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Does My PS4 Pro/Slim Play Blu-ray? YES! Two Ways Here

By Published On: August 11th, 2021Categories: Rip Blu-ray

Years after PS4 was launched, Sony released two more updated models of the PS4 series, the PS4 Pro for ultimate gameplay performance and the PS4 Slim for considerate portability.

Same as the PS4, these two Sony consoles have wildly won the hearts of the users who seek a better experience. Yet, the same group of users as well as those who plan on getting one echo concerns about whether Sony has removed the ability to play Blu-ray movies from the two consoles, especially when the inferior PS4 can play Blu-ray.

Why we would like to get a PS4 Pro or Slim? Other than video games, we also love to watch movies through them with loved ones. In addition, you can actually save some money from buying an extra Blu-ray player.

So, we must deliberate our worry and find out whether the PS4 Pro or Slim can play Blu-ray to make sure movie nights proceed. And if it can, then, how to? Is it possible that the Blu-ray movie will start to stream by just popping the disc in? Let’s go and see.

Blu-ray Guide on PS4 Pro & Slim:

PS4 Pro Slim Play Blu-ray

Part 1: Do PS4 Pro and Slim play Blu-ray disc

Sony didn’t remove the Blu-ray streaming ability from the PS4 Pro and Slim, so the answer is: YES! Both PS4 Pro and Slim can play Blu-ray discs without failure.

Moreover, the developers have upscaled the 1080P Blu-ray playback feature to 4K, which means you can, undoubtedly, enjoy a 4K movie with your PS4 Pro or Slim at home without getting an expensive 4K Blu-ray player.

Alright, throw the 4K feature away, and let’s turn back to the Blu-ray playback on your PS4 Pro/Slim. Now that you know the console can surely play Blu-ray discs, but do you know how to operate that? Well, if you don’t, we have methods for you. Let’s move to Part 2.

Part 2: How to play Blu-ray discs on PS4 Pro and Slim

To play Blu-ray on your PS4 Pro/Slim is very easy, here, we have two methods for you.

Each of them carries different advantages, pick up the one that pleases you more and start to play Blu-ray on your PS4 Pro/Slim.

Method 1: Play Blu-ray on PS4 Pro/Slim by digitizing disc content

Though the PS4 Pro/Slim can stream Blu-ray movies most of the time, there’re chances that the console will fail to do so. Case in point:

Region code error:

The region code is a digital management technology that restricts improper playback of the Blu-ray disc – a disc can only run on a compatible device. Blu-ray discs and all the devices that can play Blu-ray carry a region code on the surface or case – A, B, or C.

That means, if you have a Region-A disc, you can only play it on a Region-A player. Region codes are different? You can’t play the disc.

Outdated encryption key:

To fight against piracy, disc producers will constantly update the protection methods (like AACS, Cinavia, BD+) on Blu-ray discs to guard the disc content from unauthorized streaming and copy.

For certain devices that are outdated and lack updates, the latest Blu-ray discs are too demanding and won’t play on them.

To avoid the said issues and more that we haven’t mentioned here, let’s try to rip the Blu-ray disc to play on your PS4 Pro/Slim.

Ripping Blu-ray disc to digital and play on PS4 Pro and Slim

Blu-rya ripping is an action of using special methods to extract the movie as digital files like an MP4 video from the target disc.

Through the ripping:

  • You won’t need the Blu-ray disc to play the movie.
  • Ripping is going to erase all the restrictions on the disc, including the region code and those protections.
  • The digital file that you rip from a Blu-ray disc can be saved on all your digital device, a PC, phone, tablet, or USB stick. You can literally get rid of the fragile disc and enjoy the movie when you’re out for a trip.

To do that ripping, we need a computer, a Blu-ray disc extractor program, and a few minutes of operating time. Yes, you will need a specific program to do the task. If you have no idea how to choose one, let me introduce one to you, the echoshare Blu-ray Ripper.

Infor of echoshare Blu-ray Ripper:

About the program, we can’t say it’s the most powerful one and indeed, no one can say that, but this Blu-ray ripper is definitely one of the most considerate and lightweight Blu-ray extractors. Why do I say that?

Well, first of all, it’s so easy to use that you can operate it with your eyes shut.

You just need to plug in the disc, click 2 or 3 buttons, and wait for a couple of minutes. No need to understand some technical terms or complex processes at all.

