4K Essential Guide: Does Xbox One (S/X) Play 4K Blu-ray

Last Updated on August 11, 2021 by Robert Jackson

Microsoft did awesome work in creating and releasing their revolutionary game console: Xbox One that sweeps the wallets of those video game lovers and gives them the ultimate joy.

Nobody can question the ability of the Xbox One in playing games, the device has one significant shortage: Xbox One cannot play 4K Blu-ray.

As its competitor, the Sony PlayStation 4 series, boasts itself a perfect combination for both video games and movie playback that can stream 4K Blu-ray movies for home-based users, some media started to compare the Xbox One and criticized its shortage of 4K Blu-ray playback since 4K movie has never been that popular.

Xbox One S X Play 4K Blu-ray

But Microsoft certainly heard the voices. In the coming years, Microsoft released two more models of the Xbox One series, the Xbox One S and Xbox One X, yet without some detailed introductions.

And that makes some of the fans confused: whether the updated Xbox One models, Xbox One S and X,  can play a 4K Blu-ray. This is what we’re going to find out.

Does Xbox One S/X play 4K Blu-ray

Being a huge movie fan and game lover, if you own or plan on getting one Xbox One console, that’s a very important issue. To be clear, of course, both Xbox One S and X can play 4K Blu-ray.

Steps to play a 4K Blu-ray disc on your Xbox One S and X

But pay attention that to play a 4K Blu-ray disc on your Xbox One S or X, you need to enable the 4K playback feature on the console and download a Blu-ray player app. Follow these:

Step 1: Enable 4K on your Xbox One S/X

Press the Xbox button on your controller to start the console. Tap RB three times to enter System in the Xbox Guide. Next, choose Settings > Display & Sound > Video Output.

Under the Advanced Video modes. Check the Allow 4K box.

Enable 4K Blu-ray on Xbox One S X

Step 2: Download and install the Blu-ray player app

Activate the Search bar and type in  “Blu-ray player“. Download and install the app on your Xbox One S/X. It’s free, get it anyway.

Step 3: Insert your 4K Blu-ray disc on your console

Next, as the previous two things are done. You can now insert the 4K Blu-ray disc into your Xbox One S or X to start enjoying the movie. Once inserted, choose the Play Disc option on the main screen to proceed.

Play 4K Blu-ray on Xbox S X

Commonly Asked: Can I play 4K movies on Xbox One

I know that for those Xbox One users, the fact that you cannot play the 4K Blu-ray discs on your game console is pretty painful. Still, some ask:

If I can’t play the 4K Blu-ray disc directly, can I download a 4K movie and stream it via the Xbox One?

Unfortunately, the answer is negative, you can’t play anything that goes beyond 1080P on your Xbox One no matter what source it is.

Video streaming takes the internal hardware to play and as for the Xbox One, it’s not installed with 4K-compatible parts, like the processor, decoder, and other technical parts.

If you only have the Xbox One at home as the player, then, I recommend you this: rip the 4K Blu-ray as a 1080P video and stream it via the game console.

  • By doing so, your Xbox One will only have to deal with 1080P videos instead of the demanding 4K Blu-ray.
  • Also, you won’t experience issues like region codes and more.

If you’re interested in that method, you can find some tutorials in the following.

Why Xbox One S/X Won’t Play 4K Blu-ray

Some unlucky users have reported some unplayable issues on Reddit, Quora, and some Xbox groups. After analyzing and testing for days, we find out some possible reasons and related fixes.

If you are having issues regarding Xbox One S/X not playing 4K Blu-ray, check these out:

Issue 1: Unplayable 4K Blu-ray disc

If you can’t play the 4K disc, the first reason that occurs to me is the disc itself. So, now, pop out your disc and check two things: surface intactness and region code.

  • Surface intactness: If the disc is badly scratched, it’s going to be unplayable for sure. Switch to another one then.
  • Region code: When the region code on the disc is incompatible with the one on your Xbox One S/X, the playback will fail.

Solution: Use another disc or rip the 4K disc as digital files.

