Liveleak is a great British video sharing site that mainly focuses on current affairs, politics, world events, and other aspects of the video. Unlike YouTube and Hulu, Liveleak is committed to showing the truth to the public rather than entertainment. When coming across a very attractive or novelty video in Liveleak, I’m sure you want to download it immediately to playback offline in case it is deleted or removed. This article will review 3 different ways to download Liveleak videos to MP4 with several popular Liveleak video downloader and help to find the one that works best for you.

Method 1. Download Liveleak Videos With Video Downloaders

Leawo Video downloader

If you want a light downloader with core functions, you may love Leawo Video Downloader. It is a professional downloader that can fast download videos from over 1000 online video sites like YouTube, Liveleak, etc. Leawo may be the best choice for people who favor high-resolution videos for its ability to download 720P, 1080P HD videos from various video-sharing websites and copy DVD/Blu-ray videos. Equipped with the latest video loading technology, Leawo guarantees high download speed. Besides, it’s easy for every to learn how to download videos with Leawo.

Here are a few steps to download the Liveleak video:

Step 1: Download, install and run the Leawo Liveleak downloader on your computer.

Step 2: Choose the Download tab, copy the video URL from Liveleak, and then paste it into the input box.

Step 3: The program will start to analyze the page and show the results, ranging from 144p to 1080P, on the pop-up windows from the right side. If you can’t see it, just click on the green button on the right border. Just choose one and click the download button.

Step 4: You can check the download progress from the Downloading tab once the downloader begins to work. Furthermore, by setting the maximum download tasks from the setting, Leawo allows you to do batch download easily. And you will find the download Liveleak video from the Downloaded tab.

Pros: Easy to use, highly HD support, ads-free, batch download
Cons: Old school interface


UniConverter as a professional video downloader and video editor, its strong features were commended by many videophiles. With UniConverter, you can convert video/audio/image files to over 1000 formats, deal with watermarks, subtitles, and audio as well as recording screen. Thanks to these functions, UniConverter allows you to convert video for your phone or tablet quickly and easily. Surprisingly, you even can fix videos, convert videos to Gifs or even VR format by it. Now let’s learn more about how to download videos with UniConverter.uniconverter banner

Step 1: Download UniConverter and install it. During installation, you can select the preferred language UniConverter supports up to 8 languages, by default it’s English.

Step 2: After clicking the ‘Finish’ button, you will enter the main window of UniConverter, where you can download videos and edit them. I recommend you register to get a better experience. Differences between the trial and the full version can be seen below.

Step 3: From the main interface of UniConverter, you can see six main functions were listed. By clicking the ‘Download’ icon, you can start downloading Liveleak videos by paste the video URL here or record the screen when you play the video. Downloading videos can be found in the Downloading tab and downloaded/recorded videos will appear in the Finished tab.

Pros: Professional, easy to use, affluent bonus tools, multi-language supported
Cons: Limited platform support

DVDFab downloader

As a thoughtful video downloader, DVDFab allows users to download videos on PC, Mac, and Android devices. Moreover, an outstanding feature of DVDFab is it provides a wide range of resolutions (from 144p to 8K) to meet various needs on different devices. With its friendly interface, I believe you will be attracted by it immediately.

In the pro version of DVDFab, you can enjoy more amazing features when downloading videos. Embedded with playlist download mode, DVDFab pro helps you to download all videos in one playlist URL easily. For DVDFab pro users, up to 5 videos can be downloaded simultaneously. If you are a hardcore fan of one channel, you must try the auto-download feature in the pro version. DVDFab pro will automatically download videos in your subscribed channels if it finds your idol upload new videos. I know you are killing to try DVDFab, and following detailed steps will help you use DVDFab to download videos smoothly.dvdfab downloader

Step 1: Install DVDFab and run it, you will see the interface below. Before download, click on the small arrow at the top right corner to do some general settings.

Step 2: In the main interface, select the icon of a website as the video source. Just find the video as you do in a web browser. When DVDFab parsed the path of the video, you will be presented with three options as indicated below.

Step 3: Click the ‘download’ button float on the video, and your video will appear in the ‘Downloading’ section, where you can manage all downloads.

Pros: all-platform supported, user-friendly, wide range resolution choice, enhanced download mode
Cons: need to install, paid application

Method 2. Download Liveleak videos With Screen Recorder

Nevertheless, for some online videos, getting their URLs is not an easy thing. Apart from this, what if you want to save a live without playback, or a part of amazing CG in your favorite game? Under these situations, I believe echoshare Screen Recorder will be your reliable assistant. With its magic function ‘Video Capture’, you can download any video with audio by recording your PC screen. I’m sure you will also love other bonus features like video format conversion, damaged flash movie repair, and music abstraction from web videos.

Now let’s see more details about how to download Liveleak videos with echoshare Screen Recorder’s Video Recorder function.

Step 1: Install echoshare Screen Recorder and launch it.

Step 2: Open the Liveleak video on your web browser window.

Step 3: Then go back to the screen recorder and click the Video Recorder button, a new browser window will open. You can select an area to capture in the browser. Also, you can set video quality and output location from the Preference. If you do know how long the video will last, click on the Set record length button on the bottom to make the recording more trouble saving.record liveleak video with screen recorder

Step 3: After setting capture options, you can start capturing video by clicking the start button or wait for the countdown timer.

Step 4: When video capture starts to work, the capture browser window will be hidden, and a capture task will be added at the same time. The thumbnail, process, recorded filesize, and elapsed time of a task can be seen clearly.

Step 5: After clicking the ‘Stop&Save’ button, the capture will be stopped, and the video will be saved. The captured video file can be found in the ‘Finished’ frame.

Pros: Multi-platform supported, video capture, affluent editing, and annotation features
Cons: It may take some time to get what you want.

Method 3. Liveleak to mp4 with online downloader

If you want to download Liveleak videos without any software, registration, or payment,  KeepVid.Pro may be a good choice. It supports downloading videos from 1000+ online video websites. Besides, KeepVid.Pro allows you to search for videos on its official website, which is convenient for users. Now let’s see how to download videos in only two steps.

Step 1: find the video from Liveleak that you want to download, copy the URL from your browser address bar.

Step 2: visit, paste the URL in the input box, click the ‘download’ button to start downloading.

Pros: quick, user-friendly, no-installation, support downloading multi-source videos.

Cons: annoying pop-ups, unstable download speed, low definition video.

Choose one tool that works best for you

The table below reviews the main features of these five Liveleak video downloaders or websites. Overall, paid software always brings more useful features as well as a safer and better experience. Just choose one that meets your needs and start downloading!

Downloaders Utility Need install Bonus features Supported platform Ads & Malware price
KeepVid.Pro Low No None PC/mobile Yes Free
echoshare Medium Yes Affluent Win, Mac No $59.95
Leawo High Yes Affluent Win, Mac No $39.95
DVDFab downloader High Yes Affluent Win, Mac, Android No $19.9
UniConverter Very High Yes Very Affluent Win, Mac No $79.95