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How to Play Blu-ray on Nintendo Wii with Easy Steps

By Published On: March 8th, 2021Categories: Rip Blu-ray

Though the Nintendo Wii game console is no longer the first choice for many game fans to play video games, it’s such a waste to just leave the device there and do nothing about it.

To reuse the Wii game console, a lot of Wii owners are trying to play some movie and music discs, like CD, DVD, and Blu-ray, on the device since we’re available to play a game via a game disc on Wii.

The idea of making use of Wii raises a problem: Can you play a Blu-ray on Wii?

If you cannot, why can’t you? Or if you can, then how to?

To help you find the answer, this post will tell you the feasibility of Wii playing Blu-ray and how exactly can you play a Blu-ray movie on Wii.

Can Wii Play Blu-ray Disc

Can Wii Play a Blu-ray disc?

To be clear to you all first, a Wii cannot play a Blu-ray disc directly. You insert a Blu-ray disc into the disc tray on Wii, nothing is going to happen. No video, no music, no nothing.

Reason for this:

  • Wii is a game console that can read only game discs.
  • While game and movie Blu-ray discs share different encoding and encryption methods, Nintendo didn’t install a Blu-ray drive onto a Wii.

Though Wii cannot play a Blu-ray disc directly, there’s still one way to watch a Blu-ray movie on Wii – convert the Blu-ray disc into a Wii-compatible file.

Convert Blu-ray disc into digital files to play on Wii

Take a look at the back of your Wii. Can you see two USB ports there?

The Back of Wii

The USB ports are the key that you can play the Blu-ray movie on the console. This is the idea works:

  1. First, we will insert the Blu-ray disc into a computer via a Blu-ray drive.
  2. Then, use the Blu-ray ripper software to convert the Blu-ray disc into digital files like an AVI movie.
  3. Next, transfer the Blu-ray movie file to a USB flash drive.
  4. Lastly, connect the flash drive to your Wii and play the Blu-ray movie.

Sound nice, right? Let’s see what you’re going to need for the process.

Prepare these before digitalizing your Blu-ray disc for Wii

The coming 3 things are necessary for you to play a Blu-ray movie on your Wii. Make sure you get all the stuff ready.

1. A Blu-ray disc

Take out your Blu-ray disc. Make sure it’s still playable by check the possible scratches on the surface, bending, or fading.


2. A Blu-ray drive

MthsTec External Blu-ray Drive

To digitalize a Blu-ray disc on a computer, you need to install a Blu-ray player to your computer via the USB port first. Maybe, you’re lucky enough to purchase a computer that has a pre-installed Blu-ray drive, you may skip this.



3. Blu-ray ripper software

To protect the disc content from piracy, disc producers applied some DRM (digital right management) methods to most Blu-ray discs. In other words, you cannot drag and drop the Blu-ray movies onto your computer hard drive.

Luckily, some geeks have already cracked all the DRM and we’re available to copy and convert a Blu-ray movie with the professional Blu-ray ripper software.

Among all Blu-ray ripper tools, there’s one you should never miss, the Tipard Blu-ray Converter.

This Blu-ray ripper software can easily bypass Blu-ray DRM methods and rip the Blu-ray content from a disc into digital files.

  • With this program, you should never have to worry about the success rate since it’s going to work like charm.
  • If you’re worried about the quality of the output Blu-ray files, well, don’t be. Tipard Blu-ray Converter will rip your Blu-ray movies without any quality loss at all. You insert a 4K Blu-ray disc, you receive a 4K movie file.
  • For Blu-ray movies that have multiple audio tracks and subtitle channels, you can choose one or all tracks and channels to rip. Also, you’re available to rip the whole disc including those post-credit scenes, or you may choose to copy the main movie separately.

Tipard Blu-ray Converter Interface

If you’re interested in it, download the program onto your PC for free and start to rip your Blu-ray disc for Wii.

Steps to play a Blu-ray on Wii

In this section, we’ll be seeing the whole process of playing a Blu-ray disc on Wii. Let’s get started.

Step 1 Rip the Blu-ray disc for Wii

Insert the Blu-ray disc into the Blu-ray drive on your computer and launch Tipard Blu-ray Converter.

On its interface, click the big blue round button in the middle. Tipard will detect the disc and analyze the contents inside.

Tipard Blu-ray Converter Analyze Blu-ray

When the analysis is complete, the program will display the main movie of this Blu-ray disc on the interface.


To rip all video clips inside the disc, click Full Title List and check the rest of the tiles. Click OK to confirm.

Decide Blu-ray Disc Movies to Rip BD for Wii

Then, click Rip All to and decide the output format.

  • On the new window, go to Device and locate Games from the left menu.
  • Then, scroll down on the right panel and find the Wii option. Click it and Tipard will rip your Blu-ray movie(s) for a Wii-compatible format.

Decide Blu-ray Disc Output Format for Wii

Next, for a disc that contains multiple audio tracks and subtitle channels, you’re available to choose one to tip with the movies.

Step 2 Transfer Blu-ray movie(s) to a USB drive

Now, take out a USB drive and connect it to your PC.

Back to Tipard’s interface, locate Save to and set the destination as your USB drive.

Decide Destination to Rip Blu-ray

In this way, Tipard Blu-ray Converter will rip the Blu-ray disc as files into the inserted USB drive.

As everything is ready, click the Rip All button to start. Tipard will work to rip the Blu-ray discs based on the setup.

Step 3 Play the Blu-ray on Wii

You may visit the USB drive to preview the Blu-ray movie(s) after the process is complete.

Connect the USB drive to Wii and play the Blu-ray movie. Have fun with the motion picture.

FAQs for Wii, Xbox, and PlayStation

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