Issue 2: Failed Blu-ray player app

Your Xbox One S/X needs the Blu-ray player app to play a 4K Blu-ray disc, if it goes wrong somehow, the streaming will fail.

Solution: Re-install the app for your Xbox One S or X.

Download Blu-ray Player

Issue 3: Disabled 4K Allow option

As mentioned, you need to enable the 4K playback feature on the console. Your Xbox One S/X is not going to play the 4K movie when the feature is disabled.

Solution: Enable the feature with the tutorial above.

Issue 4: Device fault

There are chances that the game console itself is having some undefined faults, like a broken lens, a damaged disc tray, etc.

Solution: Call customer service or take the console to a repair center.

How to play 4K Blu-ray on Xbox One and S/X

Let’s say your game console is unable to play 4K Blu-ray discs due to

  • inadequate hardware (Xbox One);
  • or any said errors.

That doesn’t mean the disc is useless and you can’t enjoy the movie at home. There’s still one way out that is to rip the 4K Blu-ray movie as a digital file and use a USB port to play on the Xbox One (S/X).

Xbox One USB Port

Ripping the movie out from the 4K Blu-ray movie, you don’t need to go through the disc-inserting process on your game console anymore. So, even if the hardware on the device is damaged, you can still enjoy the 4K movie with full features.

For Xbox One users, you may have to endure the downgrade of the movie since your Xbox One is incapable of playing the 4K, while the Xbox One S and X users can enjoy the 4K and throw the disc away.

Interested in it? Try it then.

How to Rip/Convert 4K Blu-ray to Play on Xbox One, S, and X

To do the ripping, you need to download a professional Blu-ray disc extractor program. Instead of doing the endless scroll, use the recommended one – echoshare Blu-ray Ripper.

As the first choice for most home-based users, this Blu-ray extractor program can rip all HD, UHD, 4K Blu-ray discs with original frame and audio quality. You’re available to:

  • Have the ultimate visual and acoustic enjoyment without using the fragile and troublesome disc anymore.
  • Save the movie to your hard drive, USB stick, cloud service to build your digital collection.
  • Watch Blu-ray discs from all over the world without worrying about Cinavia, region code, and compatibility.
  • Etc.

To make sure the 4K Blu-ray movie play on your Xbox One, S, and X, let’s give it a shot.

Steps to rip 4K Blu-ray for Xbox One, S, and X via USB port

Step 1: Ger ready for the ripping

We need a computer to do the ripping. Turn on your computer and pop the 4K Blu-ray disc into the disc tray of the computer.

Now, download the Blu-ray ripper program, install and launch it afterward.

Win Download
Mac Download
Win Download

Mac Download

Step 2: Finish the ripping

Now, on the program’s interface, click on the big plus rounded button that locates in the middle to load the 4K Blu-ray disc to the Blu-ray ripper. Alternatively, you can click on the Load Blu-ray menu.

Tipard Blu-ray Converter Interface

In just a while, the program will finish processing the disc and display the main movie of the 4K Blu-ray disc on the panel. Now, let’s set up some parameters for the movie then.

  1. By default, the program will only display and rip the main movie of the target disc. To rip the rest, click on the Full Movie List button.
  2. For all the videos, you can choose the output audio channel and subtitle track with the two drop-down menus.

Tipard Blu-ray Converter Loaded Blu-ray Disc

Tip:For Xbox One users, you can click on the Rip All to option and choose MP4-1080P option. Your game console can play 1080P only, so we can save some space on your hard drive and reduce the time for ripping and transfer. Of course, if you want to enjoy the 4K vision on your computer, keep it default.

Now, click on the Rip All button to start the ripping. In a few minutes, the ripping will be complete and the output folder will pop out automatically.

Step 3: Play the 4K movie on the console

Check the file on the folder and take out a UBS stick, insert it into the computer. Transfer the file to the USB stick. Later, plug it into the USB port on your Xbox One, S, or X. Enjoy the movie then.


Yes, every Xbox model that comes after the Xbox One can play 4K Blu-ray completely, like Xbox One S, Xbox One X, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S.