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With over 55 million subscribers, Amazon Music has already proven its credibility to all its users. This music streaming site offers a wide collection of music that ranges from different genres.

If you are a music enthusiast, you’d definitely want to listen to your favorite tunes all the time. However, there are certain limitations that might hinder you from enjoying Amazon Music.

Amazon Music’s Limitations

In order to access Amazon Music’s songs offline, you have to subscribe to a premium membership. Well, not everyone has the luxury to afford that.

But if you did manage to download the songs offline, you will still need to find a suitable device where you can play them. You see, the songs on Amazon Music are in M4A format. This format cannot be played on all devices unless you have a music player that supports it.

Now if all of this is such a hassle for you, using a dependable Amazon Music downloader and converting MA4 to MP3 is your best option.

Use Musify to Download and Convert Amazon Music to MP3

Now, you have 2 missions to accomplish: find a reliable Amazon Music downloader and convert Amazon Music to MP3 without any hassle.

Finding a good music downloader and converter might take a lot of time since there are a lot of sites that offer these services. But the thing is, we can’t be sure if they really work or if they will live up to your expectations.

Luckily, we found one tool that can convert Amazon Music to MP3 and at the same time a dependable Amazon Music downloader. And that is no other than Musify!

Musify Poster

Amazon Music Downloader

If you can’t afford a premium subscription to Amazon Music, Musify’s Amazon Music downloader can help you experience it for free without spending a lot of money. Yes! Musify can help you enjoy your favorite Amazon songs offline!

What’s more amazing with the tool is that it guarantees no quality loss on your downloads. This means you can still enjoy the same quality after downloading them. How cool is that? If you are in a hurry, Musify also lets you download multiple files at the same time.

In addition, Musify can download all sorts of audio formats including M4A which is Amazon’s song format. Pretty flexible, right? Aside from Amazon Music, this tool can also download songs from different sites on the web like Spotify, Apple Music, and more.

Convert Amazon Music to MP3

Apart from the downloader feature, Musify can also convert music formats. So if after downloading a song from Amazon you want to convert its M4A format to MP3, you can easily do it on the program.

Musify’s music converter works like magic as it can convert Amazon Prime Music to MP3 within a snap and without any trouble! It supports M4A and other audio formats like MP3, FLAC, OGG, and a lot more. You may also convert online videos and turn them into playable audio. How amazing is that?

Musify Main Interface

And just like the music downloader feature, the audio quality will be protected and will still be the same.

Apart from that, Musify is a user-friendly program, any type of user can easily operate its features without any hassle.

And without further ado, let’s start downloading and converting songs from Amazon Music. Check out the instructions below.

Steps to use Musify

Here’s how to download songs from Amazon Music;

  1. Hit the download button above and download Musify on your computer. After that, install and launch the tool.
  2. Open Amazon Music and locate your target song and copy its URL.
  3. On Musify’s main screen, access the Download tab and hit the Paste URL button.
Paste the Share Link to Musify Music Downloader
  1. Next, the URL will load and your target song should show up. The download will immediately begin and when it’s done it will be stored on your computer’s hard drive.

To convert Amazon Prime Music to MP3;

  1. Access the Convert tab and hit the plus icon to import your target file to Musify. Locate the file and tick Open.
Export Files To Musify
  1. After that, choose MP3 and set the quality to “Same as Source“. The conversion will start right away.
Set Format And Quality On Musify
  1. When the conversion is done, the file will automatically be saved on your PC.


It’s nice to know that there are ways where we can enjoy the perks of being a premium subscriber without bursting our pockets. Thanks to Musify, we can now listen to our favorite tunes without limitations.


Great news! Your prime subscription included unlimited access to Amazon Music.

You can choose between the monthly plan that cost $8.99 or the $79 annual plan.

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