How to Share and Play Spotify Music on Your Discord

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Discord is an app where people from all over the world can be friends and share their content with each other. One of the things that people love to share online is their love for music. A lot of people share their music interests with their followers on social media in order to gain clout and meet others who share the same taste in music.

Speaking of music, Spotify lands one of the top spots in terms of music streaming. A lot of people are enjoying this app because of the wide variety of songs and features it offers. And because of that, a lot of Discord users are wondering if it is possible to be able to connect Spotify on Discord and to be able to share content using these two apps all at once.

If you’re one of the people who’s curious about this partnership, we’ll sit back and relax, as we are about to show you how it’s done.

How to Share and Play Spotify Music on Your Discord Poster

(Spotify on Discord)Ways on How to connect Spotify to Discord

In recent years, Discord has noticed the demand of their users wanting to connect to Spotify on Discord. That is why they have configured their system and added a new feature that made this partnership possible. Now you can easily share your Spotify playlist on Discord. If you want to know how ,keep on reading.

Discord can be used on both mobile phones and PC, here are two methods to connect Spotify on Discord using a Discord Spotify Bot.

1. Share Spotify Playlist via Desktop Discord

Here’s how to share your playlist on Spotify on Discord on your computer.

  1. Open Discord, then go to Settings, then select Connection.
  2. Next, click the Spotify icon then a web page will pop out
  3. From there, click “OKAY” to enable the connection of Spotify and Discord.
  4. Once connected to Spotify to Discord, you will see the “Display on profile“, and “Display Spotify as your status” options.
  5. Next, go back to Discord’s main interface and tap the “+” icon on the side. Follow the prompted instructions to create a server.
  6. Open on a web browser, click “Add to Discord“, choose the server you just made, and just authorize Groovy bot to your Discord server.
  7. After that, you can now play Spotify on the Discord chat room by directly entering “-play” and pasting the Spotify playlist URL.

2. How to Share Spotify Playlist via Mobile Discord

  1. Open the discord on your phone, tap your profile, and select the Connection tab.
  2. On the next page, click “Add” and choose Spotify to add it to your Discord.

After that, join the Groovy bot and share Spotify on Discord voice room, just like we instructed in the above method.

(Spotify on Discord)The Truth Behind the Limelight

Although Discord has provided a way to link Spotify, it is important that you also know the limitations of this feature. You see, only premium Spotify users can have access to this kind of feature. And to be honest, not everyone can afford this kind of luxury. And besides that, it’s really frustrating when we still have spent so much money just to be able to share things with our friends. And because of this issue, we initiated a plan to find the ultimate solution to this dilemma. After flipping all the nooks and crannies of the internet, we found a method that you will surely love.

(Discord Spotify Bot) Freely Share Spotify Playlist on Discord

Because of the limitations set by Spotify and Discord to their users, it has set boundaries and has affected their entertainment satisfaction. If you are one of the users who felt like you were snatched because of these limitations, well worry no more.

Musify is one of the go-to tools when it comes to getting access to your favorite songs right away. This amazing tool lets you download and save music on more than 1000+ sites including Spotify, SoundCloud, MixCloud, Bandcamp, and more. With this, you can now share and play your Spotify playlist on Discord without being a premium member and having to spend money.

Musify Main Interface

Aside from that, you may also offer a wide variety of formats including the most commonly used formats today like MP3, FLAC, WAV, M4A, and more. Musify is not only for downloading, it can also convert videos from Youtube, Facebook, and other sites. In this way, you can freely listen to your favorite documentaries conveniently.

Musify guarantees no quality loss and will download and convert your files at high speed. What are you waiting for? Download Musify now!

Steps to use Musify to Download Spotify Music

Step 1: Download and install Musify on your PC.

Step 2: Go to Spotify’s official page on your browser and locate your target song.

Step 3: From there, copy and song URL that can be found above.

Step 4: Launch Musify, and tap the Paste URL option.

Pasting by Pressing Paste Url to Downloader Song with Musify

Step 5: Next, paste down the URL and hit Download.

Step 6: wait for a few moments for the download to finish then it’s all good. You can now share and play your Spotify songs on Discord.

Now that you have seen how easy and convenient Musify is, we hope that you use this amazing tool to download all your favorite songs and enjoy them anytime and anywhere.

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Final Thoughts

Sharing creates a bond and brings people together. And it’s good to hear that even if the world has evolved, the culture of sharing and making friends with people is still in our hearts. That is why if you want to reach out to other people and share your love for music, don’t hesitate to use Musify because this tool is more than just a downloader. It is a chain that helps bring people closer together.


Spotify offers a range of plans starting from $4.99 to $15.99. You can choose which plan is fitting your preference.

There are a couple of things that Discord does not allow on their site.
Users are not allowed to:

  • Organize, promote, or coordinate servers around hate speech.
  • Attacking a person or a community based on attributes like race, ethnicity, national origin, sex, gender, sexual orientation, religious affiliation, or disabilities.
  • Threats of violence or threatening to harm others.