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Does PS3 Play Blu-ray Movies? YES and It’s Very Easy

By Published On: March 10th, 2021Categories: Rip Blu-ray

Selling over 87.4 million units, the Sony PS 3 is the first video game console in the PlayStation series to introduce motion-sensing technology (using its Sixaxis wireless controller), a Blu-ray drive, and HD(1080P) definition for games and movies.

Though it’s kind of a relic of the last decade, still, we can still have so much fun with this god-given device, like playing games and watching movies.

Given that this game console can run a Blu-ray game disc and play media movies, some PS3 users may wonder whether the PS3 plays a Blu-ray movie disc so that they can skip an expensive Blu-ray player.

If you share the same question with those confused folks, this article will help you find the answer. Keep on reading and enjoy your PS3.

Does PS3 play Blu-ray discs?

Let’s make one thing straight in the first place a PS3 can play Blu-ray discs directly.

Sony, the manufacturer of PS3, is also one of the leading developers of Blu-ray technology, making it easy for Sony to plant a Blu-ray drive on a PS3 and give the console the ability to run Blu-ray movies and game discs.

However, since the primary task of PS3 is not playing a Blu-ray movie disc, you’re not going to have a perfect movie appreciation. We’ll discuss the defects later. And now, let’s focus on the steps of playing a Blu-ray movie disc on a PS3.

How to play a Blu-ray disc on PS3

First thing first, make sure your PS3 is upgraded to version 1.5 or above. Version 1.5 is the lowest limit for PS3 to play a Blu-ray disc. I guess this is no big deal, right?

Insert the Blu-ray disc into the optical drive of your PS3. Go to the Video tab on PS3. Choose the movie disc and press the X button on your controller to start playing it.

Play Blu-ray Disc on PS3

Easy as it is, you can enjoy your Blu-ray movie disc on the PS3 right away.


In case you’re one of the few that haven’t made your PS3 up to date. This is how to update your PS3 system.

  • Connect your PS3 to the Internet first.
  • Then, go to the Settings tab and select the System Update option.
  • Choose to Update via the Internet.
  • Lastly, click Start to upgrade the console.

Upgrade PS3 System to Play Blu-ray

Some flaws you should while playing a Blu-ray disc on PS3

Ever since the release of the first PS3, many Blu-ray viewers have already used PS3 to play their Blu-ray collections. According to them, playing a Blu-ray disc on PS3 comes with these defects:

1. Incompatible with universal remotes

In general, you can use a remote, whatever brand it is, to control the playback of a Blu-ray disc or DVD on a Blu-ray player.

But a PS3 doesn’t work with any other remotes due to a lack of an IR receptor. You’re only available to start, stop, resume, and pause the Blu-ray playback with the PS3 controller, which is pretty inconvenient.

2. DVD-style surround sound

Though a PS3 supports DTS-HD Master Audio and Dolby TrueHD, you’re unlikely to enjoy Blu-ray audio quality.

Installing an outdated AV receiver, a PS3 can decode the DTS-HD Master Audio and Dolby TrueHD soundtracks but CANNOT output it through that receiver. What you hear eventually is the DVD-level surround sound.

3. Standard resolution restriction

With the introduction of AACS (Advanced AACS Content System) in 2011, PS3 manufactured after this is only capable of playing a Blu-ray disc in Standard (720P) resolution. The HD video playback feature is disabled.

4. Higher power consumption

A PS3 sucks up about 170 watts to play a Blu-ray movie disc. This is a value that 6.8 Samsung BD-P1400 players will take to run a Blu-ray disc.

If you’re in pursuit of a low-carbon lifestyle or scared of a high electric bill, you’d better off trying other tools to play Blu-ray discs.

PS3 can help you with so much stuff, but it’s not flawless. Can’t take any of these flaws? Try to rip the Blu-ray disc as digital files to play on your PS3.

Workaround: Rip the Blu-ray disc to play on PS3

There’s one way to skip the PS3 playing Blu-ray with SD resolution, DVD-style sound effect, and 177 watts, which is ripping a Blu-ray disc as digital video files.

