Xbox One is one hell of a great home video game console.

Ever since it’s published in 2013, it has always been the most adorable companion for game lovers. Also, supporting movie playback from some online video streaming applications like Netflix and Hulu, the Xbox One is also a wonderful movie player tool.

Does Xbox One Play DVDs

Can Xbox One play DVDs?

Apart from gaming and streaming features, a lot of Xbox One users are holding the console, wondering whether or not the Xbox One can play DVDs.

To be clarified, an Xbox One can absolutely play DVDs. Installed with a built-in disc drive for CD, DVD, and Blu-ray disc, this powerful game console can help users to play a game, movie, and music disc.

In today’s tutorial, we will walk through the detailed steps of playing a DVD on Xbox One. Also, for those who have complained about Xbox One not playing DVD, you’ll find several positive fixes.

How to play DVD on Xbox One?

To play a DVD on an Xbox One, you’ll need to download the Blu-ray Player app first. This is the media player freeware that is designed by Microsoft to play inserted DVDs and Blu-ray discs on the game console.

With the Blu-ray Player, you can easily start to play DVD movies on your Xbox One. Now, let’s see how to play DVDs on Xbox One with the Blu-ray Player.

Step 1 Download the Blu-ray Player

Take out the controller and press the Xbox Home button to get to the home screen. Then, locate the Store.

Choose Search and type ‘Blu-ray’ in the search bar, search for it.

Next, select the Blu-ray Player app, the one with a big blue icon, from the search results. Hit Install to proceed.

How to Play DVDs on Xbox One

Step 2 Insert the DVD

After the Blu-ray Player is installed, pop your DVD into the disk tray on Xbox One. The console will detect the disc and automatically start to play it with the freeware.

You just need to wait for a while to enjoy the movie.

Tip:  Your Xbox One may fail to play the DVD automatically since the auto-play feature has been disabled. In this case, you have to hit the Play disc option to start the playback.

Play DVDs on Xbox One

How to fix Xbox One not playing DVDs?

Some Xbox One users complain that their console won’t play DVD for them after inserting one into the disc tray. No auto-play works, or even worse, no disc information displays.

Luckily, such a DVD playback failure on Xbox One is repairable. To watch a DVD on the console successfully, you will find several fixes in the following sections.

1. Clean and repair the polluted DVD

DVDs are delicate. If you mishandle it by laying fingerprints, scratching the surface, or bending the disc, this disc is likely unplayable. Nothing will happen when you insert the disc into the Xbox One unless you clean and fix it.

  • You may read: .

2. Check the region code

Most DVDs on the marker are labeled with region codes, for instance,

  • A DVD circulated and sold in the US and Canada is Region 1;
  • A European DVD is branded as Region 2;
  • Etc…

Relatively, every DVD player and drive (including the one on an Xbox One) has a region code. And a region-coded DVD can only play with a DVD drive in the same region code.

If you purchased the Xbox One in the US, then it cannot play any DVD that isn’t in Region 1. You need to switch to another DVD or try to rip the DVD to your computer.

3. Modify the Xbox One DVD playback settings

Xbox One has a Parental Control feature that is used to limit children to have access to certain functions on the game console. Sometimes, you may have accidentally blocked the DVD playback under Parental Control, which makes the console incapable of playing a DVD.

In this case, you need to change the settings of Parental Control.

  • Go to the home dashboard of the Xbox One.
  • Select Settings > Family, then choose the Gamertag that you’re using to play the DVD.
  • Under the Privacy&Online Settings, select Change Settings, check if you’ve disabled DVD playback or not.

4. Try to play the DVD on another device

If none of the disc, the settings, or region code are the reasons for the Xbox One not playing DVD error, you may suffer from a broken-down disc drive on the Xbox One.

Try playing the DVD on your computer, a DVD player, or another Xbox One. If the disc is running alright on the new device, your Xbox One may be out of fix, send it to repair as soon as possible.

Tip: Rip the DVD as digital files to your computer

If your Xbox One won’t play the DVD due to various undefined errors, you may rip your DVD as digital files to skip all the complex diagnosis and solving process.

With DVD ripping, you’re available to transform the DVD format into much more compatible digital files.

  • For instance, for a movie disc, you may convert it to a compatible MP4 movie.

Luckily, your Xbox One may not play a DVD, but it can play an MP4 file without any problems at all. After a DVD ripping is complete, transfer the DVD .mp4 file to a USB hard drive. Then, connect the hard drive to the Xbox One and start playing the DVD movie without any failure.

Found it more relaxing than narrowing down the error? Let’s start to rip the DVD.

How to rip DVD as digital files to a computer for Xbox One?

Step 1 Download DVD Ripper on your computer

Step 2 Load up the DVD to the DVD Ripper

Pop the DVD into the disc tray on your computer and launch DVD Ripper. On its interface, hit the big blue button to export the DVD to the software.

Step 3 Decide the profile parameters

When the loading is complete, you will see the main title of the DVD. Decide the audio and subtitle for the output movie file.

Tip: To rip some or all videos of the DVD, hit Full Movie List to choose the target titles.

Rip DVD for Xbox Not Playing DVD

Then, locate Rip All to: and go to MP4, select Same as Source to proceed. Later, DVD Ripper will convert the DVD movie into MP4 format without quality loss.

Step 4 Finish the ripping

Decide the destination folder to save the ripped DVD movie. Next, hit the Rip All button to initiate a DVD ripping.

The process will be done in a few minutes. After the completion, click the Open Output Folder to locate the MP4 DVD movie.

Later, transfer the file to a USB hard drive. To play the DVD movie on your Xbox One, connect the USB hard drive to the console and launch the Blu-ray Player app.

To sum up:

With the free Blu-ray Player, Xbox One users can easily play a DVD on the console without further ado. However, if your Xbox One is not playing a DVD, you need to narrow down the reason for the failure first. Then, fix the issue relatively.

Hate piles of diagnosis and fixes? Try to rip the DVD to your computer for later transfer.