There’s no denying that the Xbox One S has been a revolution for Microsoft. The console which heavily focuses on offering a budget alternative to get into gaming has many unique features that have impacted the market since its introduction. However, perhaps the most unique feature of the console is the option to buy an Xbox One S All-Digital Edition (disc-less model). This even more affordable model of the Xbox One S trades its Blu-Ray drive to fully focus on its internal storage.Does Xbox One S Play Dvds banner

While it might be an interesting cost-cutting measure, it does raise some questions for users who love to watch films on their console. As people will no doubt ask if can Xbox One S play DVDs. So today we’ll take a look at how does Xbox One S plays DVDs and offer options so you can continue to enjoy your movie collection whether you own an Xbox One S with or without a disc reader.

Method 1 How to watch DVDs on Xbox One S automatically

If you didn’t purchase the disc-less model, then the process will be considerably easier for you. After all, you can just rely on the Xbox One S DVD player. The Xbox One S in its traditional model counts with a built-in Blu-Ray drive, so playing movies should be no problem at all.

The Xbox line of consoles counts with its own Blu-Ray app that handles all the DVD and Blu-Ray features the consoles count with. This means that as soon as this app is installed all DVDs should play automatically as soon as you insert them in the console. Thankfully installing the app itself is no trouble at all.

Steps to Play DVD on Xbox One S automatically

The first time you load a movie DVD into your Xbox One S a pop-up should appear regarding the Blu-Ray app. The console will automatically determine it needs the app to play the DVD and ask you for permission to install it. All you need to do is press on “Get” and wait for the installation process to be completed. Once the app is fully installed your DVD should boot normally and any future DVD you insert into the console should play without the need for any further prompts.

If you never get a prompt you shouldn’t worry too much. There are various reasons why this can happen, but as we’ll see above you can still install the app manually.

How to install the Xbox One S DVD Player from Xbox Home Manually

Sometimes due to the DVD region or just a simple accident, you won’t get the Blu-Ray App prompt when inserting a DVD. In this case, you need to install the App directly from Xbox Home which thankfully is no issue at all.

  1. Take your control and press the Xbox button to open the guide menu.
  2. From this menu make sure to choose “Home” and then “Store“.
  3. If for some reason the Store button doesn’t appear scroll down and check under “See All Suggestions” sometimes the Store menu can be far in the list.
  4. Once you are in the store go to the Search bar and search for the Blu-Ray App.
  5. Just like in the previous case all you need to do is press on “Get” and wait for the installation to be done.
  6. Once again as soon as it’s installed all DVDs should play just by inserting them.

Method 2. Converting your DVDs for a seamless playback experience on Xbox One S/ Xbox One S All-Digital Edition

Now sometimes certain DVDs will just refuse to play. This can be due to region locking or other safety features, so it’s not exactly easy to circumvent. And well, the disc-less model doesn’t count with a DVD player at all so you might have to convert your DVDs to a media file that is compatible with your Xbox One S.

The good news is that converting movies to other file formats has never been easier. All you need to do is to download Tipard DVD Ripper on a computer of your choice and get started. Tipard allows you to convert any DVD easily to other playable formats and you get to choose all the fine details of the conversion as well. In this case, we recommend you convert your DVDs to an MP4, AVI, MKV, or WMV format since those work the best with the Xbox One S media player.

Here is the detailed instruction for you to play DVD on Xbox One S/ Xbox One S All-Digital Edition Console:

Step 1. Click the button below to get a free trial, which offers 5 discs quota to rip DVD to folder or ISO file within 30 days, on your Windows PC or Mac.

Step 2. Insert the DVD to the DVD drive connected to your PC or Mac.

Step 3. Install and launch the DVD ripper. From the interface, click the “Load DVD” button with a disc icon and select the Load DVD Disc button from the drop-down menu. Then the program will analyze the disc automatically.  The loading process may take a while.tipard dvd ripper interface

Step 4. Configuration before ripping DVD.

As you can see from the interface, there are many options you can set:tipard dvd ripper configuration

  • Section 1: Decide what format you want to convert the DVD to.
  • Section 2: Rip the disc to video/audio, ISO file, or folder.
  • Section 3: Select, add, or disable an audio track.
  • Section 4: Select, add or disable a subtitle.
  • Section 5: Video editing. You can Rotate&Crop, add effect&filter, add watermark, adjust the audio or subtitle in this editing suit.
  • Section 6: Video clipping. Set the starting and ending time. Add, split, or copy a segment.
  • Section 7: Select a title from the title list or rename the output file.

In this case, you can simply click on section 1 >  Device > Games and choose one preset format for Xbox One S.tipard dvd ripper xbox one s setting

Step 5. Click the Rip All button to start ripping.

Once you are done you can then move your DVD collection to a USB drive or even add them to your Xbox One S through its file explorer function.

By using the Tipard DVD Ripper you can easily enjoy your full movie collection even if you have a disc-less Xbox One S, and the process is as easy as relying on the built-in Blu-Ray App.


1.If the disc is a bit scratched up, will it be okay in the Xbox?

As long as the disc can be played without skipping, you can play it on the Xbox.

2.What is the difference between Xbox One S and Xbox One S digital?

Xbox One S All-Digital Edition is cheaper and does not have a disc drive. So you can only download the digital games to play, while some digital games can be more expensive.

3.Does the Xbox One S All-Digital Edition console support an External disc drive over USB?

No, this cost-efficient console does not support an optical drive over USB. So, you can’t enjoy any disc-based media with this Digital One S except put the media file to a USB flash drive or an external hard disc drive.