Discord, published in 2015, is an emerging social media platform that reverberates powerfully today. Unprecedented sharings of ideas, gaming experiences/skills, clips, and audios make it one of the funniest communicating tools. Among all of its users, there’s a massive amount of them are itching to find a possible way to take some of the interesting content on record or share on other sites like YouTube.

In this case, a third-party Discord screen recorder will be a great option when Discord lags an in-app screen recording feature. So in this tutorial, I will tell you 2 great Discord screen recorders and how you can use them to record your Discord screen.

Also, Discord offers a mobile version, I will also show you the very easy ways to record your Discord on a mobile device.

Record Discord

Tips for recording your Discord

Prior to starting a screen record on your Discord, there’re things that you should be notified of.

  1. Ask for permission.

Given that an unauthorized recording of others’ images is an immoral action and, notably, a crime in some countries and regions of the world, so if you plan to record a video conversation or screen sharing, be 100% sure that you get consent from all the people involved ahead of using the methods below to record your Discord call.

  1. Set Do Not Disturb or Invisible for Discord

The 2 Discord recorders I recommend below will capture all the content on your Discord, including those pop-out notifications or call invitations. To keep the recording as pure as possible, click the User tab at the bottom of the Discord interface and select Do Not Disturb or Invisible.

Discord Do Not Disturb Invisible

  1. Insert a microphone device

Recording a video call on Discord requires you to insert a microphone onto your computer first so that people can hear you and the screen recorders can capture your sound.

Note: Ignore this when you plan to record something else beyond video chat or you’re recording Discord on a mobile phone.

Be aware of the 3 tips and now, let’s start to record your Discord screen.

1. How to record Discord with Aiseesoft Screen Recorder

Aiseesoft Screen Recorder, a versatile recorder, enables users to record screen and sound on Windows and Mac computers.

Screen Recorder

Designed as lightweight and powerful, every newcomer can start a high-quality screen record with the least operation.

Case in point: The program offers one-press keyboard shortcuts and an easy-to-navigate interface, you can set up for a lossless screen record and start it by pressing a related shortcut within a minute.

Moreover, the program is highly flexible that you can easily decide the video properties along with shortcuts settings and so on.

Now, let’s get to use it to record your Discord.

Step 1 Download Aiseesoft Screen Recorder on your computer

Step 2 Set up for Discord recording

Launch the software and choose Video Recorder on the interface to record your Discord screen.

On Video Recorder,

  • Decide the recording region:

Click Full to record the whole display of your computer or click Custom > Select region/window to capture your Discord window exclusively.

Decide Discord Recording Region

  • Decide the audio track:

Keep the System Sound option on to record the Discord playback. If you plan to record a call, turn on Microphone to catch your own voice through a microphone device.

Want a silent video? Set both audio options as Off.

Video Recorder

Minimize the window when you finish the setup.

Step 3 Start recording

Launch Discord, open the target server, and locate the content. Or, join in a video chatting, maybe screen sharing as well.

When everything is set, press Ctrl + Alt + S on your keyboard to start recording.

Screen Recording Discord

During the recording, you can add annotations on the video with in-app editing tools from a floating panel.

When the record is complete, click Stop on the panel or press Ctrl + Alt + S. Aiseesoft Screen Recorder will open a window to display the footage, you can preview and clip it.

Discord Recordings

Click Save and choose a destination to store the video.

This is how Aiseesoft Screen Recorder can help you with the Discord recording issue. Try it if you want.

2. How to screen record Discord with OBS

OBS, AKA Open Broadcaster Software, is a professional screen recorder designed for game recording and streaming.

This screen recorder is very professional in that you can find multiple options and values about recording a video, like the bitrate, encoder, rendering, etc. All those terms and options help you improve your video quality if you’re in pursuit of a perfect video.

But in the meantime, it’s quite difficult to use due to the complex interface and settings.

Let’s learn how to use it now.

Step 1 Download OBS on your PC

Visit the official website of OBS and download it on your PC.

Step 2 Prepare for the recording

Launch OBS and set up a few things for the recording.

Initially, you need to add a source on OBS to let it record your Discord first.

OBS Add Sources

On OBS’s interface, right-click on the Sources section, go to Add, you can:

  • Choose Display Capture to take a full-screen capture.
  • Choose Window Capture to record Discord window only.

If you choose Window Capture, make sure you open Discord beforehand. Then, select the Discord window, click OK to confirm.

OBS Window Capture

Now, on your Discord, locate the content you’re about to record.

Step 3 Start Recording

All the preparations are done, you can start your recording now.

On OBS, go to the Control section, click Start Recording. OBS will now record your Discord, just keep having your conversation or browsing the contents.

Record Discord with OBS

Step 4 Stop recording

When the recording is finished, click Stop Recording, the video will be automatically saved on a default folder.

To preview the video, you need to go to File > Show Recordings, OBS will open the default folder for you.

OBS File Show Recording

3. Record Discord on your handset

You can simply record the mobile Discord with the built-in screen recording tool.

iPhone and iPad Control Center Turn on Screen Recording

  • For iOS users:

Turn on your iPhone and swipe up to open the toolbar. Tap on the screen recording button to initiate a screen capture.

You’ll be given a 3-second countdown, during the countdown, open your Discord and locate the target content.

To finish recording, swipe up again to open the toolbar, tap on that button one more time to stop.

The video will be saved in your Library, you can preview, edit, or share it there.


  • For Android users:

Different brands of Android phones have different buttons for screen recording which are always labeled as something like Screen Record, Record, Screen Recorder, or anything alike.

To locate the feature, you may swipe down and check the tools list or you can use the in-device searching tool.

Moreover, you can also turn to a third-party screen recorder app for help.

To sum up

It’s very easy to record Discord screen once you use Aiseesoft Screen Recorder or OBS. No matter the content on a server, the on-going screen sharing, or video chatting, they will help you capture perfectly.