The benefits of ripping Blu-ray discs as video files

  • PS3 doesn’t have to deal with the Blu-ray soundtracks and Blu-ray audio format with its AV receiver. You’ll enjoy the DTS-HD Master Audio and Dolby TrueHD soundtracks with the movie files.
  • Ripping a Blu-ray disc will remove the AACS from the disc content, which means no more SD resolution restriction exits and you can play a 1080P Blu-ray disc with full performance on your PS3.
  • Your PS3 will take a lot less power to play a Blu-ray movie file instead of a Blu-ray disc.
  • Even though your PS3 and the target Blu-ray disc share different region codes, you’re still able to play the disc content on the console.
  • Etc…

To rip a Blu-ray disc to play on PS3, we will need a computer, a Blu-ray player for PC, and professional Blu-ray ripper software.

For those who don’t have a Blu-ray player at home, you may read here to pick up a nice one:

Also, if you don’t know how to choose a suitable Blu-ray Ripper tool, try the recommended echoshare Blu-ray Ripper.

As a powerful and user-friendly Blu-ray ripper, echoshare Blu-ray Ripper can help you digitalize your Blu-ray discs to play on PS3 with 3 easy steps.

Causing absolutely no quality drop, echoshare will convert your Blu-ray disc content into a perfect movie file with lossless audio and frame quality.

With this program, you can convert all your Blu-ray collections into digital files to play on your PS3 with ease.

Tipard Blu-ray Converter Interface

Let’s see how to rip a Blu-ray disc to play on your PS3.

Step 1 Download echoshare Blu-ray Ripper on your computer

Let’s begin with installing the program onto your computer. Hit the button below to get it for free.

Step 2 Prepare to rip the Blu-ray disc for PS3

Launch echoshare Blu-ray Ripper on your computer and pop the Blu-ray disc into the Blu-ray player of your computer.

Hit the blue plus button on echoshare’s interface to load the disc to the program. This BD ripper will start to process the disc and display the main movie on the interface.

Tipard Blu-ray Converter Analyzed BD Successfully


If you want to rip all the behind-the-scene videos inside this disc, click Full Movie List and select the main movie along with the other videos.

Skip this when you want the main movie alone.

Rip Blu-ray Movie Decide Titles

Locate Rip All to and click it. A new panel where you decide the output format will pop out.

Go to Device, scroll down, and find Games from the left list. Look at the right and find PS3.

Rip Blu-ray for PS3

In this way, echoshare will rip your Blu-ray disc in a specific resolution, frame rate, format, audio track, and subtitle channel for PS3.

Setup to Rip Blu-ray for PS3

Step 3 Rip the Blu-ray disc to play on PS3

Now, you can click the Rip All button to initiate a Blu-ray disc ripping. When the process is complete, echoshare will open the output folder for you to locate the Blu-ray movie file.

What you should do next is to transfer the Blu-ray movie to a USB flash drive. Later, connect the flash drive to your PS3 and play the Blu-ray movie file.

FAQs for PS3 playing Blu-ray and DVD

Occasionally, you will find that your PS3 is not playing a Blu-ray disc. No matter how many times that you pop the disc in and out, nothing happens. To fix this issue, let’s identify which part of the playback causes the failure, your PS3, the disc, or both.

First, make sure your disc is functional.

Play the Blu-ray disc on another Blu-ray player. See if it plays on the new device.

    • When this Blu-ray disc is NOT playing on a new Blu-ray player, the disc is possibly damaged. Try another disc instead of sticking to this unplayable one.
    • If the Blu-ray disc CAN run on another Blu-ray player, your PS3 might go wrong.

Let’s test your PS3.

Take out a game or movie disc that you played on PS3. Run it again to see if your PS3 can play this disc successfully or not.

When your PS3 fails to plat the disc this time, the problem is solved. There’s something wrong with your PS3. Get it fixed.

The PS3 can play the old disc without any issue?

Well, both the previous Blu-ray disc and PS3 are intact. What causes the playback failure on your PS3 is that your game console and the disc share different region codes.

Most Blu-ray players, drives, and discs carry a Region code to restrict trans-regional playback.

Let’s say you live in the US, your PS3 will be in Region A and so does the disc purchased in the State. This Region A PS3 can play the Region A disc for sure.

But if you try to play a Region 2 disc (Europe), your PS3 will not work.

In this case, you have 3 choices:

  1. Try another disc;
  2. Buy another Blu-ray player;
  3. Rip the Blu-ray disc to play on PS3.

Of course, a PS3 can play DVD. The steps are almost the same as playing a Blu-ray disc on PS3. You can check out the steps above.