As a video console, Nintendo Wii was used to be the must-have model for video game lovers due to its reasonable pricing and relative great features. But with the surpassing Wii U, the once-friendly Wii started to fade out in our life.

I guess many game lovers still have a Wii console in hand and trying to make it useful instead of putting it aside. And questions like “Can Nintendo Wii play DVDs?” and “Can I use Wii as a DVD player?” keep tickling out in the Wii community.

Of course, Wii can play DVDs and that’s going to take some steps. But, finally, you’ll be able to watch the DVD movie with the Wii. Read the solutions below and try it yourself.

How-to: Rip DVD content as AVI file and play on Wii

A Wii originally cannot play a DVD because of the lack of a suitable DVD player channel, but there’s a video player named Photo Channel on Wii that can play AVI videos. So, you can rip the DVD content as an AVI file onto your computer first, and then transfer the AVI output into the Wii to play it.

To rip the DVD content as an AVI file, you need an efficient DVD ripper app, here, Tipard Blu-ray Converter will be recommended.

This is the leading icon of the DVD/BD ripper software that enables users to rip and convert all DVDs and BDs as regular video files in lossless quality. Meanwhile, the program is very easy to use and can produce the AVI file quickly in several minutes with a high success rate.

Tipard Blu-ray DVD Ripper Interface

Free Download on your PC:

Step 1 Export the DVD into Tipard Blu-ray Converter

First, insert the DVD into your computer disk drive and launch the program. Click the Load DVD button to start uploading the DVD to this ripper.

Load Protected DVD into Tipard DVD Ripper

Step 2 Start to rip the DVD

Then, this DVD ripper will display the main film of the DVD on the interface, if you want to rip all the clips, click and Full Title List and check all the clips.

To rip out the videos, decide the audio and subtitle of the output. Also, choose a destination folder so that you know where to find it quickly.Copy Protected DVD with Tipard Ripper

And most importantly, the AVI format. Click the Rip All to: option and locate AVI on the provided format list. Click Custom Profile to personalize the encoder and resolution of the output.

Do these:

  • Click Custom and on Resolution, manually type in 848×480 (the maximum resolution that Photo Channel supports) or just use the 720×480 (standard resolution).
  • Then, set Encoder as MJPEG or H.264.
  • As for the rest items, you can choose a value that pleases you respectively.

Hit Create New to confirm.

To start the ripping, hit Rip All.

Step 3 Export the AVI video

When the process is done, locate the file on the target folder and copy it into an SD card, then upload it to your Wii. Watch the movie then.

FAQ: Can I use the Homebrew Channel to turn the Wii console into a DVD player?

Unfortunately, the HomeBrew may not be helpful to play DVDs anymore.

A lot of tutorials may suggest you download the Homebrew Channel and an extra MPlayer into your Wii to turn the console into a DVD player, which is worked several years ago.

  • Designed and released by Team Twiizers, the Homebrew Channel is an application loaded which enables users to have access to Wii System Menu and add channels manually as well as bypassing all the possible exploits while doing changes.
  • However, as the sale of the Wii was halted in 2013 and its publishers shut down most of its connections to the server in 2019, the Wii is indeed out of date despite the support of the third-party self-upgrading tool Homebrew.

To use the Homebrew and turn your Wii into a DVD player, you need several things that are no longer available in the market.

For instance,

  • The “Zelda: Twilight Princess” for Wii only,
  • The “Twilight Hack”,
  • The superseded DVDX,
  • Those rare FAT/FAT32 formatted 2GB SD cards and relative reader.

Unless you have all those equipment and plugins ready, otherwise, Homebrew Channel is useless to you.

To warp up:

I suppose the only way to play and watch a DVD on your Wii is to rip the DVD as an AVI video. And the Homebrew Channel may come with so many restrictions and conditions that seem impossible to achieve.