DVD5 V.S. DVD9 – What are the Differences between DVD5 and DVD9

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Question: Which is a better choice, DVD9 or DVD5? When you need to burn a DVD disc, how to choose a desired disc? DVD5 and DVD9 are the two most frequently used types of DVD discs.

Here are the detailed differences between DVD5 and DVD9 you should know. If you have a movie in DVD5, is it possible to copy DVD5 to DVD9, or vice versa? What is the best method to manage the DVD disc with ease? You can always get an answer from the article.

/1 A Brief Introduction of DVD5 and DVD9

DVD5 is a single-sided single-layered DVD that provides 4.7GB storage space. It means that size is available for one 133 minutes MPGE-2 video. DVD5 can accept DVD + R/RW and DVD – R/RW formats, DVD5 is also reusable, DVD5 allows you to burn videos many times.

DVD9 is a single-sided double-layered disc for higher quality video storage. DVD9 is supported by DVD + R and DVD -R formats, DVD has a very high bitrate around 9500-9800 kbps that has better quality on videos. DVD9 offers 8.5GB storage that can hold a 241-minute MPEG-2 video.

Differences between DVD5 and DVD9

/2 Is The Capacity The Only Differences between DVD5 and DVD9?

Just as the name indicated, the major difference between DVD5 and DVD9 is the storage capacity. DVD9 offers 8.5GB storage for burning a high-quality video within one disc. DVD5 can only accept video, which is smaller than 4.7GB with a very low bitrate. If you have a video with less than 4GB file, a DVD5 should be a suitable choice.

Because DVD5 is supported by DVD + R/RW and DVD – R/RW while DVD9 can only accept DVD + R and DVD – R, if your video is DVD – R or + DVD R and you don’t want to convert the format, DVD5 is a better choice.

DVD9 V.S. DVD5: Video Quality

With a high bitrate around 9500-9800 KBPS, DVD9 video is much better than DVD5, which has a much lower bitrate. On the other hand, the size of the DVD9 is almost two times of DVD5, the bitrate dominates the quality of videos, and higher bitrate requires bigger storage to save. If you need to watch higher quality videos, such as 4K or RAW time-lapse video shot by Sony Digital Camera, such as Alpha7r2, DVD9 is a necessary choice.

DVD9 V.S. DVD5: Reusable & Price

Why DVD5 still exist even the DVD9 is much better than it on video quality and capacity? Here there are two vital reasons for choosing DVD5 instead of DVD9.

  1. Different from DVD9, DVD5 is rewritable. If you need to burn a video, which is DVD + RW or DVD – RW format into a disc, you can remove or delete it from that disc.
  2. Because DVD9 has a higher bitrate and bigger storage, it is obvious that the price of DVD9 is more expensive than DVD5. If you want to use a DVD disc, DVD5 is a better choice, DVD9 is more suitable for commercial using.

/3 How to Copy DVD5 to DVD9, or Vice Versa?

When you need to copy DVD5 to DVD9, or vice versa, Leawo DVD Copy is a nice choice that provides 3 different copy modes. Even if you need to copy the main movies from DVD9 to DVD5, it enables you to get the desired part from the original DVD disc. Moreover, you can also backup and copy the CSS protected DVD disc.

  1. Support both NTSC and PAL analog TV standards for copying DVD discs.
  2. Provide a built-in DVD player to preview the movies within the program.
  3. Backup between different DVD types, DVD-9 to DVD-5 is also supported.
  4. Remove the CSS protection and region codes applied to the DVD disc.

How to Copy DVD5 to DVD9?

Step 1: Once you have installed the DVD copying program, you can launch the program and choose the Copy menu. Then choose the Blu-ray/DVD Copy option to load the DVD5 disc or the DVD9 disc.

Prof. Media DVD Copy

Step 2: Click the Add from CD-ROM option to import DVD files from your CD-ROM. When you import the source DVD/ISO files, you can click the DVD-5 to choose the Disc type for the backup between DVD-9 and DVD-5.

Prof. Media DVD Copy Settings

Step 3: Then you can choose the copy mode. If you need to copy a DVD9 disc to a DVD5 one, you can choose the Main Movie option or the Custom Mode option to get a desired part only.

Note: Moreover, you can also choose a desired subtitle or audio track only. You should pay attention to the size of the output file, which is shown at the bottom of the interface on this indicator.

Step 4: Then you can set up the backup option and insert a writable disc into the CD ROM in your computer. Click the Copy button at the bottom of the sidebar to copy DVD5 to DVD9, or vice versa.

Prof. Media DVD Copy Sidebar

/4 DVD5 or DVD9, How to Choose A Disc for DVD Burning?

If you have a large number of videos and photos, and difficult to choose a suitable DVD disc, DVD5 or DVD9, Leawo DVD Creator is a nice option to calculate the size of the DVD disc, and even burn the video to DVD with more than 40 beautiful DVD menu templates. You can also edit the video files and create slideshows from photos.

  1. Support for PAL and NTSC TV standards to and different DVD regions.
  2. Allow you to choose subtitles and audio tracks for the imported videos.
  3. Calculate the size of the DVD disc and save the files for DVD burning.
  4. Customize the DVD menu templates, video modes and more others.

How to Choose DVD Disc for Video to DVD Burning

Step 1: Go to the Prof. Media and choose the Blu-ray/DVD Creator option to enter the DVD Creator module. Then you can drag and drop the source video files into the program for DVD burning.

Add video to Prof. Media -Burn

Step 2: Then you can edit the video, create a slideshow from the photos and apply the desired effects. You can find the size of the output file will be shown on this indicator, which you can decide DVD5 or DVD9.

Prof. Media DVD Creator Settings

Step 3: Go to the Settings menu to choose the Burning Engine and Default video mode, you can tweak the video mode and region code from the Copy & Burn bar for the output DVD disc.

Prof. Media DVD Copy Sidebar

Step 4: Then you can click the Burn button on the main interface to call out a sidebar. You can check the ISO File option beforehand if you still have not decided on the DVD5 or DVD9.

Prof. Media Burning Settings DVD Creator

/5 FAQs about Differences between DVD5 and DVD9

DVD5 and DVD9 are the most popular and widely used DVD disc types. But there are more other disc types, such as DVD10, DVD18 and Blu-ray Disc. DVD10 is a double-sided and single layer DVD with 9.4GB storage space, which holds about 8.75GB. DVD18 is a double-sided, dual-layer disc with 17.0GB and holds about 15.9GB.

No. Even if you are using DVD5, there are several different disc types. Just use the recordable new DVD5, or any rewritable DVD5 as below.

  • DVD + R, DVD – R (Recordable)
  • DVD + RW, DVD – RW (Re-writeable)
  • DVD – RAM (random access memory)
  • DVD – ROM (read-only memory)

Here are the detailed differences between DVD5 and DVD9. If you are going to use DVDs to save personal videos, DVD5 is a good choice to save your money and re-write the discs. DVD9 is a better choice to record and backup some commercial videos. When you need to manage the disc, copy DVD5 to DVD9, burn videos to DVD, you can find a suitable choice from the article.

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