Does the PS4 play CDs? It is one of the more frustrating features of the Playstation Industry. There is no such thing as a PS4 audio CD or a CD that is compatible with a Play Station. In fact, PlayStation strictly says on its website to not put a CD into a PlayStation console. Those who wanted to play a CD on a Playstation 4, hopefully, didn’t find out CDs were incompatible with the PS4 by inserting a CD straight into their Playstation and discovering that although PS4 consoles can read DVDs and Blue-Ray disks, it cannot seem to read a CD. However, don’t give up after discovering this unfortunate feature of PS4. There are PS4 compatible formats that you can convert to that will allow you to create your very own collection of PS4 audio CDs such as MP4.

MP4 and other compatible formats must include what is called a codec for your PS4 to read them. For example, MP4 files, when converting should contain “H.364” as it’s codex. It is important to note that MP4 files are not the only compatible file formats that can be played on a PS4. Other formats include MPEG-4. MPEG-2, MKV, and others. You can find the entire list in the Playstation 4 User Manual which can be found online.

To convert a CD and make your very own PS4 audio CDs you need the required software. There are two software programs mentioned below that will convert your CD into an MP4 type file. Playstation 4 does not support any audio files but does support video files. The two software programs are called Aiseesoft Video Converter Ultimate and DVDFab.

1. Aiseesoft Video Converter Ultimate

If you wanted to play your CDs on a PS4, you can use the Aiseesoft Video Converter Ultimate to convert your CD’s mp3 format to MP4 or other formats that are supported by PS4s. This Aiseesoft Converter is an easy to use DVD Ripper and format converter adapted for Mac computers and Windows computers that can convert your CD to PS4 supported files. The Video Converter Ultimate produces high-quality outputs, so there is little to no chance that your PS4 audio CD will have less sound quality than the original CD. Offering 1000 formats, Aiseesoft is probably the easiest and convenient file converter available.aiseesoft-video-converter-banner

How to Convert Your CD to a Compatible Format Using Aiseesoft Video Converter Ultimate

To convert a CD to an accepted format for PS4 using Video Converter Ultimate follow these simple steps:

  • Step 1. Download and install the program on your PC(Aiseesoft Video Converter Ultimate is available for both Mac (at least macOS 10.10 required) and Windows computers).
  • Step 2. You have to launch the application. After installation, the application should be available in Finder under the Applications folder, or in your files section where you saved it on your windows computer if you chose not to launch the program after installation.
  • Step 3. After launching the program, insert the CD you want to convert into your external or internal CD/DVD drive. Inserting the CD will allow the program to sync the CD and load the songs into the program for conversion. Before converting your CD with the application, you are going to need to select “Ripper” on the top and then click “Load DVD” under the drop-down menu icon. Remember in this case, we are not loading a DVD but a CD, this is just what the button says, and is nothing to worry about. Disk options should appear after you select the “Load DVD” option. You should select the disk you wish to convert.
  • Step 4. Click on the Full Title List button, a pop-up window will appear. All the Audio Track should be selected if you want to convert the entire CD not just your favorite songs and click the OK button.
  • Step 5. Click on the drop-down menu icon on the right and select the formats you want your CD converted to. To add the codec – for this example, we will use the H.264 codec for the MP4 format – click on the edit icon(looks like a fairy stick) and open settings. Select the encoder tab, found under the Video option and choose H264, then click “create.” Under the Output tab, choose a location to save the MP4 H264 on your computer. Finally, click “Rip All”.

After converting all songs, make sure the files have downloaded onto your computer. If the files were not downloaded, you can download them by selecting the download option visible on the application’s window toward the bottom.

Here are the instructions on how to add the converted files to your PS4.


2. DVDFab

DVDFab is another video and audio converting or ripping software that works great on Macs and PCs. It can convert CDS, DVDs and Blue-Ray disks to audio formats and digital video files just like Aiseesoft Video Converter. DVDFab is a great choice when it comes to creating your own PS4 audio CD if you are experienced in ripping CDs or DVDs, but it can be a bit hard for a beginner to use DVDFab. The program is very detailed and not very intuitive. However, it’s detailed design offers many converting options, like Aiseesoft and extremely fast processing speed. DVDFab also allows the conversion of multiple file formats that are compatible with PS4s. DVDFab is a great choice when it comes to creating your own PS4 audio CD if you are experienced in ripping CDs or DVDs, but it can be a bit hard for a beginner to use DVDFab.

How to Convert Your CD to a Compatible Format Using DVDFab:

  1. The first step in using the DVDFab application to convert your CD to the desired file type is to launch the DVDFab application after download (mac: found in Applications in Finder, PC: found in files under whatever folder you saved it under).
  2. Once launched, there should be a button toward the top of the window in the application titled “Ripper”. Click on the “Ripper” button and you can choose the PS4 supported file type’s profile (MP4 H264, etc.).
  3. Next, insert your CD into your external disk drive to load the disk onto the program for converting. Before converting, it is important to tell the program the size of the CD that you are converting (if known) so that the PS4 audio CD will not take up more space than is necessary on your computer once saved. Save the songs to your computer by clicking on the “folder” icon at the bottom of the application. To begin the conversion process, hit “start” to convert your songs to a PS4 compatible video format.
  4. After converting your songs, double-check your songs were downloaded by finding them in the saved folder. (Note: DVDfab has a download option if your songs are not automatically downloaded onto your device. This option is found toward the bottom of the application window.).

DVDFab is available for both Mac and Windows PCs.

How to Transfer songs onto your PS4

One of the recommended ways to transfer your converted songs onto your PS4 is by using a USB thumb drive.

  • After using one of the two converting options above, locate the songs on your computer and insert the thumb drive into the USB port on your computer.
  • Next, you can drag and drop the folder with the songs, or the songs individually onto the USB drive location (USB should be on the left side of your files/ finder window or as an icon on your desktop screen.
  • After you have successfully transferred your songs onto your thumb drive, eject the USB drive and remove it from your computer.
  • The next step is inserting the USB drive into your PS4. To do this, turn on your PlayStation 4 and locate a USB port on the back of your PS4 or front (where you normally charge controllers). Insert the thumb drive.

In order to play your MP4 files on your PS4, you can use the Media Player on your Playstation. An icon for your media player should be in the content area. You can select this icon with your controller and launch the program. If you haven’t installed Media Player, clicking on the icon will take you to the online store where you can install it. Once launched, you can select the songs and videos that you want to play. The cool thing about Media Player is you can also play your songs in the background as you game.

Which converting software is better?

These two converting software both have their drawbacks and their strengths when converting CDs to a PS4 audio format for your PS4 audio CD. However, due to the fact that it is easy to use, Aiseesoft Video Converter is a slightly better option to download. Aiseesoft Video Converter is easy for everyone to use and is less complicated. It basically is a simplified version of DVDFab. DVDFab is, however, a great option if you wish to do more than just convert your CDs to PS4 compatible formats. Compared to Aiseesoft Video Converter, it is simpler to add the codec to your output file format. Overall, arguably the best program is Aiseesoft Video Converter.

Hopefully, you can choose which converter works best for your needs from the information provided and play your CD’s songs on your Playstation hassle-free now.