videos easily

Being a professional YouTube downloader program, iTubeGo is capable of ripping HD videos and high-quality audio from YouTube to your computer.

With this tool, you may download videos from YouTube to your computer as MP3, MP4, MOV, AVI, M4A, and more.

Making the download more flexible, iTubeGo also allows users to use its in-app cutter to download a selected segment from a YouTube video. So, if your goal is just a piece of music from a video and you plan to use the music for second creation like Spoof or Mash-up, this YouTube Cutter feature helps you perfectly.

iTubeGo Cutter Feature to Download MP3 from YouTube Selectively

As for the quality of the output audio file, iTubeGo will rip the audio from a YouTube video without damaging the quality. You can have a lossless MP3 file saved on your device to enjoy crystal clear music.

Apart from YouTube, iTubeGo can also help you download videos and audio from more than 10,000 websites to your computer.

With this program installed on your computer, everything you expect online is accessible to you.

Download iTubeGo on your computer and let’s start to download YouTube videos to MP3 right away.

Steps to download MP3 from YouTube

With iTubeGo, you can download an MP3 file from YouTube with 3 easy steps.

Step 1 Set up the profile parameters on iTubeGo

After installing iTubeGo on your computer, launch the program.

Then, focus on the Downloading tab and locate the Download then Convert to MP4 sign. Click on the MP4 option and then you’re available to choose one format from the provided list. Select MP3 to complete.

Set Format as MP3 to Download from YouTube

Next, click on Preferences. Under the Quality Setting tab, choose Audio for the Download option and set the Quality as Best.

iTubeGo Audio Output Settings

Hit Apply to confirm.

Step 2 Import the target YouTube video

Next, you need to locate the YouTube video and import it to iTubeGo.

Launch YouTube with a browser and visit the page of the target video. Then, copy the URL of this page.

Now, go back to iTubeGo and click the Paste URL button. Paste the URL into the box.

Import YouTube Video URL to iTubeGo Download

Tip: You can find a shortcut on iTubeGo to locate the target YouTube video.

On iTubeGo, choose Online from the sidebar. This is the in-app browser feature of the program. With it, you don’t need to launch a browser and visit YouTube additionally.

Sign in with your YouTube ID on the in-app browser. Then, find the video you want to download to MP3. Click Download to start.

Download MP3 from YouTube Via iTubeGo In-app Browser

Step 3 Download MP3 from a YouTube video

Click Download to start saving the YouTube video on your computer as an MP3 file

If the target video of this URL is part of a playlist, iTubeGo asks you whether you want to download the whole playlist or just this video only. Make your choice then.

Download YouTube Video Playlist Song

iTubeGo will complete the download quickly. When the process is complete, you may locate the Downloaded tab from the sidebar and find all the files you’ve converted from YouTube.

Click the Play button to preview the MP3 file. To locate the file on your computer hard drive, click the Show the File button and iTubeGo will open the folder for you.

Locate the MP3 YouTube File

You may play the MP3 file on your computer with any music player software. Of course, you can choose to transfer the MP3 music to your phone, tablet, or other devices and enjoy the music flexibly.

By the way, there’re some Android data transfer tools that can help you transfer music and other files from a PC to your Android phone easily. Check the famous echoshare Android Transfer here.

Tip: How to download MP3 from YouTube Music?

Same as downloading a YouTube video to MP3, you just need to copy the URL of the target song on YouTube Music and click the Paste URL button on iTubeGo.

This downloader program will rip the music onto your computer hard drive within seconds.

Warping up

To download an MP3 file from YouTube is such an easy task when you use iTubeGo, an easy-to-use and powerful video/music downloader application. No matter what you want, the program can always rip the content out and save it on your computer.