If you’re someone who loves challenges, well, this program can give you that. I’m afraid that you will feel bored, but you can solve that by making yourself a coffee while waiting for the process to be done.

Besides, the program is such a benchmark for the industry – it’s so lightweight.

You won’t experience any laggy window or freezing screen at all unless your computer is older than Modern Times. Download, install, and rip, nice and smooth.

What about its core function, Blu-ray ripping? Let me tell you some parameters then:

  • Supports 180+ digital formats;
  • Cracks 1080P,  UHD, 3D, and 4K Blu-ray without quality loss;
  • Decrypt dozens of DRM methods, including AACS, BD+, region code;
  • Rip all videos, audio, and subtitles.

Of course, there’re more. You can try it and find out more yourself though. Now, you can click the buttons below to get the program on your computer for free.

Steps to play Blu-ray on PS4 Pro/Slim through ripping

Now, as you have installed the app on your PC successfully, let’s rip your Blu-ray to play on PS4 Pro/Slim then.

Step 1: Rip the Blu-ray disc

Insert the target Blu-ray disc into the disc tray and launch echoshare Blu-ray Ripper on your computer. On the program’s interface, click on the Load Blu-ray option to get the ripper to analyze the Blu-ray disc.

Wait for a second, it will soon display the main movie of the disc on the panel.

Load Up Blu-ray Disc to Copy

Actually, you can finish the ripping by clicking on the Rip All button. This ripper will rip the movie out of the disc with the original resolution and the default audio.

Rip Blu-ray to Play on PS4 Pro/Slim

Don’t worry about the format. It’s going to be MP4, the most compatible one that can surely run on your PS4 console. Still, if you would like a much flexible ripping, check this out.

  • Full Title List: To extract some or all the videos from the Blu-ray, click on it and make your choice.
  • Audio/Subtitle: Some videos have multiple audio channels and subtitle tracks. You can choose the one that you like most. Also, you’re available to add a new one from your PC hard drive.
  • Rip All to: Decide the format and resolution here. Actually, MP4 will be enough. Still, you can choose formats like MKV, AVI, WMV that are compatible with PS4 Pro and Slim. Just remember to choose the Same as Source option for a lossless ripping.
  • Save to: This is where you can decide the output videos to be stored. You can use the default one though. By the way, don’t worry about having trouble finding the location. You can click on the Open Output Folder button next to the drop-down menu.
  • Merge into one file: If you plan on ripping multiple videos, this option helps you combine them all in one video. So, you can better manage the file as well as transfer it.

Finish all the setup, click the Rip All button to complete. In a minute or two, as the ripping is complete. The output folder will open automatically. Find the Blu-ray movie file there.

Setup for Blu-ray Ripping

Step 2: Transfer the file to PS4 Pro/Slim

Now, take out a USB stick that is capable of holding the Blu-ray movie. Copy the file to the stick and plug it out afterward. Then, locate the USB port on your game console and insert the USB stick.

Wait a minute, then, on your PS4 Pro or Slim, start to play the movie by choosing the Movie tab on the main screen.

Method 2: Play Blu-ray disc on PS4 Pro/Slim directly

You can play your Blu-rays on PS4 Pro/Slim directly with an Internet connection.

  1. In the PS4 Pro/Slim’s disc drive, insert a Blu-ray disc.
  2. Once inserted, an option will appear on the main menu. It will either be “Blu-ray disc” or the name of the Blu-ray you inserted. Select this option using your PS4 Pro/Slim Controller, and press the X button to begin playing the Blu-ray.
  3. When your Blu-ray is already playing, you have the power to play or pause, fast-forward or rewind, etc. the movie using your controller.

Play Blu-ray on PS4 Pro and Slim

Pay attention that if your PS4 Pro/Slim has no connection, it won’t play the Blu-ray disc since it lacks the ability to get decryption methods online to play the commercial Blu-ray content.

FAQs for PS4, Pro, and Slim

Technically, yes, you can do that. It’s not going to affect or damage the console most of the time. Still, it would be great if you remember to take it out every time you are done using it. Just in case the disc will get overheated, which is unlikely to happen unless the room is so hot.


You don’t need to manually turn on the Blu-ray playback feature on PS4, Pro, and Slim. You just need to insert a Blu-ray disc and then the game console will enable the feature automatically. Still, if your game console is getting wrong somehow, you can turn the feature on manually.