As the world leader in the news industry, CNN (Cable News Network) is designed to provide a 24 hour 7 days continuously updated News site to audiences around the world. In this way, users can pay attention to the things they are interested in for the first time, and CNN News has become the favorite of a large number of news users. However, on the premise that CNN does not provide users with the option to download video news, some users usually face many problems:

  • The high refresh rate of the latest news makes it difficult to locate or find the old news once it is missed, especially the news video;
  • Some slow-Internet users can’t get a smooth experience of watching the news on video but can do nothing;
  • People who hate watching ads or prefer to watch them on other devices such as projectors or dedicated players or have video editing needs or homemade video quotes.

The way to download the CNN news videos is the kind of need can’t wait for those users.

However, grant whatever is requested, there are still several ways to ensure the users can download the CNN News Videos via tens of thousands of programs available. The following part will introduce some most widely used methods in great detail for how to download CNN News Videos Free.

Method 1. Online Download CNN Video via TUBEOFFLINE on PC, iPhone, and Android

TUBEOFFLINE is one of the website downloaders, as a most simple method, users only need to use the URL from the CNN News Videos to get the video-download link. It is an ideal way for users who do not want to download more software and have no special quality or function needs like 4K or editing requirements. Importantly, it can be work on any operating system with browsers and website-downloading.

Let’s see how to download the CNN News videos free by TUBEOFFLINE specifically:


  1. Switch to the CNN video page and searching the CNN Video page you want to download then get the URL from the top field on any browser.
  2. Open a new tab or window on your browsers and access the web page of TUBEOFFLINE, then put the video link we get at step 1 onto the URL field as below.
  3. The default output quality and convert format will present below, then when you are ready, click the button “GET video”.
  4. Be patient to wait for the loading of the new page; then on the new page, you can preview the video you select on the left side, and the available output format of the video will present on the right side.
  5. Confirm the format of the video you want and move your cursor to that “Download” button and Right-Click it to save it, then you can get the video you want.

Tips: Considering this is an online program, that might run slow sometimes especially after step 4, then just be patient, and the result will come at around 3 to 5 minutes. Moreover, you should be careful and hold your mouse, don’t click around randomly while waiting, there are many visible and invisible advertisements on that download page, which may take you to some fake, fraudulent, or scam websites. If you cannot stand for those, the following download methods perhaps are better for you.

Method 2. Download CNN Video with Desktop Downloader – Leawo Prof Media

Leawo Prof Media is one of the most popular desktop programs with its powerful functions that could be used to download and save CNN news videos.

  • This desktop downloader can be operated through multi-platform like macOS and Windows;
  • It supports batch download videos from almost all existing websites and has a unique batch download function.
  • Compared with other software to provide high quality, the free downloadable video quality provided by Leawo Prof Media is higher and even includes HD, 4K, and 3D format. Importantly, it is not just a simple video downloader, its built-in video player allows the playback of high-definition format video, and a built-in format conversion program allows the user to easily convert videos to more than 150 formats by One-Click.
  • Furthermore, its high stability allows you to use it without concerning the crash or error problems that might be appearing during the processing of running.

What’s more interesting is that it provides a wireless transmission function to allow users to transfer the downloaded video to the user’s multimedia device.

The following will present how Leawo Prof Media working on Windows:

Step 1. Installing the program

Click the button below to download the matched installation package.

Run the installation package and confirm the installation position and the operate-language prefer and read the agreement then click “Agree” to continue and finish the installing.

Step 2. Download CNN videos

Run the Leawo Prof Media, then click the Download button on the menu. Now you can go to CNN video in the built-in browser of the CNN downloader, find the needed video and open it. The program will start to analyze the page.


Sometimes, the program will pop up a notification saying the server’s certificate does not match the URL. Just click the Yes button and continue.


As long as the analysis finish, you can find the video in different resolution for you to download from the pop-up window on the right side. Choose one and click the download button.


You can check the download progress from the Downloading tab beside the address bar.


After downloading the CNN video you like, you can check it by switching to the Downloaded tab. Right-click the video, then go to the File Location to find it.file-location

Tips: Sometimes, due to the network connection, the Leawo CNN downloader may fail to extract video. You can refresh the page or restart the program.
However, if it still does not work, then the “screen-recording” will be your solution to download the CNN News Videos.

Method 3. Get the CNN News Videos through Screen Recording

Expect the above several videos download methods, we can also record the screen to get the CNN News videos we want as an alternative method, which can be operated by more ways such as using the echoshare Screen Recorder.

Even you can use the screen-recorder that comes with your computer (like “QuickTime Player” in MacOS”) or other third-party.

The benefits of screen-recording are you can decide which part and what area you want to record as well as no URL address needed, but that means you have to wait and watch the whole video to the end, and the records’ quality might be impacted.


Anyway, there will be more free methods could get the CNN News videos, but compared with the free video download method, the paid and priced programs can greatly improve the users’ experience with the more convenience of use and higher quality video obtaining as well as get more functions such as support more sources, multiple formats converting, higher download speed, and higher stability.